Abydos King’s List

Panoramio - Photo of Abydos King List

The Abydos King List, is a list of the names of seventy-six kings of Ancient KMT, found on a wall of the Temple of Seti I at Abydos. It consists of three rows of thirty-eight cartouches (borders enclosing the name of a king) in each row. The upper two rows contain names of the kings, while the third row merely repeats Seti I’s throne name and praenomen.

The start of the king list, showing Seti and his son – Ramesses II – on the way to making an offering to Ptah-Seker-Ausar, on behalf of their 72 ancestors – the contents of the king list. Ramesses is depicted holding censers.

1st Dynasty
Cartouches 1 to 8
1 Meni. Probably King Narmer. Menes
2 Teti. Same name in Turin King List. Hor-Aha
3 Iti. Same name in Turin King List. Djer
4 Ita. Called Itui in Turin King List. Djet
5 Septi. Called Qenti in Turin King List. Den
6 Meribiap. Called Merbiapen in Turin King List. Anedjib
7 Semsu. Called Semsem in Turin King List. Semerkhet.
8 Qebeh. Same name in Turin King List. Qa’a.

Second Dynasty
Cartouches 9 to 14
9 Bedjau. Called Baunetjer in Turin King List. Hotepsekhemwy
10 Kakau. Same name in Turin King List. Raneb
11 Banetjer. Same name in Turin King List. Ninetjer
12 Wadjnas. Name damaged in Turin King List. Weneg
13 Sendi. Called Senedj in Turin King List. Senedj
14 Djadjay. Called Bebti in Turin King List. Khasekhemwy

Third Dynasty
Cartouches 15 to 19
15 Nebka. Same name in Turin King List. Sanakhte
16 Djeser-za. Djoser-it in Turin King List. Djoser
17 Teti. Djoser-ti in Turin King List. Sekhemkhet
18 Sedjes. Hudjefa in Turin King List. Khaba
19 Neferkara. Huni in Turin King List. Huni

Fourth Dynasty
Cartouches 20 to 25
20 Sneferu. Senefer in Turin King List. Sneferu
21 Khufu. Name missing in Turin King List. Khufu
22 Djedefre. Name missing in Turin King List. Djedefre
23 Khafra. Incomplete name in Turin King List Khafra
24 Menkaura. Name missing in Turin King List. Menkaura
25 Shepseskaf. Name missing in Turin King List. Shepseskaf

Fifth Dynasty
Cartouches 26 to 33
26 Userkaf. Name partially lost in Turin king list. Userkaf
27 Sahure. Name lost in Turin King List. Sahure
28 Kakai Neferirkare Kakai
29 Neferefre Neferefre
30 Nyuserre Nyuserre Ini
31 Menkauhor Menkauhor Kaiu
32 Djedkare. Djed in Turin King List. Djedkare Isesi
33 Unis. Same name in Turin King List. Unas

Sixth Dynasty
Cartouches 34 to 39
34 Teti Teti
35 Userkare Userkare
36 Meryre Pepi I Meryre
37 Merenre Merenre Nemtyemsaf II
38 Neferkare Pepi II Neferkare
39 Merenre Saemsaf Merenre Nemtyemsaf II

Seventh and Eight Dynasty
Cartouches 40 to 47
40 Netjerikare Netjerkare
41 Menkare Menkare
42 Neferkare Neferkare II
43 Neferkare Neby Neferkare Neby
44 Djedkare Shemai Djedkare Shemai
45 Neferkare Khendu Neferkare Khendu
46 Merenhor Merenhor
47 Sneferka Neferkamin

Ninth and Tenth Dynasty
Cartouches 48 to 56
48 Nikare Nikare
49 Neferkare Tereru Neferkare Tereru
50 Neferkahor Neferkahor
51 Neferkare Pepiseneb Neferkare Pepiseneb
52 Sneferka Anu Neferkamin Anu
53 Kaukara Qakare Ibi
54 Neferkaure Neferkaure II
55 Neferkauhor Neferkauhor
56 Neferirkare Neferirkare

Eleventh/Twelfth Dynasty
Cartouches 57 to 61
57 Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II
58 Sankhkare Mentuhotep III
59 Sehetepibre Amenemhat I
60 Kheperkare Senusret I
61 Nubkaure Amenemhat II

Thirteenth through Seventeenth Dynasty
Cartouches 62 to 65
62 Khakheperre Senusret II
63 Khakaure Senusret III
64 Nimaatre Amenemhat III
65 Maakherure Amenemhat IV

Eighteenth Dynasty
Cartouches 66 to 74
66 Nebpehtira Ahmose I
67 Djeserkara Amenhotep I
68 Aakheperkara Thutmose I
69 Aakheperenra Thutmose II
70 Menkheperra Thutmose III
71 Aakheperura Amenhotep II
72 Menkheperura Thutmose IV
73 Nebmaatra Amenhotep III
74 Djeserkheperura Setepenra Haremheb

Not mentioned: Akhenaten, Smenkhkare, Neferneferuaten ♀, Tutankhamun, Ay

Nineteenth Dynasty
Cartouches 75 and 76
75 Menpehtira Ramesses I
76 Menmaatra Seti I

Still to come: Ramesses II, Merneptah, Amenmesses, Seti II, Siptah, Twosret ♀


http://ancientegyptfoundation.org/kings_lists.shtml Egyptian Chronology and Material Relating to Surviving ...

File:The King List of Abydos. (1902) - TIMEA.jpg

File:The King List of Abydos. (1902) - TIMEA-1.jpg

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