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NebtHet (Nephthys)

Nephthys – Musée du Louvre, Paris, France


Nephthys (NebtHet) is a member of the Great Ennead of Heliopolis in Egyptian mythology, a daughter of Nut and Geb. At the time of the Fifth Dynasty Pyramid Texts, Nephthys appears as a goddess of the Heliopolitan Ennead. She is the sister of Isis and companion of the war-like deity, Set. As sister of Isis and especially Osiris, Nephthys is a protective goddess who symbolizes the death experience, just as Isis represented the (re-)birth experience.

Nephthys is a Greek epithet, transliterated as Nebet-het, and Nebt-het, from Egyptian hieroglyphs. The literal translation of her name is usually given as “Lady of the House,” which has caused some to mistakenly identify her with the notion of a “housewife,” or as the primary lady who ruled a domestic household. This is a pervasive error repeated in many commentaries concerning this deity. Her name means quite specifically, “Lady of the [Temple] Enclosure” which associates her with the role of priestess. Continue reading


Mami Wata

Mami Wata - Densu Togo - kwekudeeMAMI WATA
From Myth to Divine Reality
Ancient African God/dess Reawakens in the Soul of the Diaspora
Mama Zogbé,  Chief Hounon-Amengansie Priestess

Based on Book: Mami Wata: Africa’s Ancient God/dess Unveiled
By: Mamaissii Vivian Hunter Hindrew, M.Ed.

M Y T H O L O G I C A L   O R I G I N S

From the outset, it must be emphatically stated that the name Mami Wata is plural, meaning it refers to a pantheon of ancient water deities.  Mami Wata are not part of the Yoruba pantheon of Orishas (i.e. Yemoja, Oshun etc.), nor are their initiation ceremonies or means by which they are identified the same.

The priesthood of Mama Wata is overwhelmingly matriarchal, meaning that the Mami Watas are a part of Continue reading

Auset and the Seven Scorpions

Sting Serket KMT Scorpion Spell - EbayIsis and The Seven Scorpions
From – see source

After Seth had killed Osiris, Isis had given birth to her son, Horus, and the sun god Ra had made Osiris lord of the Underworld, Isis began weaving a shroud to place around her husband’s mummy. Although Osiris’s spirit now reigned beneath the horizon, his lifeless body still required preparation for burial, as well as burial itself.

The infant Horus lay in a crib beside Isis as she worked. Soon Thoth, the god of wisdom, approached the new mother and warned, “Take care, Isis. Seth is looking for you and your son. I fear he means to kill you both.” Continue reading

Auset – Archetype of Love And Devotion


Isis: Archetype of Love and Devotion
By Esoteric Embers (2013)

Isis in Astrology
Asteroid #42

  • Isis associations:  unity, love, loyalty, devotion, sustaining, synthesizing, reassembling, resurrection, alchemy, soul retrieval, healing of fragmentation, finding wholeness of Self through union with other, kundalini, sex magic,  mother of inner divinity, wholeness, and mourning protector of the dead.
  • The house and sign placement of the Isis asteroid in our birth chart, along with its aspects to other celestial bodies, shows us an area of life where we can synthesize love and wisdom from our experiences in life, open our hearts and radiate love in the world, and become devoted to a personal cause or passion.  It also can  be an area of our life where we have soul wounds or fragmented parts of our psyche in need of resurrection and healing:  her placement shows a point of focus where we can synthesize and reassemble ourselves to become more whole, as well as help retrieve and heal the fragmentation of others.
  • Isis has an archetypal affinity with Virgo in astrology, and integrates Pisces through the polarity.
  • The Isis asteroid was discovered on May 23, 1856 in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Continue reading

Seven Magical Scorpions

Scorpio“Now Isis had to begin her search once more. This time she had helpers, for Nephthys left her wicked husband Seth and came to join her sister. And Anubis, the son of Osiris and Nephthys, taking the form of a jackal, assisted in the search. When Isis traveled over the land she was accompanied and guarded by seven scorpions.” See here.

The story
By J. Hill (2010)

After the murder of Osiris (Ausar) Isis (Auset) tried to hide from Set, but he found her and imprisoned her in a spinning-mill and left her to weave her husband´s funeral linen. Thoth (Tehuti) realised that Isis would be in danger if Set realised she was pregnant and came to her aid. Continue reading

Manifestations of Auset and A Crescent Venus

By David Lance Goines (1992, version 1995)

On September 25, 1991, between 6:15 and 6:45am local time in Padua and while traveling to the airport at Venice, Italy, I observed Venus as I have never before seen the planet. In a clear reddish sky, well above the brightening horizon, it appeared as a brilliant, slender thread of light with pronounced radiance’s at its two extreme points. Squinting reduced the glare somewhat, and enabled me to see that the planet was something like a crescent, and quite unlike the bright dot of nearby Jupiter. The only other astronomical body visible at the time was the just-past-full Moon near the opposite horizon. Continue reading

Auset to Venus

Venus - Kelsey MuseumWhen Is an Isis a Venus?
By Brenda Longfellow (2001)

In the ancient world, distinctions among representations of individual divinities are not always clear-cut. A typical example of this blurring of boundaries is the small bronze group of Venus and Cupid that was found in the Egyptian Fayoum and purchased by the University of Michigan in 1925. The statuette portrays a standing deity identifiable as the goddess Venus by the small winged figure of Cupid, her son, perched on her right shoulder.

The goddess stands on her right leg with her left leg bent. She rests her left elbow on a pillar and holds her right arm akimbo. She wears her outer garment folded at the waist in the manner of Venus Genetrix, who was the ancestress and patron deity of the family of Julius Caesar. Presumably she wears another garment beneath her outer one, although the worn surface of the statuette makes it difficult to differentiate between garments and flesh. Due to corrosion, the details of her face are almost indistinguishable. Continue reading

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