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Three, Five, Seven Sleepers And A Dog

seven sleepers 3The Cave of the Seven Sleepers (AlKahf)
From Amman Travel Blog, 2010

[In the] suburb of Amman called ” Araqim” or “Abo Alanda”
There is a cave , that people it’s a cave of 7 sleepers..
It’s beautiful place, not far from city center , maybe 13 Km (not more 5 JD by Taxi)..
There is many gardens with smile of Lavenders and Roses..
Beautiful not tall palms , and many Olive and Pine trees..

The story of this sleepers was written in Quran

Islamic interpretation

During the time of the Prophet Muhammad, the Jews of Continue reading

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Idris and Enoch

Idris the prophet.jpgProphet Idris

Prophet Idris (Arabic: إدريس‎) is described in the Qur’an as “trustworthy” and “patient”. The Qur’an also states that he was “exalted to a high station”, which in Islamic tradition meant that he ascended into Heaven without dying. Because of this and other parallels, Idris has been identified with the Biblical Enoch, and is placed in the early Generations of Adam. He is one of the oldest group of prophets mentioned in the Qur’an, placed sometime between Adam and Noah.

Idris’ unique status inspired many future traditions and stories surrouding him in Islamic lore. According to hadith, narrated by Malik ibn Anas and found in Sahih Muslim, it is said that on Muhammad’s Night Journey, he encountered Idris in the fourth heaven.

The traditions that have developed around the figure of Idris have given him the scope of a prophet as well as a philosopher and mystic, and many later Muslim mystics, or Sufis, including Ruzbihan Baqli and Ibn Arabi, also mentioned having encountered Idris in their spiritual visions.

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