Dender And Light

Now it’s all systems go to KMT.

Better to reconnect with the God (NTR, ntr, neteru, NTRW, gods, goddess) you knew from ancient times, than to cling to the new God that cursed and continue to curse you.


In the beginning, God summoned all the lesser gods, asking each in turn what they could provide for mankind who were about to be made. They all replied; with the Sun saying ‘I will shine upon them in the day time, the Moon promised to give light after. Saturn offered Penal Justice and Necessity. Jupiter offered peace for them so they would not be utterly destroyed by wars. Mars said he was already father of Struggle, Anger and Strife. Venus offered Love, Pleasure and Laughter. Mercury offering Intelligence
said “I will make known to them the truth and confer wisdom on them.

Now the planets, having already bestowed on humanity some of their own power urged the Creator to be cautious. They complained that mankind’s powers are too great and they may use their inquisitive minds for destructive as well as constructive purposes. ‘They reach out with audacious hands. They will drag up the roots of plants, and investigate the properties of stones. They will dissect the lower animals – and one another also! They will seek to discover how it is that they are alive, and what is hidden. They will cut down the woods of their native land and sail across the sea to see what lies there. They will dig mines and search the uttermost depths of the Earth. All this might be bearable, but they will do much more. They will press on to explore the world above, seeking by observation to discover the laws that govern the movement of the heavens.’ This possibility could prove dangerous to both themselves, and the order of the cosmos.

And so it was: Souls got imprisoned in gross bodies – as mankind quarreled among themselves; and the cunning men used the stronger and peaceful ones as tools, and made them attack each other and array themselves in hostile ranks, and make war on another. And the cunning tortured and slew the stronger; and they enslaved the living, and cast out the dead unburried.

Then next it was the elements (which out of all things get their beginning and into which all things are resolved when they cease to be, paying a debt that must be paid) who resolved to petition God: (According to the Hermetica / Scott p186).

1.     Fire: “I am polluted; I am forced to consume human flesh, reveal thyself to the world and put an end to human savagery.

2.    Air:”I am made turbid from the reek that rises form the corpses, so that I breed sickness and cease to be wholesome.

3.     Water:“O father self begotten and Maker of Nature, please give command that my streams be kept pure for the rivers and the seas are ever washing off the defilement of the slayers, and receiving the corpses of the slain.”

4.     Earth: “I am soaked through and through with the juices of rotting corpses, I am forced to contain beings unworthy of me.

Amun replied:  I will build the Zodiac – a secret mechanism in the stars, linked to unerring and inevitable fate.  The lives of humans from birth to final destruction shall be controlled by the hidden workings of this mechanism.

To mankind it was said – ‘As long as you were sinless you dwelt in the places nigh to heaven; but now that blame has come upon you, you have been condemned to imprisonment in the organs of mortal bodies and must yourself dwell in the region assigned to them.  In that region, Desire and Necessity will be your masters; for it is they, after me, are masters and captain of all things below.’

You will all be observed through out your life time and, if the charges against you be but slight, you
shall be released from your deadly bondage of the flesh and freed from sorrow and you will greet again your home above. However  if you shall be found guilty of any greater sins, when you quit your bodily frames, you shall not dwell in heaven but you shall be transferred into the bodies of beasts , and
thence forth continue to wander upon earth.


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