The Seven Seals

The Seven Churches of the Revelation
As the Seven Spiritual Centers in the Body
by John Van Auken

Let’s go through the opening of the seals and the soundings of the trumpets for each center. Though these are done separately in the Revelation, we will do them together here for the sake of clarity and focus.



The White Horse – Conquering – 1/3 of the Earth Burns Up

The higher self, in the form and spirit of the Lamb of God, and in coordination with God’s will, opens the seals of the body.

When the first seal is opened, out comes the first of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. The first horseman is riding a white horse, wearing a crown, and carrying a bow. His mission is to conquer the negative influences and win this center for the spiritual self. These are the outer things that are related to this center: (1) the color red, (2) the note do, (3) the word bread in the Lord’s prayer, (4) the planet Saturn, (5) the element earth and of course, (6) the church of Ephesus, (7) the gonads (ovaries or testes), and (8) the beast “like a calf.” In Cayce’s cosmology, the influence of Saturn is to recast all “insufficient matter” or “spiritualize” the flesh. Here we see the white horse rider conquering flesh for the Spirit.

When the first trumpet sounds, hail and fire, mixed with blood, are thrown down upon the earthly influences. Cayce says that hail is symbolic of “crystallizing” or uniting ideals under the spiritual influence, fire is purifying earthly influences, and the blood of the Lamb of God symbolizes our being cleansed from all sin (a clear reference to 1 John 1:7, “If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.”). Here is an example of Cayce’s view on the metaphysical and, for that matter, the physical power of the blood:

(Q) Please give advice which will aid me, physically, mentally and spiritually, in fulfilling my destiny in life of aiding my fellow man.

(A) Manifesting in self that which is meted to the body, mentally, physically, spiritually, that is necessary to bring those influences within self, those conditions mentally and physically within self, as to cleanse or to make more in accord with that which is the birthright of every physical being – to be perfect within itself, through the blood as cleanseth from unrighteous-ness in material, in the mental, and in the spiritual plane. Hence, as there is created that consciousness within self of being whole, or one with that Creative Energy as manifested by Him, through those channels that have been set as the ways, the manners for perfecting of such a consciousness within self, then may the body be that channel to be the greater blessings to those about the body. But use that thou hast in hand day by day! For, that which is used gives the ability, the understanding, to apply that which may be needed from day to day.

The first sounding also burns up a third of the trees and grasses of the earth, again symbolic of removing earthly influences.


The Red Horse – War – 1/3 of the Sea Becomes Blood

When the second seal is opened, out comes a horseman wielding a great sword and riding a red horse. His mission is to take peace away from the earth and make men slay one another. The spirit cannot allow us to be terrestrial, earthly beings forever. We must be forced to seek the Spirit, even if it means war. We were, are, and will be again celestial, heavenly beings made in the image of our infinite, universal Creator. We cannot be allowed to remain terrestrial, physical beings.

These are the outer things that are related to this center: (1) the color orange, (2) the note re, (3) the word temptation in the Lord’s prayer, (4) the planet Neptune, (5) the element water, and of course, (6) the church of Smyrna, (7) the cells of Leydig, and (8) the beast like a man. In Cayce’s cosmology the influence of Neptune is to accentuate the mystical-spiritual forces in our lives.

When the second trumpet is sounded, a great mountain, burning with fire, is thrown into the sea, causing a third of the sea to become blood (the cleansing concept again). A third of the sea creatures die, and a third of the ships are destroyed, again symbolic of reducing the earthly, bodily influences to allow for more spiritual influences. Water and the sea symbolize emotions and urges that lie below the surface of consciousness but have tremendous influence over our actions, thoughts, and desires. These must be and are destroyed. The mountain is “the mount,” the sixth chakra that has direct connection to this second chakra. It sends its message crashing into the emotions and subliminal urges of this center to subdue its lower influences and allow for more of its higher purposes to awaken.


The Black Horse – Famine – A Great Star Falls From Heaven

When the third seal is opened, out comes a horseman with a pair of scales in his hand, riding a black horse. His mission is to measure out limited portions to the earth, allowing more room for spiritual influences. But he is instructed not to harm the oil and the wine, symbolic of those things that are only gained through experiences that squeeze the deeper essences out of life and grow wiser with age.

These are the outer things that are related to this center: (1) the color yellow, (2) the note mi, (3) the word debts or trespasses in the Lord’s prayer, (4) the planet Mars, (5) the element fire, and of course, (6) the church of Pergamos, (7) the adrenals and solar plexus, and (8) the beast like a lion. In Cayce’s cosmology, the influence of Mars is to accentuate temper, madness, and contention, also associated with the adrenaline that flows into the bloodstream from this center (correlated with the adrenal glands).

When the trumpet sounding occurs for this center, a great star from heaven falls to the earth, which Cayce says is heavenly influences (the star) coming into the body (the earth). A third of the waters of the earth become bitter, and many men die from drinking it. Again, this is a symbolic way of saying that the earthly influences are becoming less desirable, less tasty, causing earthly influences to be subdued and heavenly ones to be magnified. Waters again symbolize emotions and unseen influences that are below the surface of consciousness. All must be subdued in order for the spiritualization to take hold and grow.


The Pale Horse – Death & Hades – The Heavens are Darkened

When the fourth seal is opened, out comes a horseman named “Death,” and “Hades” is following him. Death rides a pale or ashen horse. His mission is to kill a fourth of the earth with sword, famine, pestilence, and wild beasts, making more room for spiritual influences.

These are the outer things that are related to this center: (1) the color green, (2) the note fa, (3) the word evil in the Lord’s prayer, (4) the planet Venus, (5) the element air, and of course, (6) the church of Thyatira, (7) the thymus, and (8) the beast like an eagle. In Cayce’s cosmology, the influence of Venus leads one to be loving, considerate, even-tempered and interested in art, music, and beauty, all benevolent features of the heart chakra.

When the fourth trumpet is sounded, a third of the sun, moon, and stars are smitten so that their light will be darkened. As mentioned earlier, Cayce says that this is to make room for the light of the Son, awakening the body to the true, eternal, inner light that God will bring with Him.

The Son symbolizes our heritage with our Creator. As Psalm 82 teaches, “You are gods, sons and daughters of the Most High, all of you; nevertheless, you shall die like men and women, and fall like any prince or princess.” Our human self must die to its interests and desires in order for the godly self to arise from its slumber and regain its place by the side of our Creator, the Most High.

After this sounding an eagle is seen flying in midheaven, saying, “Woe, woe, woe, to those who dwell on the earth, because of the remaining blasts of the trumpet of the three angels who are about to sound!” Cayce identified these four lower centers with the earthly portion of our nature, and the next three higher centers with the heavenly portion. Therefore, it is not surprising that “those who dwell on the earth” are going to have great woe when the heavenly influence comes into full glory throughout the body. The body will lose much of its earthly urges and desires, leaving those who have feasted on these and developed appetites for them to suffer the next three woes.


The Martyrs – White Robes – The Bottomless Pit

When the fifth seal is opened, the souls of the martyrs come out from underneath the altar in heaven. They had been slain for their testimony to the word of God. They now want to know how much longer God is going to tolerate the negative influences in the earth. They are given white robes and told to rest a little while longer. Soon the process of enlightenment will be completed.

These are the outer things that are related to this center: (1) the color gray or blue, (2) the note so, (3) the word will in the Lord’s prayer, (4) the planet Uranus, (5) the element ether, and of course, (6) the church of Sardis, and (7) the thyroid. There is no beast because we have moved beyond the earthly centers (the four lower ones). In Cayce’s cosmology, the influence of Uranus brings forth the extremes in temperament, in enthusiasm, in zeal, likes and dislikes, and an interest in the unusual and the occult. This center is also correlated with the harbinger or herald, and therefore with John the Baptist, who baptizes with cleansing water and calls for repentance, and prepares the way for the coming of the One who baptizes with fire and resurrection. Each are aspects within our own hearts and minds.

When the fifth trumpet is sounded, the star that had fallen from heaven and the key to the bottomless pit are given to the fifth angel, or heavenly influence, which we have identified earlier with God’s will rather than our will. The angel opens the bottomless pit, which Cayce says is symbolic of all those things within us that are “the most uncomely,” that are far from the presence of God. These must have the light shined upon them and be destroyed by the angel of the abyss: Abaddon in Hebrew, and Apollyon in Greek, meaning respectively “destruction” and “destroyer.” These influences within us that are incompatible with God’s presence and all-knowing mind are “lost in the beauty of the Son,” Cayce says, and our human self arises to “the glory of the star as in the Son ­ not sun, but Son.” (Here again we must keep in mind that “Son” refers to our heritage as sons and daughters of the Creator and the resurrection of that truth within our hearts, minds, and actions.) Though this woe causes many to seek death, the transformation of these hidden evils leaves us with lighter hearts, purer minds, and we are thus more compatible with the coming Spirit, which is All-Knowing and Omnipresent, from whom nothing can be hidden. The dark pit of our heart and mind must be opened and cleared of all its darkness in order for the All-Knowing to fully come in our consciousness.


Earthquake – Wrath of the Lamb – Four Angels and Their Army

Now that the pit has been opened and cleared, a great earthquake occurs within us, the sun is completely blackened, the moon is turned to blood, the stars fall from heaven like a fig tree shaken by a great wind, the sky is split apart like a scroll, and the rulers of the earth search for places to hide from the rising presence of the Lamb and its wrath toward those things that are incompatible to God’s complete presence. The Bible is filled with prophecies of this type, spoken of as “The great and terrible day of the coming of the Lord,” and this phrase is usually followed by the question, “Who can stand against Him?” Here these words come to life in the final line of chapter six of the Revelation. The body is falling away from its earthly appetites; the rising spiritual vibrations are opening the hardened flesh body like a great earthquake, and the stars of heaven’s energy are coming down upon the enlivened, sanctified vessel that the body and mind have become.

When the sixth trumpet is sounded, heaven releases four angels who have been prepared for this very “hour and day and month and year” to further cleanse a third of the earth. Then, out of heaven descends the higher self, clothed in a cloud, with a rainbow around his head, a face like the sun, feet like fire, and in his hand is the little opened book with all seven of its seals opened, representing the newly opened body with its seven spiritual centers. The descending Spirit places his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land, representing his power over the body’s emotions and flesh. He cries out, and seven peals of thunder rumble throughout the sanctified body, which has now become the temple of the living god, made in the image of the Most High God. John is not allowed to tell us what the seven peals of thunder uttered throughout his body; each of us will have to experience that for ourselves. Our godly self declares that there will be no further delay. When the seventh angel sounds his trumpet, then the mystery of God is finished. Then this godly portion of John’s being hands him the little book and tells him to eat it. John reports to us that it was sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the belly, and Cayce explains that this indicates that spiritual truth is beautiful to look at and sweet in the tasting, but at times is bitter in the applying and living of it in daily life. Here are Cayce’s further comments on this important phase of the Revelation process:

How did the Son in the earth become as an intermediator between sinful man and an All-Wise, All-Merciful God? By going through or experiencing, or in giving to, through the very sufferings in the body, the right, the purpose, the aim to be in that position!

Now, man having attained same by this study must prophesy – apply – prophesy IS apply – before many in many experiences, in many ways, in many environs, in many lands. All of these are a part and parcel of same. How did He put it as He gave, “I will bring to your remembrance ALL things, from the foundations of the world.”

Then as it has been experienced by those who have taken hold of, who have combined the book (that is the book of Life), into the experience, it becomes within its body then a part and parcel of – and is to be expended in its relationships to the environs in that of prophecy, yes; in experiences before kings, yes; yea as beggars; yea as rulers; yea as those in authority; yea as those authoritative over.

THINK of how this is shown in the life of the Master himself; He that made man, yet under the authority and the will of man by the mere giving of self in the experience of passing through same. Not that these were needed other than that it might be fulfilled, what? Prophecy, as had been given in man’s search for God.

Then as this has been found, as is illustrated here by John, in the taking of the book and in becoming these, each then must pass in its experience through the same sources.

Suffering is a part of the journey, especially for the outer, physical self, which must lay down its desires in order to give birth to its true, eternal self.

These are the outer things that are related to this center: (1) the color purple or indigo, (2) the note la, (3) the word name in the Lord’s prayer, (4) the planet Mercury, (5) the “element” cloud, a higher vibration of water, and of course, (6) the church of Philadelphia, and (7) the pineal gland. In Cayce’s cosmology, the influence of Mercury brings the mental powers, as reasoning rather than simply sentiment.


Silence for a Half Hour – The Golden Censer with Incense

The Kingdoms of the World and the Lord Unite

Finally, the seventh seal is opened and there is silence in heaven for about a half hour, the ultimate achievement of attunement to God, as stated by the psalmist in Psalm 46: “Be still, and know that I am God.” The seven angels, or angelic influences of the seven spiritual centers of the body, now stand before God. They receive the seven trumpets for the seven soundings. Another angel burns incense in a golden censer. The fragrance of the incense is added to the prayers of the saints and goes out before God. Then, the angel throws the censer to the earth, causing peals of thunder, flashes of lightning, and earthquakes.

When the seventh trumpet is sounded, loud voices from heaven cry out: “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of the Lord, and of His Messiah; and He will reign forever and ever.” The twenty-four elders (twelve paired cranial nerves) worship God, saying, “We give Thee thanks, O Lord God, the Almighty, who is and was, because Thou hast taken Thy great power and hast begun to reign.” Then all cells of the body are judged according to their level of attunement and at-onement with this new reign. And then the temple of God is opened, and the ark of the covenant appears in the temple, causing flashes of lightning, peals of thunder, earthquakes, and a great hailstorm. The physical body has now reached a level of cleansing, vibration, and attunement to become the temple of God. Cayce describes it this way:

As the Book of Life then is opened, there is seen the effect of that which now has been attained by the opening of the system, the body, the mind; all of those effects that have been created by the ability of the entity to, in the physical, … attune self to the consciousness of being at-one with the divine within.

Now we see those in the material world using these influences for self-exaltation, self-indulgence, self-glorification; and yet we see those using same for the glory, the understanding, the knowledge, the wisdom of the Father.

It is done.


Well, not quite done. According to Cayce’s visions of the spiritualization process, it is done in cycles, recurring cycles. What has just been described may be experienced over and over again until it is fully achieved. We could have some of these Revelation experiences as a young child, experience them again as a teenager, again as a young adult, in adulthood, and even again in old age. At certain times in our life we may experience them several times. Rhythms and cycles of spiritualization is the pattern. These occur in both the little earth of ourselves and the great Earth of humanity as a whole. We may even play a role in small group’s experiences of this awakening process, such as our childhood family and later our own family or circle of friends and colleagues.

Yet, we need to also focus our attention upon our personal spiritualization process with the seven spiritual centers within the body and their connection within our heart and mind.


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