Live Dark Matter

By Metaphysics, 2009 [Notes added by 7M.]


Melanin in its most concentrated form is black (Kemet). KEM means black (KEMet) It is black because its chemical (KEM) structure will not allow any energy to escape once that energy has come in contact with it. This gives us an insight on Dark Stars and Black Matter.

It actually is not as “cosmic” as you might think. [Most] of the universe is what we previously thought of as a vacuum, as “outer space”. We now know, and I am quoting mainstream science, that this “outer space” even exists in the “inner space” of all things and we call it Dark Matter.

Think of what we were taught in school about atoms. All things are composed of atoms. Within the atom, you find electrons, neutrons, and protons… but, most of what you find is the same stuff you find in most of the Universe… Dark Matter. Some kind of stuff, some kind of matter, which is everywhere, and in everything. [This] “thing”‘ which is omnipresent (everywhere) and omnipotent (can not be created or destroyed). And, it is based on a structure which science has given the same name that the sages of ancient Kemet used to refer to the Creator… Atom.

Atem Amon Amen

When I say all is mental, I am merely taking a baby step from mainstream Science and positing that this “dark matter”, this vastness of our Universe, consists of energy and that that energy is mental. That this mental energy is simply the Consciousness of the Creator.

In the three religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, whenever the faithful pray, regardless of language, they always end their prayer by saying Amen. There is no linguistic translation for Amen, because it is a name […], the name of God. Every religion in the world after their prayer incantates in some form the name of Amen. Who is the God of gods. We must eventually reconnect with Amen by using the Tree of Life to cultivate our spirit, through existence and lifetimes of unrelenting pursuit.

The name of Amen, which means the Hidden One, in KMT, lives on.

[Metu Neter:]

0- Amen – This is not a faculty it is THE undifferentiated peace that is our true self. This is why it is not on the tree of life but far above it. [THE TREE OF LIFE represented as Star Wars (“May the Force (Amen) be with you.” Star Wars the movie was the plagiarized story stolen from KMT of the Book of the dead and the story of Ausar and Auset.]


The Upanishads speak of the divine syllable — AUM. AUM, also known as OM, is derived from AMEN — sphere 0 of the KMT Tree Of Life. Ra Un Nefer Amen and the Upanishads both associate Amen with Peace.

AUM — peace, peace, peace

What is God Consciousness?

KMT rests on the enlightened experience of conscious oneness that is common to all Ausarians. It understands that consciousness is all there is, both as the void of non-existence and all the multiplicity of life, simultaneously. The universe has no beginning and therefore no end. Consciousness is eternal and infinite. The universe appears out of the void of consciousness. So the void (Dark Matter Black Stars) must have the power and intelligence to design, create and sustain the universe. That is the definition of God (AMEN).

Existence is the universe plus the energy, astral, and psychic realms. And the fifth body, Self or Being. None of these realms are eternal, they are created along with the universe and disappear with it, back to the void, when existence takes a rest.

The sixth body of pure awareness is the bridge between existence and the eternal void of the seventh body. Understanding all this helps with surrender. You can trust the infinite power and intelligence of the void to get it right, including your very special life and destiny.

Thank God for KMT.

People want to know what is God, and what is God consciousness. The reality is that consciousness IS God. Consciousness is totally singular, as is God. They are two names for one thing. The illusion is that there is an individual separate from God or separate from consciousness. The ‘individual’ seeks to know God or to be in God consciousness. But first one must understand what that individual is.

The ‘individual’ says “I am this or that”. There is an assumption that they are limited, that the consciousness of ‘I am’ is limited. But when ‘I am’ is not equated with this or that, when it remains simply as consciousness, as awareness, it has no boundary. This is the consciousness which is ‘God’. In the Bible, God says, “I am that I Am”. Not that God is this or that, but consciousness itself.

[Black Matter]

The problem with explaining this theory is knowing where to begin, because as you will find, the theory incorporates some of the great mysteries of the Universe, in what – I believe – can be defined in one working model.

Let us start at a fraction of a second after the creation of the Universe – the actual creation and the effect that it has on this theory I will deal with later. After the first wave of the creation, we have all the energy of the universe concentrated in a space smaller than our Sun, a quantity of energy that goes towards infinity [x ->∞]. There is nothing that has existed after this event that can even come close to comparison; even the most horrendous black hole is but a grain of sand in a seemingly endless ocean in comparison.

The matter that is expelled into the void during our “fraction of a second” consists of particles that I have defined simply as base-particles. These particles are the original building bricks of all forms of matter that is yet to come.

Before going further, I wish to postulate a modification to “The Theory of Finite Probability”. When we begin to deal with numbers of enormous size (N.E.S.) – the creation of the Universe is a good example – the possibility to calculate the probability of an action goes towards infinity, while that action, within time, will certainly verify itself. […] with N.E.S.’s the improbable, however remote, becomes probable; the improbability existing only due to its incalculability.

Before going onto defining my models of base-particles, Dark Matter and Gravity, I must first take a step back to the death of one Universe and the creation of the next, with each Universe existing in the same void.

[It] is believed improbable that our Universe was created from the last giant black hole of the old universe collapsing into itself, as this would have converted all the remaining matter into energy, which would mean that gravity would eventually go to zero, and that the last sign of the old universe would have been an enormous flash of radiation that would have dissipated into the void. This would mean that all the parallel universes are destined to die, leaving multi-parallel voids.

This does seem somewhat final to me, and I would therefore like to propose another possibility. Let us remain with our collapsing giant black hole; the only object left in the old universe. As the rate of collapse accelerates due to the increasing gravitational field, the temperature at the core increases, and sub-nuclei are destroyed and converted one after the other into heat energy. We will reach a point
were the black hole will only consist of electromagnetic radiation (the skin) and base-particles (the core). The base-particles, for this model, can be defined as the smallest possible unit of matter that is constructed by the smallest possible unit of energy, and therefore by definition cannot be divided into a smaller sub-unit or converted into electromagnetic radiation due to decay; and neither can electromagnetic radiation be formed into matter due to its inability to unit (two rays will always remain two, they will never be able to unite into one).

The total number of base-particles massed together will give a maximum value for the gravitational force of the Universe, which we can consider to have a value of one. All other forms of matter will have a gravitational force that is proportional to its quantity of base-particles that it contains, and will always have a coefficient less than one. However, the maximum gravitational force divided by the total number of base-particles within the universe will also give us the smallest possible value of a gravitational unit.

[7M Notes inserted into the text.]

Back to our collapsing giant black hole. Before all the matter decays to either electromagnetic energy or base-particles, something very strange happens at the core; the temperature (T1 – the first threshold temperature) arrives to such a level that forces the base-particles at the surface of the “core”, which are also in contact with the electromagnetic “skin” to link to a “n” quantity of electromagnetic energy (photon), [?] [What is the EM-quality of the photon if light has no mass? 7M Carrier.]

At this point, the [base-particle/photon] couple transforms into “pure energy”, [also] known as Dark Matter; and the quantity transformed is proportional to the temperature that must be equal or greater than T1. Each base-particle/photon couple creates its own individual space within the universe, this space has no dimensions and the Couple no mass [“base-particles massed together” indicates mass, how else to answer for gravity, let alone creation of “its own individual space”? 7M], and therefore no time (or speed) that links it to events in the universe [Then how can there be any creation? 7M], and therefore completely undetectable from the universe in which it exists [when put in scientific terms].

[The] transformation has been from matter+photon to a packet of energy of zero mass that can be transformed back to matter, and that can also co-exist with matter as we know it (not to be confused with anti-matter). The base-particle/photon couple also has a gravitational attraction greater than a single base-particle, but in opposition to that of the single base particle, thus creating an anti-gravitational field that emits from the Dark Matter.

[…] There will be a stage when the temperature will increase to a value that is greater than T1 (T2) when all the remaining base-particles and photons will convert to Dark Matter. The old universe is dead, and […] instantly after the death, the rebirth begins. [This is against the law of Nature. For the King to live after Tuat there must be a Prince (and a Teacher). There is no serial breathing (birthing) apart from interwoven ones. 7M]

All the base-particles enter the new Universe. [This would make a new Universe redundant. Turning Amen into a bored God for having seen it all in his last Atem (breath, birth). There ‘must’ be an upgrade (or some believe it looks like a downgrade by the sad look of current human beings). 7M Hence the movie ‘Upgrade’.]

Some speed out into the void [Where is the gravity and acceleration coming from? If they come out of the void then how do they speed into the void? 7M], other base-particles will begin to form the first in a long chain of sub-particles, which will cause the cooling process [or is the movement of the other particles causing a cooling – they heat up so other particles can cool down – which allows for the linkage ability or probability? 7M]. But due to the high temperature [“High temperature” compared to the void? Where is the “low” temperature it opposites? 7M], the majority of the sub-particles will be converted back to Dark Matter. [Why? 7M] Some of this Dark Matter will have sufficient energy to revert back to base-particles, while the remainder will remain in the form of Dark Matter.

[End of inserted notes.]

The birth of our Universe will be like a flashing light, with each flash lasting a finite moment of time, but with the mass of each flash being smaller than the last as more sub-particles are released into the Universe; wave after wave like a pumping heart. The overall effect is that the Dark Matter would help in thinning out the Universe and thus assisting the cooling process, it would also have predominance over matter as we know it.

It might be asked “well if Dark Matter is in this universe, what happened to it in the old? […] if Dark Matter is given sufficient energy it will transform back to base-particles. This could happen in our Universe if a galactic catastrophe were to happen in the mists of an area of space containing a high proportion of Dark Matter. The catastrophe could be of such proportions that sufficient Dark Matter would be transformed into Matter that the gravitational balance would be reversed, which in turn would slowly bring the expansion of the Universe to a halt, and then causing it to contract. […]

“we are living in a flat universe comprising just 4% ordinary matter, 22% dark matter and 74% dark energy — in agreement with the standard model of cosmology.”

Dark matter is apparently supposed to be some form of non-luminescent matter, but what is dark energy supposed to be?

The existence of dark matter is inferred by, among other things, looking at galactic rotation curves. We can see galaxies spinning, and we can measure how fast the matter in them is moving (due to Doppler shift). By doing this, we see that they’re moving much faster than they would be if only the glowing matter we see were there. That is, if our theories of gravity are anything like correct, there must be a lot of matter there we can’t see.

This really isn’t all that surprising; the fundamental concept of dark matter is not all that mysterious. Most of the matter around you consists of dark matter: It does not emit its own light. (It may be warm now compared to interstellar space, but that’s only because it’s in equilibrium with its surroundings; if it were put in deep space it would rapidly cool far below direct detectability.) In some frequencies, even _you_ are dark matter.

Dark energy is a more recent discovery (and is named to be similar to dark matter even though it’s not necessarily a related phenomenon). Careful measurements of the rate of expansion of the Universe show that instead of the expansion slowing as you’d expect from gravity, it is in fact [?] accelerating. Thus there must be some force that is causing it to [accelerate]; this force is named dark energy. It acts like a cosmological constant […]. Dark energy is certainly weirder than dark matter, but here too it is not totally unprecedented […].

Dark matter and energy are really only the names we give to phenomenon that we can logically conclude must be taking place if our understanding of gravity and matter (and so on) are correct. So far they are extremely good theories, and so we are confident that ‘something’ is going on which we’re not seeing directly. This is perfectly valid science and happens all the time […].

What would happen to the calculations if the speed of light was variable over vast distances (which we are currently unable to measure)? If the force of gravity was variable on the large scale?

The speed of light somehow changing would result in all sorts of detectable effects which we don’t see — after all, this would affect spectra significantly. To explain away dark matter – and – energy, the force of gravity wouldn’t have to just change, it would have to reverse at large scales in bizarre ways that would probably be hard to make consistent. (You’d also probably have to explain why our current understanding of gravity coincidentally works so well despite being so wrong.)

“The people are to be taken in very small doses.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Einstein said a “fabric”. It has a pulling force, the acceleration of the fall is not felt.

Why is it that we can’t work against it. It is nothing. I have no clue. Einstein came up with all sorts of complex formulas. Okay, light was a key. It travels with c, and Einstein said nothing can travel faster than c so all things warp, and warping is what gravity is, warping around mass in the fabric of spacetime, and Einstein found relativity to apply. Time and space warps itself with gravity and redshift, blueshift and other properties [that] apply in gravitational wells, as gravity changes the wavelength of light. Meaning it is not nothing, but a gravitational well, where the energy is calculated by E=mc2, though light has no mass, but has energy, and the formula does not work.

He became famous.

[…] We still don’t know what dark matter is, if it is a particle or just a charge, if it has radioactivity as where there is no CMBR, there is no dark matter, see the great void. Or, it is pure static energy with radiation. How does it relate with gravity? It carries a signature of mass and JUST AS gravity, it bends light smoothly, and all scientists know is that if the region bends light, it signals the presence of mass.

Why is it that spiral galaxies have a lot of dark matter and elliptic near none. Only one answer. The disk, the speed of mass, or the capture of dark matter by spiral arms from outer space. Or: Collective motion, lienarization, flow of space altogether warps. Or: gravitational fields form as dynamic mass balance around spiral galaxies and these mass balances can shift faster than light and charge into electrons through magnetic fields that form electrons under high pressure.

A thing about spiral galaxies: they swirl, and swirling systems are runaway systems that build 10 fold the inertia, as swirling systems feed on their own dynamics. Dynamic energy arises from acceleration of a system and gravitational forces arise. Here gravity acts as wind, in a hurricane winds magnify. The galaxy has gravitational energies that magnify. This energy is not found in particular mass, it is a built-up collective energy existing everywhere.

Accelerate speed of an object, the gravitational energy rises. Not only the speed of light is warped according to Einstein, but speed of objects warp spacetime and with it mass. It seems the collective energies in a spiral galaxies as ours magnify mass as much as 9-10 fold. Gravitational energy arises, the galaxy is 9-10 fold more tight, without dark matter our spiral galaxy would fall apart.

Dynamics builds gravitational force-fields. Flows of spacetime with altering pressure-fields arising not from mass but from flow energy, dynamics apply. We may be able to reverse dynamic properties of spacetime in regards to flow energy and arrive to describing gravity around a statically gravitational object as Earth.

But stranger things are noticed when looking at scientific findings in astronomy. I came to the conclusion that dark matter may be moving faster than the speed of light, but I don’t know, all I figured is that electron jets arise from inside a black hole as the shape of magnetic fields surrounding jets were anything like the ones predicted by black hole theories. Why do electrons come from inside a black hole?

Because dark matter can go faster than the speed of light, but when dark matter collapses on itself gravitationally, mass energy forms mass particles, primarily as the process can be described as ‘pure energy’ forming from mass energy, which is electric energy and light, or heat, which in charged or magnetic conditions of dark matter energy builds a mass particle called an electron which in a black hole environment where dark matter is more compact than matter releases mass through charged particle formations, and the reason mass can escape dark matter is that dark matter is able to shift mass energy with faster than the speed of light, as here space time breaks down, and as that an action on one side of the black hole may have an instant reaction on the other side, and energy is ejected by force itself through magnetic, overcharged (high speed) space time and mass energy.

To arrive at gravity, one finds mass energy and spacetime, the instant shift quality of rest mass. Collective inertia is observed that collective inertia applies in space where mass energies unite, as seen in galactic disks and the arisal of dynamic gravitational forces or dark matter (based on simple fact that elliptic galaxies have little dark matter, thus dark matter is dynamic, not particle based, and gravity is indeed a force.)

As a force it means we can work against it. If we can work against it, it is not just a relativity property of warped spacetime as Einstein described.

How sure I am that gravity is a force? Pick a number. Looking at dark matter based on dynamic elements, and seeing that it is the same as gravity, both static mass directly relating to power (charges) and dynamic (carrying a force), it’s force relates to power (energy that can set things into motion). It is a dynamics (an power itself).

We know the basic characteristics of this power. As power it can build forces simply from motion, and gravitational power can build up, power from motion, from energy, through inertia, through momentum, through action, from dynamics, through potential, and then through charges. Potential energy is mass. But it is energy.

Gravity can wobble. The mass (weight) can disposition, gravity can weaken and strengthen in the process. Any collective accumulation in motion attributes to power, and power gives rise to dark matter energy. Power arises everywhere, an energy, and as that with mass (again, based on elliptic galaxies having no runaway effect and buildup of power, energy arising from potential, gravitational fields).

In galaxies, power builds up as force field, it only has inertia, momentum, force. In localized environments such as near Earth, mass energy of power has less force-driven characteristics.

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