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Sephedet vs Star of David
By Ishangi, 2012 [Edited]

If History is a lie agreed upon, the story of the Sephedet should be it’s Poster child! If you’re familiar with our Versus Series and/or my writings, you’re well aware of our claims—shared by many historians whose shoulders I stand on—that our ancient Afrikan historical presence has been preserved (although hidden) around the world!

Because we have been stripped of our historical legacy dating back to the first invasions in the Nile Valley, on through the Maangamizi and the Atlantic Slave Trade, the old axiom, “…if you want to hide something from someone, put it in a book or in front of their face,” have prevailed.

One of the many things YTs did as a common act of invasion, the pillagers take over what they choose of their victims customs; then, as popularly noted by the greeks, plagiarize these customs (religious deities, rituals, laws, and other cultural celebratory traditions) to suit themselves—even going as far as changing the names, skin pigmentation, and stories making it literally impossible to trace its origin. 

But through diligent research conducted by our historians like George G.M. James, Anthony Browder, and Tingba Adipta, the pieces of today’s societal origin are being reconnected.

Historian, Asa Hilliard always said when studying history to do it in chronological order. Meaning, dates must be the point of reference. Surprisingly (or not), this is a practice overlooked when we look at today’s schools and universities where they’re supposed to develop our minds—which they do! You may find this hard to swallow, but YTs education model has been effective in programming Afrikan people to not think with their Afrikan mind, instead subconsciously opting the mindset that benefits YTs.

One of the most tampered themes attacked was the creation of his-story—which is why our ‘Versus Series’ was created. History and religion served as YTs ‘one-two tandem’, distorting the characterization and accounts of Afrikan Deities now suddenly turned white with no association whatsoever with Afrika.

More effectively was the theft of symbols now with new meanings, pretty much erasing it’s point of origin. The one you’re about to read about now should not come as a surprise.

When one sees this symbol, you may automatically associate this symbol with the so-called jews. But we find this symbol goes even further back in antiquity than the Maangamizi. This symbol of perfection can be dated back to days of the Nile Valley and even before!

The symbol erroneously called Star of David or Seal of Solomon, consists of basically two triangles, resembling an upright pyramid with a superimposed inverted pyramid atop. From this we find a direct correlation with the Djhuitic [Tehuti] principle: ‘As Above, So Below; So Below, As Above’.

In my piece, ‘Do Rasta’s Have ‘Jewish’ Roots?’, I pointed out the Seal of Solomon’s original name is Sephedet and represents the union of Ausar and Aset, Kemet’s first family and Heru’s victory over his father’s murderer (and uncle) Set, as told in the legend Ausarian Drama.

Esoterically, the Sephedet depicts the unity of two polarities of a different nature resulting in manifestation, like man and woman. The interlaced triangles represent perfection of the law of duality [“everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”]

Meaning there is duality in everything; two legs, two eyes, two brains (left and right), the physical and non-physical realm, and yes, there being more than one universe on both the material and spiritual plane. This lesser-known law comes from the law of Polarity, of the 7 Djhuitic [Tehuti] Principles — erroneously called Hermetic Principles because ‘Hermes’ is the greek imposter for the Kemetic Neter (God), ‘Djhuiti’ [Tehuti]. The upright triangle stands for the material world (or Auset) and the inverted standing for the divine world (Ausar).

If you watch my Video Article, ‘The Classified Origin of D.C.’, you will also see how the fore-pirates (not parents) of america used the Sephedet on many municipal and public buildings as well as currency.

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In numerology, this 6-pointed star (also called a hexagram), relates to harmony and also wo/man’s 6th sense, clairvoyance, or the ability to see things beyond the range of normal human vision. The number 6 has many meanings, with most associating it with death.

One thing we always profess are the words of our modern historians that have shown us the Afrikan presence can be seen today, right in front of our noses, if only we know what to look for.

One of the easiest where our Afrikan Ancestral symbols are seen is the U.S. one-dollar bill. I must note the fundamental mindset of YTs is racist toward melanated beings—Afrikans in particular—they take whatever custom, symbol, and ritualise (no matter how little they comprehend it—in this case 33°) and base their societal structure by it!

If you watched the video article, ‘Numerical Mystereez’, you were exposed to one aspect of unveiling secrets with numbers. Browder introduces another, “by learning to decode the symbolism embedded in buildingz and their surroundingz, you can read them as easily as you would a book.”

Using these tools, Browder was able to see the Afrikan origin that influenced the Freemasons throughout the design of  ‘Chocolate City’ aka, Washington, DC.

We must realize there’s a reason YTs gone through great lengths to conceal the true story of our legacy. We might’ve never found out had they not decided to make replicas of our stolen monuments. It’s as though they chose to gloat about this theft and because of this egotistical gesture, the truth, though hidden, was preserved; it just needed someone like Browder to unearth it… we are beginning to remember…

Probably the most popular site in DC, the average person today is completely unaware the Washington Monument is a bootlegged version of a 6000-year-old relic that represents the resurrection of the first ruler and President of Ancient Kemet, Ausar. Among the several other tekhenw scattered around the world, the one least known is in New York City [watch ‘Secret In the City’].

Inside, above the elevator to the observation deck over Washington’s plaque, we see a Heru Bedhet—the same symbol carved above the entrance of every temple in Kemet thousands of years ago. This one also has an inverted Sephedet on top of the Sun disc; the disc symbolizing Heru, with his parents, the Sephedet, Ausar and Auset in front.

It must also be noted YT stole our symbols and altered the meanings to intensify the perception of their mythical power and intelligence, adding centuries of deceit and confusion. We find they just couldn’t fight their insatiable urge to recreate KMT throughout DC, so much so, If you look at an aerial map of DC, among the many symbols you see the streets form, the U.S. Capitol building serves as the lower-point of the Sepehedet.

Image result for sephedetA couple blocks North from Meridian Hill Park, a 70-foot, windowless, cube-like building sits on the corner of Columbia and 16th Street, The Scottish Rite Mason’s temple. On the 16th street side, you’ll see a massive doorway with 2 bronze doors with a mosaic picture with a double-headed eagle above.

This is supposed to be the Sun, symbolizing, ‘Enlightenment’ at the meridian, meaning this building holds the most known level of knowledge about our Afrikan sciences.

The double-headed eagle stands for what Masons are taught, “study the past so you can implement the jewels learned for a better tomorrow.” Sorta reminds me of the Sankofa Bird “we must go back to our roots in order to move forward.”

Between the heads is a pyramid with the #32 inscribed on it, referring to the number of degrees every Mason can attain; the 33rd of which only a few are tapped.

On opposite sides of the door sits 2 urns, symbolic for guardians who protect the knowledge inside this building—sound similar to the Boule’ and their logo?

At about waist-length on the side panels of the doors is probably the most obvious confession, confirming the Afrikan connection. On the left is a carving of the sun rising out of the water with 3 candles. Above is the Latin inscription, “Ex Oriente Lux” with the translation below, “From the East comes Light.”

The two candles represent male and female. The third, the child born from the union. The sun symbolizes masculine energy and the water, the feminine. Both are needed for the creation of life.

On the right, we see yet another Sephedet. It too rises out of a body of water with 3 candles and above we read, Ex Occidente Lex, “From the West comes Law”.

We find the Sephedet is also associated with the number 13 and there are seven features of the Great Seal based on the Number 13. When we look at the backside of the one-dollar bill, on the right, above the eagle’s head, you’ll see 13 stars inside a constellation cloud that form 2 over-lapping pyramids, that’s right, another Sephedet!

On the left, you’ll also see ‘Annuit Copetis’ arched above a pyramid and the all-seeing eye, and below, ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’. The Sephedet can be seen here as the letters, ‘A’ in ‘Annuit’, ‘S’ in Coeptis, ‘N’ in ‘Novus’, ‘O’ in ‘Ordo’, and ‘M’ in ‘Seclorum’ with the top pyramid in the Sephedet encasing the All-Seeing Eye.

It is believed this is linked to the Zionist Khazar Shriner State of Israel and the Hierarchy of the United States of America. These letters stand for ‘Ancient Order Noble Mystic Shrine’. And when you scramble these letters, you also get ‘MASON’. And from what we know about them, we know they know more about Afrikans and our role as Mother/Father of the human race, than we know ourselves!

It should no longer be a mystery why the origin of this symbol is seldom talked about. For those in possession of history know who we are and that they owe their entire existence to their Afrikan parents. They just hope you never find out for when we do, inevitably, we will take our rightful place.

Source: http://daghettotymz .com/current/sephedetvdavid/sephedetvdavid.html




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