Mother Africa – Written Words From KMT

imageAncient Afrrican Medu Neter

English Vocab Builder


Ancestors=jer-tee-oo, Mother=Moot,  Daughter=Saht,  Sister=Senet,  Wife=Hemet, Father=Yi-tef,  Son=Sah,  Brother=Sen,   Husband=Hee.


1=wa,  2=sen,  3=shomt,  4=fe-doo,  5=dee-oo, 6=see-soo,  7=se-fek,  8=sheme,  9=pe-sej,  10=mej.


Re (Ray) or Aten=Sun,  Moon=Iah (pronounced yah, sometimes ee-ah), Neter=God,  Neteret=Goddess.

Bad=bin,  good=ne fer,  light=she-sep,  dark=keke.  Never=en sep. Yes=tee-oo,  no=nen,  help=sem,  old=yah,  new=mah-oot,  Alter=sah-oot. Temple=er-per,  library= per me-jat,  house=per,  lady=nebet, Land=ta,  lord=neb,  midwife=tee-jem set,  Nysut=leader or royal one, Sky=pet,  doctor=sewnu,  house of life=per ankh.


Greetings/Peace=Htp, hotep, hetepoo. Thanks=Dua. Welcome=iiit (ee ee tee).

Ankh, Udja, Seneb=May you have life, prosperity, and  good health.

How are you?=Nej-se-ret., Good Morning=Be ka nefer. Good Afternoon=Met-ret-nefer-et. Good Night=Ge-reh-nefer. What time is it?=Wnoot-poo ee she-set? Where are you?=En tek chen. What is this (or it)?=pee- ter set. Do you understand?=Ene se-jem ek.

Go in peace=Shem em hotep. Know yourself=res-jes-ek, I do Ma’at=Yir ee Ma’at, Thank Neter Re for you=Dua Neter Re ne ek. Be in favor of Re=Em heset net Re.

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