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The Fiction of Moses

Moses-parting-red-sea-Aaron and Allen HicksMoses – Fictional Character
Advocators of Truth, 2005

The name Moses/Moshe is not derivative of the ‘mes’ title in the language of Kamit. Moses/Moshe is a purely fictional character. The life story of this fictional character was patterned after the knowledge of the God Tehuti. The title/function/name “maakheru” is the origion of the corruption ‘moshe/moses’. Maakheru is very often written “maa kher”. We must also recognize that the ‘kh’ metut is often translated and pronounced ‘sh’. The ‘r’ is a rolling ‘r’ as in many of our Ancestral languages. Maa-kher thus becomes Maa-sher and later ‘moshe/moses’.

The term maakher (maa-she) in Kamit, meaning “true of voice”, one who “speaks/voices the divine law” exists in Twi as “mmarahye” (mmara-hye) pronounced (mmara or maa-sheh). Continue reading

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