Prophecies of Tehuti

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The Prophecies of Hermes (Tehuti)

Pure philosophy is spiritual striving, through constant contemplation to attain True Knowledge of Atum the One –God. But, speaking now in prophecy, I say that in times to come, no one will pursue philosophy with single-mindedness and purity of heart. Those with a grudging and ungenerous temperament will try and prevent men discovering the priceless gift of immortality. Philosophy [Spirituality] will become confused, making it hard to comprehend. It will be corrupted by spurious speculation. It will be entangled with bewildering sciences like arithmetic, music and geometry.

The student of pure philosophy studies the sciences not as fanciful theories, but as devotion to Atum – because they reveal a universe perfectly ordered by the power of number; because measuring the depth of the sea and forces of fire and magnitude of physical things leads to a reverent awe at the Creator’s skill and wisdom; because the mysteries of music bear witness to the unsurpassed talent of the Supreme Artist who has beautifully harmonized all things into a single Whole, suffused with sweet melodies.

To simply love Atum in thought with singleness of heart, and to follow the goodness of his will – this is philosophy, unsullied by intrusive cravings for pointless opinions. But I foresee that, in times to come, cleaver intellectuals will mislead the minds of men, turning them away from pure philosophy. It will be thought that our sacred devotion was ineffectual and the heart-felt piety and assiduous service with which we Egyptians honor Atum was a waste without reward.

Egypt is an image of the heavens, and the whole Cosmos dwells here, in this its sanctuary – But the gods will desert the earth and return to heaven, abandoning this land that was once the home of spirituality. Egypt will be forsaken and desolate, bereft of the presence of the gods. It will be overrun by foreigners who will neglect our sacred ways. This holy land of temples and shrines will be filled with corpses and funerals. The sacred Nile will be swollen with blood, and her waters will rise, utterly fowled with gore.

Does this make you weep? There is worst to follow. This land, that was a spiritual teacher to all humankind, which loved the gods with such devotion that they deigned to sojourn here on earth – this land will exceed all others in cruelty. The dead will far outnumber the living, and the survivors will be known by Egyptians by their language alone. For in their actions they will be like men of another race.

Oh Egypt! Nothing will remain of your religion but an empty tell, which even your own children will not believe. Nothing will be left to tell of your wisdom but old graven stones. Men will be weary of life, and will cease seeing the universe as worthy of reverent wonder. Spirituality, the greatest of all blessing will be threatened with extinction, and believed a burdened to be scorned. The world will no longer be loved as an incomparable work of Atum; a glorious monument to his Primal Goodness; an instrument of the Divine Will to evoke veneration and praise in the behold.

Egypt will be widowed. Every sacred voice will be silenced. Darkness will be preferred to light. No eyes will raise to heaven. The pure will be thought insane and the impure will be honoured as wise. The madman will be believed brave, and the wicked esteemed as good. Knowledge of the immortal soul will be laughed at and denied. No reverent words worthy of heaven will be heard or believed.

So I, Trice-Great Hermes, the first of men to attain All-Knowledge, have inscribed the secrets of the gods, in sacred symbols and holy hieroglyphs, on these stone tablets, which I have concealed for a future world that may seek our sacred wisdom.

Through all-seeing Mind, I myself have been the witness of the invisible things of Heaven, and through contemplation come to Knowledge of the Truth. This knowing I have set down in these writings…



The Afrikan Renaissance Foundation has adopted the Khemetic Divinity Tehuti as our Patron Neter (Divine Principle), because in the Khemetic Tradition he represents the All and All of Supreme Knowledge and Wisdom.  It is this principle of Divine Knowledge that becomes the guiding light of the Foundation to help us bring the Knowledge of this Supreme High Afrikan Civilization back to its rightful owners.


The faculty of Omniscience is exemplified by The Neter (Divine Principle) Tehuti representing the All Knowing Mind of God.  Tehuti, (also spelled Djehuti or Jehwty) was the scribe of the Neteru (gods) and is said to have invented the art of sacred writing (Medu Neter), called hieroglyphics by the Greeks, and was always depicted with the head of the Ibis bird because its long beak resembled the Khemetian reed writing instrument. Tehuti as the Omniscient Divinity was the messenger of the Neteru and recorded all the deeds of both the gods and men alike and at the time of Judgement and the weighing of the heart had to be present with the record of all that had been done during a person’s life.*

Tehuti also possessed the Sacred Words of Power and it was he who gave the Sacred Words of Power to the Neteru to create the world. As the Supreme Intelligence of Creation, Tehuti was one of the most important Neteru in the Khemetic Pantheon of Divinities. He was the Divine Mind behind Creation and assisted in all mystical transformations. He is said to have taught both the gods and humanity all the arts and sciences of civilization, including the sciences of astronomy, mathematics, architecture, as well as the rites and honours by which to revere the Deities.

“Several of Tehuti’s attributes were confirmed by Diodorus of Sicily, It was by Tehuti (Hermes for the Greeks), according to Ancient Egyptians, that the common language of mankind was first further articulated, and that many objects which were still nameless received an appellation, that the alphabet were defined, and that ordinances regarding the honours and offerings due to the neteru (gods) were duly established…” (Gadalla).

Following is what Moustafa Gadalla, in EGYPTIAN DIVINITIES: The All Who Are THE ONE (P. 46-47) says about the Neter Tehuti:

“Tehuti (Hermes to the Greeks, Mercury to the Romans)… Tehuti (Thoth) represents the power of sound (the Word), as the prime mover of the inert energy. Egyptian creation texts repeatedly stress the belief of creation by the Word. In the typical Egyptian story form, it was Tehuti (Thoth), who uttered the words, commanded by Ra (Re),that created the world. In the Egyptian Book of the Coming Forth by Day (wrongly translated as the Book of the Dead), the oldest written text in the world, we read:

I am the Eternal…I am that which created the Word…I am the Word…

The Word means action. In human terms, we say “A man of his word,” which signifies the action behind the word. As such, Tehuti (Thoth represents the spoken/written language, knowledge, etc.)  Tehuti (Thoth) is also referred to as the Divine tongue, who gave names to the divine beings…”

ARF EDITORIAL COMMENT: The “Word” that is attributed to Tehuti is the same “Word” that the Apostle St. John referred to …”And the word was made flesh…”. The wisdom powers of Tehuti were those amplified by the Greeks in the Study of Hermetism which operates today undercover in the form of Rosicrucian, Freemasonry, lodges and similar occults that are practiced today. Tehuti’s  consort was the Goddes Ma’at, the female Patron of ARF.




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  1. Glen December 6, 2018 at 2:20 pm Reply

    Interesting and intriguing! I have always been fascinated by the Egyptians; would love to learn more.

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