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Demon of Hearts

From Children of the Matrix
By David Icke

Food for the demons

One of the great difficulties that people have in grasping the enormity of what is happening is that they find it so hard to lift their imagination beyond the technology and range of possibility they see around them. It is the “that-is-not-possible-because-I-haven’t-seen-it mentality. Shape-shifting is one example, and I understand this from the conditioned version of reality.

Of course it sounds fantastic, but so many people have experienced this phenomenon all over the world over thousands of years to the present day that to dismiss it would be ludicrous. The idea of interdimensional travel is just some science fiction babble to most people and yet it is in understanding Continue reading


Quantum Possession

An example of demonic manifestationManifest vs unmanifest demonic possession
From SSR

1. Introduction to manifestation of demonic possession

A person can be fully possessed by a ghost (demon, devil, negative energy, etc.) and yet both the person and people around him could be completely unaware about it. This is because of the fact that the possessing ghost does not reveal its presence as it serves its purpose to keep the possession undisclosed. Once a possession is disclosed, there is a possibility that the possessed person will make active efforts to rid himself of the possessing ghost.

1.1 Definition of unmanifest demonic possession

When we say the possessing ghost is unmanifest, we mean that the ghost has not revealed its presence. Continue reading

Curses and Demons

lilithHow Curses Come and Demons Enter
By Michael Fackerell, 2007

Curses take root in the same way that demons enter. It may be that in the case of some curses, demons don’t go inside the person, but somehow attach themselves to them anyway. The important thing in either case is to destroy the way through which Satan’s demons get access to afflict, harass and torment people.

It is often helpful to know the main ways that demons get into people. In order to get demons out, we usually need to know what it was that got them to enter in the first place! Then by renunciation of that thing, and by determined faith in God, we can, with God’s authority, command the related Continue reading


Where Is OsamaMetempsychosis
Commonly used for the entry of the soul into a new body or reimbodiment; but etymologically it means the clothing of a monad with a new soul, while metensomatosis means the clothing of that ensouled monad with a new body. The new psychic vesture with which the monad is clothed — its metempsychosis in this case — is evolved from the monad itself.

Metempsychosis is in one sense a transmigration, but transmigration is not necessarily metempsychosis; for transmigration merely means changing or passing over from one condition to another, and therefore may include metensomatosis. Metempsychosis also means that the soul “is an indivisible entity in its Continue reading

Repent Mind Out Loud

disturbing-photo-series-babak-hosseiny-and-jeffrey-vanhouttetaming the tongue
By Ted Montgomery
[Text edited by 7M.]

I do not believe that demon spirits can read our minds, but I am certain that they can hear us (and maybe “sense” what we are thinking or feeling)—and I believe they often pay close attention to what we say. If a spirit transmits a thought or idea into a person’s mind, that spirit is not certain whether or not it “registered” unless that person opens his/her mouth or performs an action which verifies that it did register.

When we talk to ourselves or to someone else without thinking about what we are saying, we may be giving away valuable information to the enemy. For instance, if we say, “I’m sure I’ll fail if I try to do that,” or “I always get the flu Continue reading

Pseudo Science on Possession Trance

enrico-ferrarini-disturbed-sculptures-2Pathological Possession Trance

Pathological Possession Trance (PPT) was formerly known as dissociative trance disorder in the DSM psychiatric manual, and became included within the dissociative identity disorder criteria in the DSM-5. PPT has been researched in many countries, including Puerto Rico, China, India, Iran, Turkey, Uganda and the USA.

PPT covers involuntary possession experiences only. The most complex study to date (Van Duijl et al.) which addressed the causes of PPT found that there is a significant association between PPT and earlier life trauma; other studies have found stressful but not traumatic life experience were associated with PPT. Continue reading

Demonology in China

Demons-and-Angels-time Gnostic WarriorMIRACLES OF HEALING – DEMONOLOGY
By Charles W. Waddle (1909)

The subject of demonology is a study in itself, but its prominence in the miracles of healing in biblical times and since, make it necessary to note the evolution of the idea very briefly. There can be little doubt that the demonology of the early Hebrew period was a development from some simple form such as those we have found among the primitive races. From a conception of spirits devoid of moral character, good and bad spirits came to be differentiated. Continue reading

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