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Cauchemar – The Night Visitor

Le Cauchemar - Museum AugustineContemporary Cauchemar: Experience, Belief, Prevention
By Katherine Roberts

Perhaps you’ve experienced the sensation-while awakening or falling asleep-of not being able to move. You discover that your body is paralyzed. Although you may try to call out, the sound remains locked in your throat. Meanwhile, your mind is clamoring to know what’s going on.

“Sleep Paralysis” American Medical Association Guide to Better Sleep, l984.

In modern French, the word cauchemar has come to mean nightmare. Le Petit Robert Dictionnaire de la Langue Fran├žaise gives a brief etymology of the word, tracing its roots back to 1564 when it was written quauquemaire. The verb cauquer comes from the Picard dialect in northeastern France, Continue reading

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