Sun Dance Day

ws_Sunset_reflectionThe “Son” of God is the “Sun” of God
By Temu, 2004

The reason why all these narratives are so similar, with a godman who is crucified and resurrected, who does miracles and has 12 disciples, is that these stories were based on the movements of the Sun through the heavens, an astrotheological development that can be found throughout the planet because the sun and the 12 zodiac signs can be observed around the globe. In other words, Jesus Christ and all the others upon whom this character is predicated are personifications of the Sun, and the Gospel fable is merely a rehash of a mythological formula (the “Mythos”) revolving around the movements of the Sun through the heavens.

For instance, many of the world’s crucified godmen have their traditional birthday on December 25th (“Christmas”). This is because the ancients recognized that (from an earthcentric perspective) the Sun makes an annual descent southward until December 21st or 22nd, the winter solstice, when it stops moving southerly for three days and then starts to move northward again. During this time, the ancients declared that “God’s Sun” had “died” for three days and was “born again” on December 25th. The ancients realized quite abundantly that they needed the Sun to return every day and that they would be in big trouble if the Sun continued to move southward and did not stop and reverse its direction. Thus, these many different cultures celebrated the “Sun of God’s” birthday on December 25th. The following are the characteristics of the “Sun of God”:

– The Sun “dies” for three days on December 22nd, the winter solstice, when it stops in its movement south, to be born again or resurrected on December 25th, when it resumes its movement north.
– The Sun is the “Light of the World.”
– The Sun “cometh on clouds, and every eye shall see him.”
– The Sun rising in the morning is the “Savior of mankind.”
– The Sun wears a corona, “crown of thorns” or halo.
– The Sun “walks on water.”
– The Sun ‘s “followers,” “helpers” or “disciples” are the 12 months and the 12 signs of the zodiac or constellations, through which the Sun must pass.
– The Sun at 12 noon is in the house or temple of the “Most High”; thus, “he” begins “his Father’s work” at “age” 12.
– The Sun enters into each sign of the zodiac at 30°; hence, the “Sun of God” begins his ministry at “age” 30.
– The Sun is hung on a cross or “crucified,” which represents its passing through the equinoxes, the vernal equinox being Easter, at which time it is then resurrected.

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One thought on “Sun Dance Day

  1. atdreamstate December 22, 2014 at 10:40 am Reply

    The constellation Virgo part is off. Son born of Virgo is Aries (counting 9 months), and Leo as the next sign when looking at the clockwise progression of the aeons. Winter solstice is not the first birth, ‘only’ resurrection.

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