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A very well known image of Tehuti, the ibis headed Black man.

Name in Medu Neter


Major spiritual center: Khmun
Symbol: The papyrus scroll
Parents: None, thought to be self created, around the same time as Ma’at
Consort: Ma’at, Seshat

Tehuti (also Djehuti), the lord of Khemmenu, self created, to whom non had given birth, is the Neter responsible for teaching the world to write and record information with the Medu Neter system. From many Funerary texts, it’s known that Tehuti was the Neter of all the arts and sciences, that he was the “lord of books,” and the “scribe of the Neteru”, and “Mighty in speech”.

Early information

From the Pyramid Texts it’s known that Tehuti was in service to deceased kings. His service was eagerly awaited by the by the souls waiting to join the realm of the Ancestors. People waited for him because it was with him that Ma’at weighed their heart against their past actions. Tehuti would record the results and report them to the Neteru. We often see him in another form sitting atop the Scale of Maat.

Tehuti is seen here recording the information on the left in the ibis form, as well as sitting atop the scale in his baboon form.

His Name

The name Tehuti appears to be derived from the oldest known name of the Ibis, “Tehu”, The Greeks call him Thoth, through their inability to pronounce Kemetic words properly.

Hymns to Tehuti

Hymn 217 From the Pyr-ntr texts:

O Tehuti , go and proclaim to the western gods and their spirits: `This King comes indeed, an imperishable spirit, adorned with Inpu on the neck, who presides over the Western Height. He claims hearts, he has power over hearts. Whom he wishes to live will live; whom he wishes to die will die.’

Hymn 367:

O! Asar the King, Geb brings Heru to you that he may protect you and bring to you the hearts of the gods; may you neither languish nor groan. Heru has given to you his Eye that you may take possession of the Wrrt-crown by means of it at the head of the gods. Heru has reassembled your limbs and he has put you together, and nothing in you shall be disturbed. Tehuti has laid hold of your foe for you, he having been decapitated together with those who are in his following, and he will have no mercy on him.

Source: http://worldafropedia.com/wiki/index.php?title=Djehuti



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