Demon of Hearts

From Children of the Matrix
By David Icke

Food for the demons

One of the great difficulties that people have in grasping the enormity of what is happening is that they find it so hard to lift their imagination beyond the technology and range of possibility they see around them. It is the “that-is-not-possible-because-I-haven’t-seen-it mentality. Shape-shifting is one example, and I understand this from the conditioned version of reality.

Of course it sounds fantastic, but so many people have experienced this phenomenon all over the world over thousands of years to the present day that to dismiss it would be ludicrous. The idea of interdimensional travel is just some science fiction babble to most people and yet it is in understanding the interdimensional nature of Creation that so many of the answers lie. […]

Satanic and secret society rituals are designed to create the means through which these mostly lower fourth-dimensional entities can possess the body of the initiate and also manifest directly in “physical” form. During the sacrifices the physical reptilians and hybrids consume the organs of the physical body, especially the heart, and drink the blood of the victim.

At the same time, the lower fourth-dimensional “demons” or psychic vampires absorb the deeply negative energy generated by such horrors. The vibrational frequency of negative emotion, like fear and terror, resonates to the lower fourth-dimensional range or density and so those emotions generate energy for the fourth-dimensional reptilians and demonic entities. Energy = creative power, positive or negative.

They are feeding off our emotions and they manipulate events in the world and our lives to trigger the desired emotional responses. Ancient Chinese philosophers claimed that humans were “Moon food” because their energy was being drained and absorbed by an extraterrestrial force that needed the energy to replenish itself.

Researcher Alan Walton puts it like this:

“…the ‘serpent race’ will merely continue to do what it has always done with the ‘human cattle’ on this planet, which is to continue to feed on us like emotional. psychic and bioplasmic vampires and work to destroy our spiritual life and thus individuality until we are assimilated into their hive via psionic implants just as they have done with many other humans beyond this world, many within the underground military-industrial networks, and with many of the ‘abductees’ of recent years. And not only psychic assimilation, but also supernatural possession (by rep-oltergiest parasites) and also genetic assimilation as well…

“What if these ‘wer-dracs’, ‘repti-poltergiests’, ‘demon-aliens’, or whatever one might wish to call these serpentine sorcerers, had became adept over time at superficial molecular shape shifting as the indwelling ‘poltergiest’ or ‘astral parasite’ literally absorbed, consumed, devoured, or assimilated the reptilian ‘host’ from the inside out? What if in addition to this they were able to project some type of hypnotic or possibly laser-type holographic field around themselves so as to be able to intermingle with humans, undetected for what they really were?”2

This is precisely what they have done. There are so many [possessed people] in positions of political, financial, media, and military power. The reason the Illuminati are so obsessed with bloodline is that [they willingly seek to get] possessed by the lower fourth-dimensional entities because of the vibrational compatibility. It means that if you can put these bloodlines into positions of power, you are, in truth, putting these entities into power. This way they can control this physical world from their dimension while the human population think humans are governing them. […]

The John Carpenter movie, They Live, says it all, really. […]

The Illuminati, Satanism, and the serpent cult of the ancient texts are the same organization. The most important hierarchy within the Illuminati is not that of politics, banking, or whatever. Your position is decided by the “purity” of your bloodline and the level at which you operate within the global network we call Satanism.

In other words, the power of the “demons” that have taken possession of you during Satanic ritual. In this way, the other-dimensional hierarchy is reflected in the “human” hierarchy of the Illuminati. These demons fight among each other for power all the time and this is experienced within the Illuminati through their internal squabbles. The wars between these […] demonic entities for the right to be top dog, or demon, on Earth. This is also one origin of the ancient accounts of the great rivalry among the “gods”.

[…] I have met many former Satanists and the victims of Satanism and I will summarize the themes that have been repeated to me over and over around the world. The Satanic network is vast and if you have a fair circle of friends and acquaintances, you will know people who are Satanists. That’s how widespread it is. Satanists are also very organized and, of course, extremely ruthless. They have code names known only to other members and they have among their number all the people they need to operate in secret and cover up anything that may go wrong.

They are, therefore, very strong in the medical professions, police, the judiciary, coroners offices, politics, government administration, and so on. There is tremendous infighting within Satanism, as they battle for supremacy by seeking more and more powerful demonic entities. They hate each other as much as they hate humanity. In fact they just hate, period. Anyone weak is destroyed. Weakness is considered the ultimate “sin” in Satanism and so is defying the desires of the demons. The whole Satanic network is ruled by fear.

Cult members are disciplined by having to watch their children tortured, beaten to death, or brutally raped. Others are sacrificed. Satanists are deluded into thinking that they control the demons when actually the demons are just using them as pawns. Incredible atrocities are committed by Satanists so controlled by the demons within them that they lose all emotions of love and compassion. Phillip Eugene de Rothschild, who claims he is an offspring of a French Rothschilds, says he is a direct descendant of a very old culture, “as old as Mankind itself”.

This culture, he says, worships “Satan as God” and is steeped in deep violence. He explains how he was exposed to every abuse, trauma, and “demonisation” imaginable. “This culture is unbelievably and ingeniously evil”, he says. The trauma, both as a victim and perpetrator, was to sharpen his “dissociative potential” or Multiple Personality Disorder. He said that this dissociation was enforced by “victim and perpetrator, high-tech mind control programming in the US, often in government facilities and clinics, and […] in the UK”. […]

Human sacrifice is not confined to some barbaric period of ancient history. It is happening all around us and I don’t care where you may live. Many sacrifices are babies produced by women called “breeders”, who give birth in secret. Some are willing, but many are held captive. The babies are birthed by doctors and nurses who are part of the network. These children never appear on documentation and so they never officially exist and cannot officially go missing.

Other sacrifices are people the Satanists have kidnapped, a cult member being punished, and even volunteers from the cult. It is common for Satanists, especially the most powerful ones, to die in rituals designed to transfer their power and demons to another person. When they die, their consciousness becomes the property of the demons, as ritually agreed when they become Satanists.

The deal involves demonic power for the Satanists on Earth in return for their “soul” when they leave their body. This is where we get the term “selling your soul to the Devil”. On other occasions the “soul” of the sacrifice will be transferred to a participant of the ritual. At the point of death, as many former Satanists have told me, the victim is fixed in an hypnotic stare -just like a snake -by the person who is going to absorb their life force and energy.

This makes a vibrational, magnetic link, which draws the consciousness of the victim into the Satanist as it is released by death from the body. These grotesque rituals are taking place all the time and there are hundreds of thousands, at least, worldwide on the main ritual days of the year. The dead bodies, or what is left of them, are disposed of via cult members who work in crematoria or are buried in secret mass graves. […]

Blood, the physical expression of the life force, is a key aspect of the rituals. Anyone who drinks blood and eats flesh absorbs the energy of that person and, in the case of drinking the blood of someone still alive, it makes a vibrational connection between the two people, which allows for psychic manipulation.

[Demons] also feed off adrenaline that enters the bloodstream at times of extreme terror. The ritual is performed to increase this terror to its maximum at the time of death. This way the blood they drink is full of this desired adrenaline. The consuming of the heart is also at the centre of these sacrifice rituals and they have been performed in the same way for thousands of years […] under the control of the other-dimensional entities and serpent “gods”.

This ritual of cutting out and eating the human heart goes back as long as the bloodlines and can be found all over the world. The heart represents the very essence of who we are.




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