Zodiac Testament

The Bible and The Zodiac
By TJ Obsidian, 2013

Always ask questions, there isn’t some towering bearded god that is going to smack you over the head, or blast you with a lightening bolt for really looking into something; and don’t let up until you’ve found an answer. After all, this is about the Truth right ?

Ask yourself, why would there be something in the Bible that is printed in it that I’m not supposed to know or understand? For instance, when we look at the book of Job (commonly believed to be the oldest book in the bible) [38:32] , we read the words God spoke to Job saying, “Canst thou bring forth mazzaroth in his season or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons.” (Notice suns is stated as sons.)

So what does mazzaroth mean? Mazzaroth is derived from the word “engird,” which means signs of the zodiac or circle of animals. This all points to the constellations of stars in the heavens that are grouped and depict certain figures like animals in space. In 2 kings 23:3-5, the another word that is synonymous with mazzaroth is used, and that word is “mazalot.” In my research, I’ve found that the ENTIRE BIBLE is an astrological book about the changing of the ages and the journey of the sun through the constellations.

The zodiac has been a fundamental staple of all ancient people whether Asian, Indian, Judea, Central American etc. There is some type of astrological system that each culture has had from ancient times, and it is no longer a secret. The zodiac has served as a sign of the times consisting of 12 major constellations. The 12 signs are important because its all about you and your personal psychology and inner nature! There are 12 systems in your body, and these 12 constellations correspond to them; and so this is where the Vedic concept of “as above so below” comes to the light here.

We all have these 12 zodiacal energies in our bodies, […] but the key is balancing all systems and energies of yourself and come to the center point, as Jesus was in the center of his 12 disciples. The astrological symbol for the Son, the Sun, is a circle with a dot in the center; and this shows the concept of being the christ within the center of the 12 disciples or disciplines.

The word horoscope, tips its hat to ancient egypt from the first part of the word, “horus,” which is none other than the Sun god of ancient egypt or kemet. The first part of astrology we have “ast” which is the ancient egyptian goddess Ast, also called Aset, Ishtar, and Astarte, but most know of this goddess by the name ISIS who is the wife of the god Osiris. The name Astarte is important because that is where the word “star” is extracted from. (Just a fun fact, on your keyboard the star symbol (*) “aster-isk .”) The last part of astrology is “logy,” which means the “study or knowledge of.”

Jacob has 12 sons which are the 12 tribes of Israel. The name Jacob means heel catcher, which forms a human circle; and having 12 sons he has twelve divisions ,hence the zodiacal wheel. Gathering much information from various cultures, it has been discovered that each sign of the zodiac has a corresponding body part, Israelite tribe, element, sacred geometric shape, mantra and psychological representation. These are as follows :

Aries – the ram; ruled by Mars; represent by the head and cerebrum in the upper brain (also Sara and Abram – ‘sarabram also called Sarasvati and Brahma) corresponds to the tribe of Gad, the element is fire, represents Superconsciousness; sacred geometric shape is the Tetrahedron. The energy of Aries is masculine. The mantra for Aries is “I AM.”

Taurus – the bull, aka the Golden Calf; ruled by Venus; corresponds to the cerebellum  and the lower brain (the subconscious and the ego ); corresponds to the tribe of Issachar, representing the element earth sacred geometric shape is the cube, i.e. “the box” as in think outside the box of the lower mind ; The energy of Taurus is feminine. The mantra for Taurus is “I HAVE.”

GEMINI- the twins (Castor and Pollux );  ruled by Mercury ; represents the bronchial area of the body as well as the two arms extended; represents the tribe of simeon and levi; element is air ; sacred geometric shape is the octahedron ; The energy of Gemini is masculine. The mantra for Gemini is “I THINK.”

Cancer – the crab; ruled by the Moon; represents the emotions and our emotional body; represented by the tribe of Benjamin; corresponds to the breast (motherly and feminine) and sternum of the body; element is water sacred geometric shape is the icosahedron ; The energy of Cancer is feminine. The mantra of Cancer is “I FEEL.”

LEO – the lion; ruled by The Sun; represents the tribe of Judah; physical representation is the heart (hense “lion-heart”); elements is fire; sacred geometric shape is the tetrahedron; The energy of Leo is masculine. The mantra of Leo is “I WILL.”

VIRGO – the virgin;  also ruled by Mercury along with Gemini; represented by Dinah, the one daughter of Jacob/ Israel; physical representation is the stomach; element is earth ; sacred geometric shape is the cube; The energy of Virgo is feminine. The mantra of Virgo is “I ANALYZE.”

LIBRA – the scale; also ruled by Venus along with Taurus; represented by the tribe of Asher; physical area is the kidneys; element is air; sacred geometric shape is the octahedron; The energy of Libra is masculine. The mantra of Libra is “I BALANCE.”

Scorpio – the scorpion ( also the eagle as the constellation looks like either); ruled by both Pluto and Mars; Represented by the tribe of Dan ; physical area is the generative organs; element is water; Sacred geometric shape is the icosahedron; The energy of Scorpio is feminine. The mantra for Scorpio is “I [PROTECT].”

Sagittarius – the archer; ruled by Jupiter; Represented by the tribe of Joseph , Genesis 49:24 his bow abode with strength. Physical area is the hips and thighs ; Element is fire; sacred geometric shape is the tetrahedron; The energy of Sagittarius is masculine. The mantra of Sagittarius is “I AIM.”

Capricorn – the goat; ruled by Saturn;  represented by the tribe of Naphtali; physical area is the knees; element is earth; sacred geometric shape is the cube; The energy of Capricorn is feminine. The mantra for Capricorn is “I USE.”

Aquarius – the water bearer ( also John the Baptist); ruled by Uranus; Represented by the tribe of Reuben. Physical area is the shin bone ; element is air ; sacred geometric shape is the octahedron ; The energy of Aquarius is masculine. The mantra of Aquarius is “I KNOW.”

Pisces – the two fish, (represents Jesus Christ ); also ruled by Jupiter along with Sagittarius; represented by the tribe of Zebulon ; physical area is the feet; element is water ; sacred geometric shape is the icosahedron ; The energy of Pisces is feminine. The mantra of Pisces is “I BELIEVE.”

The good news is that we were stuck in the lowest stage, the Piscean Age, for over 2000 years; but now we have take a step up from the feet of consciousness in our solar journey, and now into the “Age of Aquarius,” the age of Knowing rather than Believing.

Source: http://spiritualuturn.com/entries/general/the-bible-and-the-zodiac


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