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Yule – Winter Solstice

Yule 2The Yule Story
By Lady Galadriel

Also known as Mithras (for the Persian Sun God), Saturnalia (for the Roman God of sowing and husbandry) and The Great Day of the Cauldron (from Druid Legend). It is the celebration of the return, or rebirth, of the Sun God, the Lord of Life. The celebrations were traditionally performed with the utmost solemnity, yet also with the highest rejoicing, for they [resolve] the paradox of Death and Rebirth. It represents the [redemption] of the world from Death and Darkness, as such it is a celebration of hope and joy amidst the gloom of winter. Continue reading


Harm of Halloween

happy_halloween_by_lordhannuThe Dark Side of Halloween
By Pastor David L. Brown, 1990


It’s Halloween. To most people it seems like harmless fun. But, beneath Halloween’s candy coating is a history of diabolical evil, evil that is directly connected to the occult and Satanism, evil that you need to be warned of!

That is the purpose of this file, to make you aware of the dark side of Halloween. I have researched this topic for more than a decade and Halloween’s occultic connection is becoming increasingly evident. As I begin, let me share two first hand examples of what I am talking about when I refer to the “occult connection.” Continue reading

Hallow Death Coven

Halloween A Covenant With Death and Hell
By Terry Watkins

“. . . We have made a covenant with DEATH,
and with HELL are we at agreement;. . .”

Isaiah 28:15

When you hear the word “halloween” what images appear? What “spirit” is invoked at the whisper of Halloween? Halloween openly promotes death, devils, witches and flagrant “appearances of evil” (1 Thess. 5:22).

Halloween leaves most people scratching their heads questioning, “How and where did Halloween come from”? This article unearths the hellish tomb of Halloween to exhume its sinister “covenant with death and hell.”

Halloween began over 2,000 years ago among the Celts and their pagan priests called the Druids. The Druids are, without question, history’s king of the occult. Witchcraft, Satanism, paganism and virtually all facets of the occult acquire instruction from the Druids. From the popular jack-o’-lantern, trick-or-treat, costumes, to the pranks, ghoulish Continue reading

Autumnal Equinox

Autumnal EquinoxAutumnal Equinox    
By Stewart Farrar

The altar is decorated with the symbols of autumn: pine-cones, oak sprigs, acorns, ears of grain, etc.

After the Circle has been cast, the coven stands in a ring facing inwards, men and women alternately. The High Priest stands to the west of the altar and the High Priestess to the east, facing each other. The High Priestess recites:


“Farewell, O Sun, ever-returning Light, Continue reading

Herbal Invocation

Mother Earth Wisdom12th C. Herbal Invocation


‘Earth, divine Goddess, Mother Nature who generates all things and brings forth anew the sun which you have given to the nations; Guardian of sky and sea and of all gods and powers….through your power all nature falls silent and then sinks in sleep. And again you bring back the light and chase away night and yet again you cover us most securely with your shades. You do contain chaos infinite, yea and winds and showers and storms; you send them out when you will and cause the seas to roar; you chase away the sun and rouse the storm. Again when you will you send forth the joyous day and give the nourishment of life with your eternal surety; and when the soul departs to you we return.

You are indeed duly called Great Mother of the Gods; you conquer by your divine name. You are the source of strength of nations and of gods, without you nothing can be brought to perfection or be born; you are Great Queen of the Gods. Goddess! I adore thee as divine; I call upon your name; be pleased the grant that which I ask of you, so shall I give thanks to thee, Goddess, with due faith. Continue reading

Preparing the Initiate

Initiation 2Properly Prepared
By Janet and Stewart Farrar (1990)

Naked, but sandals (not shoes) may be worn. For initiation, tie hands behind back, pull up to small of back and tie ends in front of throat, leaving a cable-tow to lead by, hanging down in front. (Arms thus form a triangle at back.) When initiate is kneeling at altar, the cable-tow is tied to a ring in the altar. A short cord is tied like a garter round the initiate’s left leg above the knee, with ends tucked in. Another is tied round right ankle and ends tucked in so as to be out of the way while moving about. These cords are used to tie feet together while initiate Continue reading

Eight Sabbats

Halloween PropThe Eight Sabbats of the Old Religion

The Old Religion, Wicca, divides the year into eight main high days or Sabbats. Four of these are associated directly with the two equinoxes and the two solstices. The other four fall at dates  in between these points.

In the Celtic Tradition,  the year begins at SAMHAIN, or as it is called now, Halloween.

[October 31st.] This is the night that the veil between the world of men and spirits is considered to be the thinnest,  so it is of little wonder that people should think of it as a night that all sorts of things roam Continue reading

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