Oya Yansan

Oya - Lazaro BrandNinth child – Oya
From The Yoruba Religious Concepts

Not unlike her sisters, Oya Llasan Yansan, brought a physical beauty to the world. Her appearance also brought great conflict to the orisa. Oya had eyes of amber they where large and round and very expressive. When the people made eye contact with her, they would fall under her spell. With her birth into the kingdom also came the breath of life and movement of air, great storms and tornadoes.

Although she was female and feminine, She had a strong temperament and when she was forced to she would assume the personality of a masculine warrior in battle as well as lead others into war fighting as a equal at their side. Oya had the soul of a man and she was as brave and courageous as her brother Ogun in battle.

Her name Yansan was the other side of her personality expressing her dominance over winds, and tornadoes. Along side her mother Yembo Yemaya she could cause hurricanes in the ocean when she is mad with the human race. She would also come to one day hold the title of turning over the deceased bodies to Jeggua/Yewa Legba when our mission on earth was done.

Daily life began in the kingdom of Olodumare with the birth of Oya, as well as a series of events that take place in the house of Odudua and Yembo Yemaya that would plague mankind for all the days that man is on the planet. It is here with the birth of Oya that the problems with Ogun and his brothers begin. And soon the whole kingdom would change and so would some of the deities and some would have to take sides and wars would begin.

A series of events that took place brought the belief of where the Yoruba mythology is based. It is believed by the Yoruba that Olodumare lives among us in the form of the Orisa. Olodumare manifests himself through the acts of the Orisa and will manifest and live till the end of time.

Source: https://sites.google. com/site/theyorubareligiousconcepts/home/the-ninth-child—oba-nani/ninth-child–oya


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  1. atdreamstate September 25, 2014 at 8:38 am Reply

    Fascinating! That is a good link too. Thanks. 🙂

  2. thesevenminds September 25, 2014 at 3:38 pm Reply

    Thanks for pointing it out, Dream. The importance has not been lost on me. 🙂

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