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Knowledge Speaks but Wisdom Listens

7 Spirit Astrology

Saturday’s Full Moon in Gemini brings to the light our need for a change of mind or perhaps a balancing of information vs. intuition.  With the Sun in Sagittarius opposite the Moon in Gemini, our quest for Truth brings to our experience the consequences of our thoughts and beliefull moon geminifs.

We have large amounts of information but very little time to sort it. Our beliefs become stagnant because we are too busy and/or too scared to question them.  So we hold on to the old structures that make us feel safe regardless of our changing world.

With this abundant amount of change going on around us- our world, our communications, our scientific discoveries and all the information that we have access to- our nervous system is taxed and it becomes very difficult for us to integrate all of the scattered pieces. We become anxious, even fearful- fearful of change…

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MoonFlow: Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon 


“To speak a true word is to transform the world.” – Paulo Freire

The Full Moon in communicative Gemini opposes the Sun and Mercury in truth-seeking Sagittarius

The Sun in Sagittarius this month desires the freedom to follow your heart. No sign, perhaps with the exception of Aquarius, yearns for the freedom from restraint as much as Sagittarius. Associated with potential, the image of limitless possibility entices us. Entwined with the desire for freedom, exists the philosopher’s quest for purpose and meaning. Yet, truth appears differently for each of us. So does freedom.

We live within a societal structure that places the “freedom” of some lives, and some voices, above others. Recently, more public attention has been drawn to this reality through the lack of indictment of white police officers who have killed unarmed black men, igniting protests and illuminating numerous racial disparities that exist for people of…

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Taurus Full Moon 2014

Readings by Yerevan

On November 6th the Full Moon reaches 14 degrees of Taurus, bringing us closer to terra firma, raising the conscious awareness of our bodily senses, and the significance of the psyche in shaping our somatic experiences. The Earth is alive and magic is afoot…we upon the earth are becoming more aware of our place here, how we relate to Her, and how we influence each other by how and where we place our values.

hathorThe Full Moon is conjunct with star Almach in Andromeda, which is believed to give “success in Venusian occupations” as well as artistic abilities. This could certainly enhance Taurus’s talent for singing and other expressions of beauty. The goddess Hathor is also energetically aligned with Venus-ruled Taurus, as this highly revered, celestial cow goddess presides over music, dance, the arts, and the sky itself. A group of Venusian beings known as the Hathors have been channeled…

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November 6th, 2014 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Taurus

Mexicali Blues Blog


Happy Full Moon in Taurus!  It’s time to connect with the nurturing energy of Mother Earth and to remember the peace of being completely in the moment.  As often as possible: remember to breathe, slowly and deeply, and take a moment to focus your awareness on the perceptions of all of your senses—What parts of your body are touching the floor or chair, and how does that sensation differ from the those which are not pressed against something?  How does the air temperature differ between your inhalation and exhalation?  What do you smell?  What do you hear?

What you do on this full moon day will carry you forward, so take advantage of this energy to set new patterns in motion in any way you can.  Do a spiritual housecleaning of anything that feels old and fearful.  You can do this by smudging…

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Bounty From Another County

Transylvania Bounty

Volusia County, Florida


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Samhain and Ritual 2014

Nature is Sacred

On Friday it is the great feast of Samhain, the start of winter. I am again using a ritual from ADF Solitary Druid Fellowship. A Naturalistic Pantheist ritual can be found on my ritual page here. I will be using the following in the “explanation” part of the ADF ritual but this can also be used for the Naturalistic Pantheist one too.

Say: “As I stand here on this celebration of Samhain, the sacred wheel of the year continues to turn. As my ancestors did in times before and my descendants may do in times to come, I honour the old ways. The harvest is in from the fields and they lie empty. The livestock has been brought down from the pastures and the people return to their homes for feasting. The leaves have changed colour and are falling from the trees. All is…

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Pagan Calendar: October 28th

Solitary Witchin: Life and Witchery in the 21st Century

Tonight We Fly

Tuesday: Day of Honor
The name of Tuesday comes from the warrior god Tui, or Tiw, of Teutonic mythology. The French word, mardi, corresponds to Mars, the Roman god of War. Tuesday is a time to focus on masculine vibrations for invocations relating to hunting, competition, or sporting prowess. This day of Mars is also good for goal setting, motivation, and courage. It is associated with magic dealing with athletics, competitions, conflicts, courage, hunting, legality, logic, physical strength, politics, vitality and war.

Color of the Day: Red
Health, passion, love, fertility, strength, courage, willpower; increases magnetism in rituals.

On this Date: Fyribod/Runic half-month of Hagal and Celtic tree month of Ngetal commence.
The festival of Fyribod, or Forebode, is a marker of winter and bad weather. The runic half-month of Hagal, the transformative hailstone, is a time to undergo the changes leading up to winter. The Celtic tree month of…

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