S. R. I. A. (Rosicrucians) 
From Metaphysics, 2006

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The Societas Rosicruciana In America. This Society is the American organization formed by properly qualified initiates to propagate the Ancient Wisdom Teachings in the western world.

Society of Rosicrucians, Inc.

Tradition ascribes the origin of Rosicrucianism to [latter] Egypt, as an organization among the Egyptian priesthood and its Hierophants. Shortly after A.D., the Christian ministry found that the truths of the Ancient Wisdom Religion foreshadowed the New Dispensation, and the two blended in the thoughts of small groups, which became the resort of the more mystical members of the Christian clergy.

Thus the Fraternity as it came down to the Middle Ages, was an organization of clerical members, men given to spiritual meditation and ecstatic experiences. These men, true Initiates, devoted their lives to research in the arcana of nature, applying natural laws and their analogous spiritual laws to the problems of human life.

The sole object of our Society is the spiritual, moral and intellectual development of its [elected] members, and, indirectly, of [chosen] mankind. This is accomplished through teachings which correlate Religion, Science and Philosophy. It emphasizes the [Kemetic adage]: “Know Thyself.”

Recognizing the value that inheres in every form of religious expression, SRIA seeks, among other things, to show each member the true, inner meaning of whatever has been taught as religion.


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