NTR Seker

Alternate Names/Spellings: Sacharis, Seger, Seker, Sokare, Sokaris

Seker is a falcon god of the Memphite necropolis. Seker is a god of Absolute Death, Darkness, and Plants. In art, Seker usually appears as a mummified, hawk-headed man holding a scepter, crook, and flail. He may also appear as a man holding a knife in each hand.

Although the meaning of the name was unclear, it derived from the word “skr” which means “cleaning the mouth”, the act of separating the Ba (the soul) from the Ka (the body) mentioned in the Coffin Texts. This was said to be enabled by the funerary ceremony after death.Another theory suggest that the name comes from one of the Pyramid Texts phrase “Sy-k-ri” or “hurry to me”, which was the cry for help uttered by Osiris to Isis, in the underworld. It was also suggested that it means, “the adorned one”. Seker was given many titles such as “he of Rosetau”, “lord of the mysterious region” and “great god with his two wings opened”.

Seker was usually depicted as a mummified man with the head of hawk or falcon, wearing white crown and held a scepter and whip. Sometimes he is shown as mound from which the head of a hawk appears. Here he is called ‘he who is on his sand’. Sometimes he is shown on his hennu barque which was an elaborate sledge for negotiating the sandy necropolis. One of his titles was ‘He of Restau’ which means the place of ‘openings’ or tomb entrances. Very often his statute can be seen on royal tomb walls.

Seker was the important funerary god throughout the Egyptian history and worshipped throughout Upper Egypt. His cult centers were built at Memphis and Thebes. There was a Henu Festival held every year in Thebes to celebrated Osiris’ resurrection as Seker. Huge processions with the image of Sokar were carried in a gilded boat, during this festival.

In the New Kingdom Book of the Underworld, the Amduat, he is shown standing on the back of a serpent between two spread wings; as an expression of freedom this suggests a connection with resurrection or perhaps a satisfactory transit of the underworld. Despite this the region of the underworld associated with Seker was seen as difficult, sandy terrain called the Imhet (meaning ‘filled up’).

Seker is strongly linked with two other gods, Ptah the Creator god and chief god of Memphis and Osiris the god of the dead. In later periods this connection was expressed as the triple god Ptah-Seker-Osiris. In this form he represents as a creation, stability, and death, which were the three aspects of the universe. (In this way he becomes the god who gives new bodies to souls newly come to the land of death.)

– http://egyptian-gods.org/egyptian-gods-seker/

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