Mazzaroth Signs

V02p244001The Mazzaroth (Zodiac)
By Rabbi Dr. Hillel ben David (Greg Killian)

The sign of Nisan is T’leh / Aries / Ram corresponding to Judah and the faculty of speech. This is the month the Jews overcame the Egyptian deity of the ram. Judah means “thanks”, related to speech and on Passover of this month the Pascal lamb was offered and we recite the haggada.

Iyar is Shor / Taurus / Bull corresponding to Issachar (Torah scholars) and the faculty of thought. In this month we must be as strong and stubborn as a bull in preparation to receive the Torah.

Sivan is Te’umim / Gemini / Twins corresponding to Zevulun (Torah supporters) and the faculty of motion. This is the month of Shavuot when we received the double tablets and should strengthen our efforts to support Torah.

Tamuz is Sartan / Cancer / Crab corresponding to Reuven (means “see”) and the faculty of sight. Just as the crab hides, so we should refrain from the distractions of this summer month and direct our sights toward spiritual pursuits.

Av is Ari / Leo / Lion corresponding to Shimon (means “hear”) and the faculty of hearing. In this month, the lion-like nations of Babylon and Rome destroyed the Temple and we must listen to the lesson and return to G-d.

Elul is Bethulah / Virgo / Virgin corresponding to Gad and the faculty of action. This is the month of repenting, to purify our thoughts and deeds in preparation of Rosh Hashana.

Tishri is Moznaim / Libra / Scales corresponding to Ephraim (fruitful) and the faculty of coition. In this month is Rosh Hashana on which we are judged, and hope to merit a productive new year.

Cheshvan is Akrav / Scorpio / Scorpion corresponding to Menashe and the faculty of smell. This month lacks a holiday and may be spiritually cold as venom, yet one must work hard to change the letters of Menashe to “neshama” – spirituality.

Kislev is Kashet / Sagittarius / Archer corresponding to Benjamin (warriors) and the faculty of sleep. Here we must direct and propel the inspiration from Chanukah through the rest of the winter to overcome spiritual slumber.

Tevet is Gedi / Capricorn / Kid corresponding to Dan (judge) and the faculty of anger. The siege against Jerusalem began in this month as a result of baseless hatred among Jews. Here we must be as steadfast as a goat to refrain from judging unfavorably which leads to anger and destruction.

Shevat is D’li / Aquarius / Water Drawer corresponding to Asher (wealth) and the faculty of taste. By this month most of the rain in Israel has fallen and we celebrate Tu b’Shevat by eating bountiful fruits.

Adar is Dagim / Pisces / Fish corresponding to Naftali and the faculty of laughter. Just as fish are covered by the sea, in this month we observe Purim which celebrates the hidden miracles of G-d which bring salvation and joy to the Jewish people.

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