Kleo Patra – the Key

cleopatraDefense for Spiritual Warfare
The Prayer of the Lord

Gnostic Teachings, 2013 [Excerpt edited]

See part 1 – Ptah Ra Pater


Let us discuss Cleopatra, the feminine aspect of this subject matter. We talked about the Father but what about the Mother? You find this marvelous archetype also in ancient Egypt. When people talk about Cleopatra, they always remember the Cleopatra who was with Mark Anthony, but they ignore that there were many Cleopatra long before her in ancient Egypt. A Cleopatra is a vestal of the temple. They are what we call in this day in age “nuns.”

Cleopatra derives from the Greek name Κλεοπατρα, Κλεος-Πτα (Kleopatra) which means “glory of Ptah, the father” derived from (κλεος – kleos) “glory.” This is combined with πατρος, patros, “of the father (Πτα – Ptah)” or Κλεος-Ποτήρ “glory of the cup” (ποτήρ – potēr). The cup, the yoni, the feminine sexual organ, is the Holy Grail. Thus, Kleo-poter is Cleopatra.  Potēr means cup, chalice, grail, the sexual yoni. When you say Cleopatra, you are indicating the feminine sexual force of God. This is why the Cleopatras were vestals in ancient Egypt.

  • Kleopatra: “keys to the father,” from kleis [κλείς] “keys” + patros [πατρος] father
  • Kleopatra, Kleopetra: “Keystone,” from kleis [κλείς] “keys” + petra [πέτρᾳ] “stone”

Thus, Kleopatra symbolizes the keystone, which in the previous lecture the speaker was explaining. The keystone of the temple, the cornerstone of the temple, is a woman.

In Alchemy, in the beginning the color of the stone is black. The charcoal contains the fire within. Alchemically speaking, we are Black because the female aspect of our sexuality is Black. This is why Ptah is Black. This is why Ausar is Black, and Cleopatra the great vestal, is Black; and as well because ancient Egypt which is Africa, is the land of Black people.

The name Africa comes from Aphrodite, the goddess of love. [No. Aphrodite my be derived from – or enmeshed with – the Aphri-Akan, but certainly not the other way around. 7M] Aphrodite is the root of the word aphrodisiac, and many other words; she is the goddess of love. This resembles Cleopatra as one of those symbols that you find in ancient Egypt.

It is written that Moses came from Egypt (Exodus 12: 35, 36). Moses was married to an Ethiopian woman. The Ethiopian woman was Black. Symbolically and alchemically, when you start working with your Cleopatra (Kleopetra), or when one starts working with their Nun (seed), your priest or priestess is black. They represent the Heliogabalus stone. This is how you have to understand these symbols internally. In one of the pyramids of Egypt, Jesus practiced Sexual Magic with a Cleopatra.

The word Egypt has Greek origins. The word Egypt is rooted in Het-Ka-Ptah. Het-Gy-Pt, Egypt, Egipto.

  • Het: house
  • Ka: soul
  • Ptah: the Father

Thus, Egypt means “The house of the soul of the Father.”

Where is the Het, the house of the Ka, the soul of Ptah, the Father? Het-Ka-Ptah is your physicality. Yes, your physicality is the house of the soul of your inner Ptah. Ptah is the father we have inside, attached to our Ka, our soul, which is formed by all of the archetypes. This is why in Hebrew Egypt is called Mizrahim מצרים, which has the same meaning as the word Eden.

“Even as [Eden] the garden of Yod-Havah, as the earth (Mizrahim מצרים) Egypt, as thou comest unto affliction.” – Genesis 13:10

Cleopatra is a symbol related with our sexual force, our sexual potency. At the same time, Cleopatra is a symbol related to all those women that enter into the path as initiates. Cleopatra is also a symbol related to any priestess. Any priestess that works with the mysteries that we are teaching here is a Cleopatra. This is what we have to understand related to this mystery. This is why ancient Egyptians made statues of Cleopatra (not the one related with Mark Anthony). Cleopatra is the symbol of Auset (Isis). This is why in Gnostic terms we call the priestess “Isis.” The priest we call merely priest, but as a symbol we can call the priest Ausar (Osiris).

The soul within Het-Ka-Ptah in ancient Egypt and in our physicality is Ka, Horus, that needs to be developed. This is how we should see the symbols of KMT.

In these times people mock the beautiful symbols of KMT because they do not understand them. They say that the Black Egyptians of the past were worshiping idols; yes, this is what the ignoramuses say. Nevertheless, if we study the esoteric meaning of all the great mysteries of ancient Egypt, then we will understand the meaning of the prayers of the bible. See how Jesus taught the prayer of Ptah. This is why we say, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.” He learned that in Egypt. Moses also learned everything in Egypt, from Het-Ka-Ptah that was very active and that had many colleges of initiates, which nowadays, is just a shadow of the past.

Consequently, based on what we already explained, now you will understand what the Prayer of the Lord means. Master Krumm-Heller said the following about the Pater Noster, and Master Samael quoted his statements in the book The Perfect Matrimony:

“Among all of the ritual prayers, the most powerful is the Pater Noster (Prayer of the Lord). This is a magical prayer of immense power.

“Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition are the three mandatory paths of initiation.”

Master Huiracocha says the following:

“First, it is necessary to see spiritual things (God) internally:

1. Pater [Ptah] noster, qui es in cælis. Our Father [Ftha], who art in heavens.

Why did we write Ftha with F instead of a P? It is because in Latin we do not say Ptah but Ftha with an F because PH is F. Thus, when you are in Meditation on your inner Father and say “Our Father who art in Heaven,” then you see what you need to be concentrated on, because the Father is within all of his enfoldments; visualize that with your intuition, your imagination, in order to see that the Father is indeed a multiple perfect unity within you and within anybody. That is why it is called Elohim. God is gods and goddesses.

Then one must listen to the Word, or the Divine Word:

Sanctificetur nomen Tuum.

Do you see the word TUM in there? Yes, we know that in Latin the word Tuum means “yours.” But, do you think that it is a coincidence that the name of the God TUM of Egypt is written there? Listen, when you say, “Sanctificetur nomen tuum,” the force comes down as the Master Samael explains, namely, when we pronounce TUM, our Father who is in secret descends immeditately from Heaven down to you. That is precisely the magical aspect of pronouncing the Pater Noster in Latin. If you pronounce it in English, it still has a force, but not the force as when you pronounce it in Latin, because when you say, “Sanctificetur nomen tuum,” “Hallowed be thy name,” or as “Yitkedesh Shemkha.”

2. “Hallowed be thy name,”

In other words, the Divine Word, the magnificent name of God, the Creative Word.

Then Master Krumm-Heller said as Master Samael Aun Weor quoted:

Lastly, we prepare our spiritual organism for Intuition:

3. “Thy Kingdom come,” that is to say, with the pronunciation of the Word, the mantras, the internal Kingdom of the holy masters comes to us.

“This trinity is found in the first three supplications of the Pater Noster.

The union with God consists of performing all of these. The rest remains resolved…”

With these three supplications, Krumm Heller states, we ask for an integral request, and if one day we achieve it, we will be Gods already, and therefore we will no longer need to ask. – Samael Aun Weor

So, only the fulfillment of these three supplications is enough. Do you know what Krumm-Heller meant with his statements? He meant to incarnate TUM within you. When TUM, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are incarnated within you, you are a God in the flesh like Jesus, Mohammad, or Moses. When Moses came from Sinai he had the forces within. TUM was within him, just as TUM was within Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha. Nevertheless, in order to incarnate TUM within us, we have to develop the archetypes. This is precisely what we have to do. It is not just by pronouncing this prayer mechanically as they do in the Catholic Church; or as we have seen, the priest says, “go and pray ten Our Fathers and ten Hail Mary’s and then your sins will be forgiven.” That is a very superficial way of doing things.

This prayer has a lot of power, but only if you are working with the sexual energy and working with the archetypes, otherwise, you are just repeating mechanically like a parrot what you do not understand.

Tarot 14

The Cup

Let us go into the next supplication of the prayer of the Lord.

Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in cælo, et in terra.

Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

In order to understand this supplication, we have quoted from the Gospels the prayer that Jesus prayed on the mount of Olives. He said:

“Father, if thou be willing, remove [the κλεος – “glory” of ] this[ποτήρ – potēr] chalice from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.” – Luke 22: 42

“The (white cup represents the cerebral spinal nervous system the vehicle of Netzach and the) higher nature (Chesed and Chokmah that) takes its origin from the right side of the sephirothic Tree of Life, but the (yellow cup represents the genitalia or Yesod, the) lower (nature of Binah, Geburah and Hod, that takes its origin) from the left side, and is embodied in (Malkuth) the female (sephirah) and (in Yesod) becomes unified in it as it is written: ‘God’s left hand (Geburah and Hod) is under (Binah, the left side of) my head and his right hand (Chesed and Netzach) doth embrace me (Malkuth from Tiphereth)’ (Song of Solomon 2: 6). Hitherto we have discoursed on a subject, exceedingly esoteric and unknown to ordinary people, but now we will speak more clearly so that every one may comprehend and understand them.” On hearing this the student novitiates expressed their great desire to learn more (about the two polarities) of this mystery of sex.” – Zohar

In the last supper we find two chalices. The one on the right symbolizes the mind of the priest that we have to fill with INRI because the brain is the cup that should be filled with the sexual solar force of Ptah. The one on the left represents the horizontal beam of the cross. It is the Yoni or yellow cup that is in relation with Malkuth, the Queen, the woman. It is in relation with the priest’s own particular individual priestess woman, his Cleopatra.

Last supper

Κλεος-Ποτήρ “glory of the cup” (ποτήρ – potēr) “of the Cup – Yoni – Holy Grail.” Kleopatra, the glory of the Yoni, the glory of the Holy Grail, is the sexual organ of the female.

The priest-initiate has to transmute that sexual force that is hidden in the Ark of the Covenant. This is how the Cohen does the will of his own particular individual God within. If you do not do the will of your Inner God within you, then do your own will thus you are self-willed, and your will turns into Fornication. This is what Mark Anthony did with Cleopatra in Egypt. To find a vestal in Egypt to fornicate—that is ludicrous. When you have your wife, your Nun, your priestess, the symbol of the beautiful Cleopatra, then with her you transmute the sexual force. This is what Jesus did, what Moses did in Egypt.

Cleopatra is called Aida by Giuseppe Verdi in his great opera. Aida is rooted in Arabic; A, the breath of Aleph; Ida, the female force of the breath of God. Remember the Sanskrit Ida and Pingala. So, Aida is a feminine force that is black in all of us. This is why in that opera Aida is Black. If you see the opera Aida, you will see how it beautifully hides the symbols that we are explaining here. To perform the will of God is what we see symbolized.

So, when Jesus was praying in the mount of Olives he said: “Father if it is possible take this cup of me nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done,” meaning, if it is possible, self-realize me without the woman; I am here to follow your will, not my will, but thine be done. Then the Father said to him: “Go and take your Cleopatra – who is known right now in the physical world as Mary Magdalene – and practice Sexual Magic with her.” Then Jesus said: “Okay, if that is your will.” Then when he goes with her to perform the sexual act, Judas, who represents sexual desire, arrives to betray him. Thus, he has to fight a lot against his sexual desire. Thus, Judas, Mary Magdalene, Cleopatra are a mixture of symbols that are not only written in the gospels but in many other myths that we study.

Questions and Answers

Audience: Does this mean that Horus represents the congregation?

Instructor: No, the congregation represents all of the different archetypes. Each one in the congregation is a priest in his own home. Every Isis in the congregation is an Isis in her own home. In every temple there is one priest and one Isis officiating. The Isis who is dancing in the opera is the one who is doing the work in the temple. The priest represents Osiris. Horus represents your soul, the one who receives the sword. Tiphereth has to fight against the enemy, which is inside. Horus is Tiphereth that has RA incarnated. There is a marvelous statement here. He receives the sword to fight the enemy. The enemy is within. In the Aida opera, you will see that the enemy is the king of Ethiopia, but that is a symbol you have to understand. Just like the Bible in exodus that points to the Egyptians as the enemy. This is something we have to understand, to not take it literally. Remember that alchemically in the beginning Aida is Black; Cleopatra is Black, and then turns into white, then into yellow, and then finally into red. [Nice try. Black is Alpha and Omega. Aleph and Shin-Tau. Ausar and Auset. 7M.]


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