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Those born under the Scorpio zodiac is one of the more complicated people to deal with. This is not something that can be avoided, though. Both Scorpios and non-Scorpios will have to accept the fact that their paths will cross one way or another. There are people who fear dealing with Scorpios not because they are afraid of them but because they might not know how to handle these people.

Scorpio in the First House. The first house is all about personality and self presentation as well as physical vitality, independence and personal initiative. This house is ruled by Aries. When Scorpio enters the first house ascendant, they may be especially intense. Scorpios are already intense to begin with but the first house has a lot of passion in it. This passion is specifically linked to changes; the visible type. A Scorpio is conscious about the way others see them so this is a time when they will work on their appearance and attitude. Whether it’s positive or negative remains to be seen.

Scorpio in the Second House. Ruled by the zodiac Taurus, this house represents material possessions and financial security. Scorpios aren’t well known to be good at handling money. They have a love-hate relationship with money. They can splurge until they run dry but there are times when they try to get a firm grip of their money. When Scorpio enters the second house they have a tendency to hide money. Literally. They have a reputation of being selfish and they can show it this way. Try to figure out your priorities. Also figure out what things (not just material) are valuable to you. This is the time when you should realize what you want to do long term.

Scorpio in the Third House. You might gain a streak for socializing when you enter the third house, Scorpio. This house ruled by the zodiac Gemini has something to do with it. This is a time to have deep conversations with people you want to get to know or are already close with. You may feel a bit sociable and want to go out. Just go with the flow. It won’t hurt to meet new people once in a while.

Scorpio in the Fourth House. Ruled by Cancer, this is the time when you will feel clingy. Scorpios are sometimes seen as clingy but mostly detached. Their water element rises up when Scorpio enters the fourth house. This also goes with family. You may also feel like you want to go home and be with parents and siblings during this time. Visit your family and get in touch with your roots when you feel the urge to. They’re among the ones who will never get tired of trying to understand you.

Scorpio in the Fifth House. Ruled by the zodiac Leo, Scorpio’s creative passions and self expression may come out when he enters the fifth house. You may feel a bit playful and spontaneous but also have more focus and initiative. This is also when you will feel most creative in bed. Got invites for groupies and private parties? Indulge yourself and go with the flow. Just make sure you know your limits.

Scorpio in the Sixth House. When Scorpio enters the house ruled by a Virgo he might get a bit self-conscious. This house is all about physical fitness, routines and health rituals. It is also about emotional and mental health. Use this as an advantage.

Scorpio in the Seventh House. Entering the 7th house which is ruled by Libra, this will be all about relationships. Mostly about romantic relationships. This is the time when you might be most demanding because you will be joining forces with the sign that is in love with the very thought of love. Make sure you turn this into a positive journey. When you visit this 7th house, evaluate, not just your relationship but also yourself, your partner, and your partnership. If you’re single, don’t fall into the frenzy where people marry just because they think they need to be with someone. Don’t make it about romantic relationships all the time. This tends to stress people.Be with people and enjoy it.

Scorpio in the Eighth House. Come home to your own house Scorpio, and relax a bit. This is where you’re most comfortable with so you should know what to do. Indulge your taboos but know your limits.  Try to have a meaningful relationship with the people you encounter (unless they don’t wish to). Make sure you and whoever you are with are in the same page or risk broken relations and parting ways in a bad way. This house also deals with life and death and new beginnings so be vigilant and watch out for signs of anything troubling but don’t be too paranoid not to notice good things when they are right in front of you.

Scorpio in the Ninth House. Delve in deeper and find out what the meaning of life and what your purpose is in the ninth house. This house is ruled by the zodiac Sagittarius so you will want to have meaningful conversations and a better acquaintances. You might also want to try something to figure out if your relationships are meaningful or just flings. You may also want to travel. Traveling will help you meet more people and you may learn from them and them from you. Keep a level head when discussing other people’s ideas. We are all different and it will not do well to argue. Respect their beliefs and they will respect yours.

Scorpio in the Tenth House. You may feel an inclination to focus on your career and finances when you enter the [tenth house ruled by] Capricorn. Organize your thoughts and decide what you want to do. This house may be restrictive but that’s fine.

Scorpio in the Eleventh House. Here’s another social house for you. No pressure, though. You can pick whatever club or group you want to spend your time with. You may also get involved in charities because this house just calls for it. The 11th house is ruled by Aquarius and is full of positivity so this might be a good house for you to be in. Enjoy the moment.

Scorpio in the Twelfth House. Okay, here’s a house ruled by another fellow water Pisces. This might be one of those times when you want to withdraw from the world and be alone and that’s fine. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. The world is a fun place so go out and explore it.

Source: http://www.scorpio.net/scorpio-in-different-houses-1.html

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