Hypnotic Cults

H covert0Covert Hypnosis Cult Induction mlm
From Hypnosis Black Secrets

Those men and women who know how to perform hypnotic techniques in a secretive fashion have joined the section of the population that understands and appreciates the benefits of covert hypnosis cult induction.

The members of that informal group can bring another person into a trance without letting that second individual have a clue about what is taking place.  Of course the “cult’s” members employ special techniques, better known as covert hypnosis cult induction mlm in order to achieve that goal.

Hypnotic totality

One such technique is called hypnotic tonality. That term calls-attention to the tone of voice that is used by someone who has been trained in the art of being a secretive hypnotist. That trained individual knows how to make a statement without emphasizing a single word. Generally, the person who listens to a speaker with a naturally consistent tonality displays a certain reaction.

That listener begins to trust the speaker. The formation of that feeling serves as the basis for covert hypnosis cult induction. A trusting man or woman can more easily form a rapport, a special relationship with the speaker. Consequently, he or she is more apt to follow the speaker’s suggestions.

The listener’s readiness to follow the speaker’s suggestions invites utilization of another important technique, one that is familiar to those hypnotists who prefer to operate in a secretive fashion.  That second technique is called a pattern interrupt.

Subconscious bypasses critical mind

Our conscious minds do not tell us to extend a hand, when we are meeting someone for the first time. Typically, we do that automatically, in response to a signal from the subconscious region of our brain. However, if the person we are meeting does not follow the expected pattern, then that same region of the brain can become confused. As it enters that confused state, it allows the affected man or woman to be more responsive to some suggestion.

That anticipated reaction forms the basis of the approach used by someone who is skilled in covert hypnosis cult induction mlm. At that point, he or she will test the subject, to see if the subject displays certain types of body language. The presence of such language acts like a “green light.”

The subject’s display of certain body language encourages the making of a hypnotic suggestion. That can be a recommendation, one that promises to help the person to whom it was directed. It may allow that individual to alter his or her behavior, and thus to follow a more healthful lifestyle.

Source: http://www.hypnosisblacksecrets.com/covert-hypnosis/covert-hypnosis-cult-induction-mlm


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4 thoughts on “Hypnotic Cults

  1. atdreamstate October 21, 2014 at 7:20 am Reply

    Healthful lifestyle? That strikes me as hiding harm with charm. :-/

    • ~meredith October 21, 2014 at 3:09 pm


  2. thesevenminds October 21, 2014 at 11:51 am Reply

    Weird ending there. Nice wording, Dream.

  3. atdreamstate October 23, 2014 at 9:55 am Reply

    “Huh” what?

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