Frater Achad Jones

Frater Achad
and the Little Grey Space Aliens

Excerpt from:
_Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts_
1994 by Allen H. Greenfield

“The secrets of the vampirism of the gray aliens (and how to
resist it) in their physical examinations — which are obviously
of a sexual nature — are concealed in the names of the
organizations inspired by Frater Achad’s work … These terms
are consistent with the inner secret teachings of the Great
White Brotherhood. […]”

Frater Achad, as much as Crowley and later Frater Lamed, is responsible for cracking the cipher [i.e. the “Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts” -B:.B:.]. His gnostic view of reality has been summarized by his followers thusly:

Achad’s Tree

“The Qabalists tell us that the Sephiroth were emanated by means of the Flaming Sword, or Lightning Flash, which descended from Kether to Malkuth. They also say that this was followed by the ASCENT of the SERPENT OF WISDOM who thus formed the PATHS. They showed his head at the top of the Tree, in the path leading from Kether to Chokma, which is the first path of the FLAMING SWORD. […]

-The Sword and the Serpent [Official QBLH text]

Charles Stansfeld Jones is an enigmatic historical figure for orthodox Thelemic Magicians. Proclaimed by Aleister Crowley to be his magical child, a ranking member of the A:.A:. and a National Grand Master of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), he is inherently a force to be dealt with seriously. Crowley tells us in his autobiography,

“What I had really done was therefore to beget a Magical Son [in a magical operation]. So, precisely nine months afterwards, that is, at the summer solstice of 1916, Frater O.I.V. (the name of C. Stansfeld Jones as a probationer) entirely without my knowledge became a Babe of the Abyss.”

Crowley goes on to cite a number of proofs, relying upon the expected child in The Book of the Law. “It is further predicted,” Crowley goes on,

“that his ‘Child’ shall discover the Key of the interpretation of the Book itself, and this I was unable to do … in actual fact he did so discover that Key.”

Of the Key in question there can be no doubt that it is the building block of all New Aeon Cabalistic interpretation. The present OTO Grand Master, Hymenaeus Beta, for example, acknowledges that,

“… his Liber XXXI held the key to The Book of the Law … While his Qabalistic teachings are sometimes ‘unorthodox’ … they are unfailingly self-consistent.”

Indeed, in recent years, there has been some effort by orthodox Thelemites to posthumously rehabilitate Achad whose decidedly unorthodox views led to a permanent break with Crowley in 1919 ev.

In 1948 e.v. Achad further alienated conservative Thelemites — and endeared himself to radicals — by proclaiming the Aeon of Ma, which superseded the Aeon of Horus proclaimed by Crowley in 1904. Achad’s proclamation, be it noted, was a quiet one, made to a few individual friends and initiates. Some of these quietly formed a Fellowship of Ma-Ion including high-level A:.A:. initiates following upon Achad’s work.

The Ma-Ion Fellowship should not be confused with the later would-be rehabilitators of Achad, notably Kenneth Grant, who have no direct connection with Achad and have been much noisier about the “Aeon of Maat.” Achad himself, in his private correspondence of the period, shows no dogmatism, and none of the emotional instability later attributed to him, in much the same way that Crowley’s critics tended to dismiss his last years as a vegetative period of feeblemindedness.

The Ma-Ion Fellowship continued a largely clandestine existence, gradually focusing upon the whole of Achad’s contribution to Thelema and his approach to the A:.A:. system, with much less emphasis upon the “Aeon of Maat” concept that he eventually questioned himself as perhaps premature. Achad claimed the 10 = 1 Grade in the A:.A:. in 1919, and is conceded by even the most conservative to have held 8 = 3 status. One student of Rosicrucian Occultism was Frater Robertus, a High Degree Freemason and Martinist who would eventually claim the 9 = 2 Grade, though, almost certainly, not until well after Achad’s death in 1950. Robertus and his associates, as if following upon Achad’s suggestions and warrants, organized an order structure in line with Achad’s Qabalistic attributions, under the initials Q:.A:.A:. (Quabalistic Alchemist Arcanum).

In 1960 the QAA organized as a Church, and shortly thereafter the A:.A:. style titles were dropped from public consideration along with the tell-tale “AA” in the initials “QAA” in favor of QBLH, the Qabalistic Alchemist Church. The QBLH continued, however, to teach something closely akin to Achad’s vision of the A:.A:. curriculum revised, based upon the New Aeon Qabalistic interpretation of The Book of the Law, and the restored Tree of Life following Achad’s point of departure from the arcane tradition.

What kind of ideas are we talking about? The following quotations are gleaned from Achad’s very late private writings. If they are hard for the more orthodox to take, consider the rank and relative position in the A:.A:. structure of Charles Stansfeld Jones, or Frater Achad.

“… in 1903 Aleister Crowley wrote his essay ‘Berashith’ in which he affirmed: I ASSERT THE ABSOLUTENESS OF THE QABALISTIC ZERO and concluded that all things happened by CHANCE…
“Against the assertion of the absoluteness of the Qabalistic Zero, and Crowley’s ‘chance’ we affirm THE INFINITE PLENUM OF ALL PERFECTION which fills the Qabalistic Void … there is the fact that I am just as much A.C.’s magical child, in fulfillment in a very real sense of Liber Legis, as ever I was. I can’t get away from that, any more than he could, whether either of us liked it or not. The proofs are overwhelming.

“… we are dealing with a full-size world-mystery and a real fight between the Black and White Brotherhoods.

“The Scientific Illuminism of the A:.A:. must continue. The System of initiation came to an end with the Aeon of Horus, but must be revised and continue according to New Aeon lines …

“I may well have been over optimistic in thinking that the Aeon of Truth and justice is very near at hand.”

-Frater Achad, various letters, 1948 e.v.

Using New Aeon English Qabala classic cipher (NAEQ6), we find an impressive “cipher trail” involving the work of Frater Achad. ALEISTER = 117 = FRATER ACHAD. ALEISTER CROWLEY = 194 = ONE TO FOLLOW THEE, which is generally held to refer to, and predict Frater Achad. When Crowley mentions that Stansfeld Jones had, without his knowledge, become a Babe of the Abyss (an A:.A:. title), there is a double meaning; BABE OF THE ABYSS = 190 = I STANSFELD JONES.

After Achad proclaimed the Aeon of MA, a semi-clandestine fellowship arose to continue the A:.A:. work as interpreted by Achad, under the name Fellowship of MA ION. Leadership of the alchemical aspect of this work fell to FRATER ROBERTUS = 214 = QUABALISTIC MA ION. Although Robertus was not directly a student of Achad’s, the cipher trail strongly suggests connections. The unusual spelling of “quabalistic” is integral to Robertus’ organization QAA. Frater Robertus is actually Robert DUNLAP. DUNLAP = 66 = MA ION.

The secrets of the vampirism of the gray aliens (and how to resist it) in their physical examinations — which are obviously of a sexual nature — are concealed in the names of the organizations inspired by Frater Achad’s work. QUABALISTIC ALCHEMIST ARCANUM = 345 = LESBIANS + LESBIANISM + SAPPHISM while FELLOWSHIP OF MA ION = 206 = THE SECRETIONS and also the alchemical cipher term VERY SHARP VINEGAR. The name FRATER ROBERTUS = 214 = SODOMY SECRETIONS. These terms are consistent with the inner secret teachings of the Great White Brotherhood. The terms also provide a clue, as noted, as to how to do battle with the UFOnauts. As others have remarked, UFOnauts frequently use bizarre forms of sexuality in their physical examinations or probes […], in order to obtain certain secretions of a physical, emotional and even spiritual nature.


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