Like A Rainbow

Orion Nebula 2COLOR
By Metaphysics, 2008

“One of the fundamental truths about color that’s important to understand is that color is something we humans impose on the world. The world isn’t colored; we just see it that way. A reasonable working definition of color is that it’s our human response to different wavelengths of light. The color isn’t really in the light: We create the color as a response to that light, just as we create the sensation of pain when struck by an object. The color brown is no more inherent to a given pebble, say, than is the pain we might feel if that pebble struck us solidly in the forehead.”

“Color is created by the interaction of three elements — an illuminant (a light source), an object, and an observer (the person who experiences the color). We’ll talk more about the observer in a minute; for now it’s most important to understand the relationship between the light source and the object.”

Out of the many vibrations reaching the earth.

“Color picture painted in the image of his master. Although normally associated with the Seventh Ray all things rise of the Divine Installment”

“The rays can be perceived through colour or sound (MUSIC). The seven colours and sounds of the rays provide a more intuitive approach to understanding. For instance, Ray 7 corresponds to the note of G and the colour violet, depending upon which octaves are being used.”

Because black makes a photograph’s colors appear more vivid by contrast.

Source: Metaphysics


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One thought on “Like A Rainbow

  1. thesevenminds October 17, 2014 at 5:50 pm Reply

    A note to self, to reblog this when I get to deal with the creation myths of Genesis.

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