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The Books of Tehuti

Tehuti and SeshatTehuti and The Book of Thoth

[Original text: Thoth and The Book of Thoth – The Myths behind the Legend]

Tehuti was the principal deity of the city of Khemnu/Kemenu, which the Greek called Hermopolis (the City of Hermes). According to Kemet legend, the temple of Khemnu housed fragments of the cosmic egg that Thoth himself as the divine Ibis, had hatched on the Island of creation, from the egg the first Sun had risen.

Tehuti brought the idea of creation into existence by uttering the thoughts of the creator; Ptah then put those spoken words into effect. Tehuti was deemed the mind behind cosmic order, the architect of the universe. Tehuti’s association with the creation myth also extends to the divine birth of the pharaohs themselves. Tehuti was said to lead Amun, the king of gods, to the bedchamber of the waiting queen.

Ra was said to have appointed Tehuti ‘scribe of the Ennead’ before he retreated from the Earth knowing that Tehuti ’s wisdom would allow him to serve as humanities teacher and guardian. Continue reading

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