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A Grain of Haitian Zombies

Zombie EntertainmentThe Haitian Zombies
by Brian Dunning

Should you find yourself in Haiti, beware of the man they call the bokor. Vodou tradition warns that he may secretly sprinkle a powder onto you, causing you to fall ill and quickly die — apparently. Doctors can examine you and find no pulse, no respiration. You’ll be buried and your friends and family will attend the funeral. Then, one night, the bokor will come and exhume your body, and administer a mysterious antidote. Your body will wake up, but your consciousness and personality will be gone. Your body will be a dumb slave, eating, Continue reading

Haitian Zombies

Datura 2Ethnobotany and Zombies: The Skeptic and the Rainbow
by Everett Tucker

We open with the Haitian Clairvius Narcisse’s claims that he was drugged to appear dead, buried alive, and dug up by a Houngan priest who subsequently extracted labor from him while Clairvius was kept in a perpetual stupor or ‘zombie’ state. Clairvius claims he was beaten with a sisal whip and transplanted to a Haitian sugar plantation where he worked with other zombified victims.

What distinguishes Narcisse’s account from other modern and folkloric accounts of Haitian zombies is its documentation – his death was officially recorded in a hospital under American authority. Having entered the facility Continue reading

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