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Escaping Ausar – 3

Escaping Osiris
O Osiris the king,
who goes forth by night !
by Wim van den Dungen

Part 2

01  Evil or the end of the Golden Age.

Osiris is heir to the throne of Geb, and so the king of the Two Lands.

“Geb’s heir (in) the kingship of the Two Lands. Seeing his worth, he gave (it) to him. To lead the lands to good fortune. He placed this land into his hand. Its water, its wind, its plants, all its cattle, all that flies, all that alights, its reptiles and its desert game. (All that) were given to the son of Nut, and the Two Lands are rejoicing !” – Great Hymn to Osiris, New Kingdom, stela C286 – Louvre.

Two wooden barks were found near the Great Pyramid of king Khufu. They were used by the deceased king in the netherworld. Ferried over to the eastern horizon, he would arrive in the First Time of the gods. Indeed, in the lightland of the horizon, the transformation (“kheper”) from soul (Ba) to spirit (Akh) took place. After being transformed in the horizon, Pharaoh arrived in heaven as a god. Continue reading

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