Starring Serpents

Figurine of goddess Ninkharsag from Sumeria (Ubaid Mesapotamia 5000.BC)The Shining Ones, global phenomena
From Freedomtek

The thing that has to be pointed out is that deep investigation of different ancient civilizations and cultures has proven that the Shining Ones are global phenomena. It is also understood that this term or “code name” was given to some intelligent creatures that were present all over the world and came to surface in different period of history. And really, repetition of these names is astonishing when we see them for the first time. They appear in all cultures although this was sometimes hidden because of wrong translation or because of some other hidden agenda.

Anannage or Anunnaki gods of Sumeria and Babylon, Shemsu Hor or Akhu from Egypt, Devas from Hindu mythology, American and European mythical Gods, at first glance are different. But if we translate all these names they all mean one thing only, and that is The Shining One or some other form of this word. E.g. mages from Bible are from land of sunrise, east; they are shamans, magi – The Shining Ones. Gods of Jews, Elohims are also Shining Ones etc.

There is understanding in all religions, coming from priests, pastors, rabies and witches, that Shining Ones existed all the time. Followers of all religions knew of them, even though the Shining Ones acted secluded.

Here we will not discuss of their intentions or the fact if they were working for good or bad on the planet. What is important is that the nature of the knowledge that they possessed and used differentiated them from any other mortals.

The Serpent people

These people were seen as Gods and it is certain that, because of outspread of snakes or snake symbolism all over the world, they were adepts also known by the name of “serpents” or “serpent people”. Today we know about different “serpents” or “serpent cults” which are spread in the cultures all over the world, had its origin in the knowledge and wisdom of the Shining ones.

“Serpent people” were called like this because of their usage of snakes for healing and reaching for higher state of consciousness. This is because the serpentine shape of the snake could be used as universal symbol which described hidden processes linked with the body (microcosmos) and Universe (macrocosmos).

Serpents in MexicoScientists that were studying shamans in the Amazon noticed that these shamans in the moments of the trance often saw “shining, big snakes” which talked with them. If they asked them, these snakes would give them deep knowledge. Many think that these big snakes were shamans own strands of DNA – which are of course serpentine in shape and form double helixes which mimic two snakes just like on the Caduceus. In reality they saw that the shaman, in this altered state of consciousness, was capable to compress his point of focus all trough molecular level and beyond.

Other scientists that were exploring wide distribution of serpent mythology found that they were called differently in different parts of the world. We can name only few of them, like “Nagas” (“Snakes”) in India, Quetzalcoatl (“plumed serpents”) in Mexico, Djedhi (“Snakes”) in Egypt, Adders (“Snakes”) in Britain and Lung (“Dragons”) in China. They all were known under one name, “Serpents of Wisdom” and they were connected through network of spiritual adepts all over the land. These adepts were known under the name of Solar or Great White Brotherhood.

They go even further, and say that this race of man first appeared in “polar land” that is on the two major continents which existed in Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific (today known as Atlantis and Lemuria). Atlantis was, they say, mostly materialistic culture, while Lemuria was spiritualistic. They were example of duality which naturally exists in human consciousness and creations. Looking on the world today, this can explain why Western world is so materialistic, while Eastern is mainly spiritual. It is again said that from these two continents “Serpent people” sowed ancient knowledge which will help the race of men in its search for spiritual enlightenment.

When their continents were ruined and started to sink at the bottom of the sea, Serpents of Wisdom grouped their ancient knowledge and migrated into different parts of globe. They were greeted there from indigenous people as “Serpent” prophets. Under their leadership many of “Dragon cultures” arouse. These cultures built gigantic pyramids, serpent motives and they were governed by Dragon Kings. These cultures of Dragons continued to exist for many thousands of years.

Starting from two thousand years ago, Serpents of Wisdom and their Dragon Cultures founded enemies in the form of Christian Churches. Leaders of new Christian religion condemned old serpent wisdom as heretical and started the initiative to run it over completely. However, even before this very successful campaign, most of “Serpent people” kept low profile in order to keep ancient knowledge. […]

Here we will not discuss of their intentions or the fact if they were working for good or bad on the planet. What is important is that the nature of the knowledge that they possessed and used differentiated them from any other mortals. Traces of the facts that they were considered as different and regarded as Gods, lies in accounts of paranormal activities in which they were involved in.

There is a part of our consciousness, called subconsciousness, which is responsible for autonomic processes which are happening inside of us all of the time. Most of us are unaware of these processes, but these people became aware of them and in that way they became aware of the part of our psyche that runs our complete system. Based on experiences of enlightenment through all of the history, the basic fact is that all of us can achieve this. Maybe during some time, like during the time of “Golden Ages”, which is constantly repeated in myths and legends, many people experienced this and people’s consciousness was more in balance.

In any case, it is good to know that some of the people during the time realized what this experience is and then throughout the period of more than hundred years, they formed an alliance and developed their own meaning of this experience which gave them influence and power.


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