Deep Dark of Scorpio

Girtablilu_Aqrabuamelu_Scorpion-FemaleScorpio, 8th House and Pluto –Black Magic, Family Curses and Bad-Luck
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A little bit of black magic is mixed in with the astrological meanings behind Scorpio, the 8th house and Pluto. Themes involved usually entail something of a walk through the fires of hell, and some kind of opportunity for a magical transformation and possibility of being reborn again in the metaphorical sense. Pluto people are like black magicians and very hypnotic. Hefty descriptions, metaphors and symbols allocated to Plutonian astrology patterns in the natal chart give these people the most powerful potentials available to them. Many Pluto people need some kind of creative activity to express and give form to their DARKEST, deepest thoughts and feelings.

A lot of psychic and controlling tendencies are associated with Scorpio, the 8th house and Pluto: The dark arts, hypnotic control, psychic attack, voodoo and black magic. Astrologers associate Sagittarius and Jupiter with the aspect of good fortune, benefits and luck in life. Scorpio (preceding sign) is linked to trauma, death, crisis and plain old bad-luck. How much of a person’s destiny that can be changed is perhaps in our own control and within our own hands, and it also helps to gain a psychological awareness of difficult patterns running through the birth chart.

Transforming Relationships

Plutonians instinctively know how to work their sexy black-magic over others, and the pull is irresistible. Others fall under Hades hypnotic spell, penetrating force and physical magnetism. But do Scorpio’s really possess a kind of magic, and a peculiar form of black magic that they weave so well? For all of Scorpio’s allure, appeal and intrigue if you cross one you could unleash a force of ill-will feelings. Many ex-Scorpion lovers will either not bother with the person at all, seek revenge or pretend they are dead. Scorpio will probably strike you down dead with one icy-cold look and grizzly plotting of some kind of ghastly revenge in their imagination or play it out for real. Scorpio types almost dare a person to cross them, sending out a voodoo psychic warnings that one will certainly pay the price for it.

According to psychological astrology the 8th house and Pluto are significators of “The Family Curse”. How do we explain why some people have a run of bad-luck that afflict the whole family. The kind of “fate” that involves painful separations, death, and the destruction of everything that is valued in their life. It is believed that multiple divorces are thought to be a generational curse on a family. Elizabeth Taylor, (married 8 times) has an 8th house Pluto (destiny) square a Venus-Uranus conjunction (Venus rules relationships). If we look back on her dramatic and colourful life experiences some of the terrible things she has experienced involve sudden separations, domestic abuse, miscarriage, compulsive relationships, and the death of a partner.

The curse of the Kennedy family brought about much speculation on the nature of a family’s biological inclination towards trouble by drawing all kinds of catastrophes in their lives. Pluto’s work with an individual may involve the ending of a negative cycle, burning up past residue and healing some kind of family trauma. The negative cycle of abuse, violence, substance or alcohol misuse is often passed down through family members like an unwelcome smell. The family curse is described as a bondage passed down from one generation to the next.

Astrologer Linda Goodman called Scorpio – victims of their own black magic: Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs:

With them supreme self-sacrifice becomes neurotic concerns about the self, and psychic abilities become fearful apprehensions of the lurking evils which may strike you at any moment.

The rituals of black magic reflected the individuals desire to control universal forces larger than himself. By learning and uniting the specific methods, techniques and rituals of black magic, this individual effected a transformation of his egocentric desire:
Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1 (Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library)

It is believed that black magic is a form of psychic control, but it all depends how we define black magic. James Van Praagh with his stellium of planets in the 8th house and his renowned psychic communication with the dead, could be described as practicing a form of black magic and might even be accused of possessing some kind of occult power. In older days people feared such magic and anyone accused of being a witch were burned alive. I recently watched a film about psychics and many of those people felt their gift was a curse on their lives. The power has usually been inherited from their grandmother or some other relative from the distant past, but many have felt that having such amazing insight into the other side of life was a curse and not a blessing.

If the forces of Scorpio are frustrated, the way to success is barred, there is usually a recourse to cunning, duplicity, secretiveness and treachery, if for no other reason than that the expression of influence and the attainment of ones rights is an absolute necessity, without which there is always, as is obvious the tendency toward envy, malice, revenge, which have been such active motives in past times, when so many people suffered abominably from misuse of power.

Black magic or witchcraft belongs here, while I do not mean to go into the question as to how much truth there may be in the possibility of hurting or destroying others by such sinister means, except to remark that we know little about the “project magnetism” or individuals, it is true that witchcraft was assigned as the cause of many misfortunes whose origins was totally misunderstood. That people do sometimes affect one another to an extraordinary degree is indisputable, as in the case of love or hatred.


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3 thoughts on “Deep Dark of Scorpio

  1. m. July 23, 2015 at 8:21 am Reply

    elizabeth Taylor has 7th house pluto, here on astrotheme:
    it’s 20 degrees in the 7th house, and they have her birthdate, so it’s true. Why do you assume it’s 8th?

  2. Staz Morrigu February 4, 2017 at 8:41 am Reply

    The author is using the Koch house system. Astrotheme uses Placidus, on the cusp of the 8th house with a 1 degree orb, which – according to some – means it’s interpreted in the next house. Porphyry puts it in the 7th house. Equal and Whole Signs, in the 8th. What the author doesn’t mention is that Taylor had a Scorpio moon opposite Chiron. Probably because, with the Koch system, it’s in the 11th house – but either interpretation could explain her serial marriages.

  3. Staz Morrigu February 4, 2017 at 8:42 am Reply

    Pardon. Taylor had a 12th house Scorpio moon, opposite Chiron.

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