Repent Mind Out Loud

disturbing-photo-series-babak-hosseiny-and-jeffrey-vanhouttetaming the tongue
By Ted Montgomery
[Text edited by 7M.]

I do not believe that demon spirits can read our minds, but I am certain that they can hear us (and maybe “sense” what we are thinking or feeling)—and I believe they often pay close attention to what we say. If a spirit transmits a thought or idea into a person’s mind, that spirit is not certain whether or not it “registered” unless that person opens his/her mouth or performs an action which verifies that it did register.

When we talk to ourselves or to someone else without thinking about what we are saying, we may be giving away valuable information to the enemy. For instance, if we say, “I’m sure I’ll fail if I try to do that,” or “I always get the flu about this time each year,” we are setting up our minds or our bodies for an easy attack by the enemy. But if we take control over our thoughts and our tongues, keeping oral responses to questionable thoughts and ideas to ourselves, the enemy is at a disadvantage.

“Silence” is an excellent spiritual weapon. Of course, when we have a compelling urge to vocalize something, it is best to speak positive rather than negative statements; favorable declarations, I believe, make spiritual enemies “think twice” before they act upon us.

instruction and repentance

People do not like to have fingers pointed at them (literally or figuratively) and be told how bad they are. Doing so is more likely to turn someone “off” and to push him/her further away from a true knowledge than anything else will. Humbly pointing out another’s errors may meet with more success.

One might be slandered or met with other resistance when pointing out to a person something he/she should not be doing. This opposition or resistance may invoke an emotional response of anger within the soul of the accused and even a “how dare you” reaction of retaliation.

We are to exhibit patience with those who oppose us, remembering that the real battle is not against them but, rather, against the evil forces influencing their minds and hearts. Furthermore, we ourselves should not over-react when someone else corrects or reproves us. It is natural for someone to react negatively toward someone else displaying a superior, “know-it-all” attitude. Therefore, approaching someone from a standpoint of humility is more likely to bring positive results and, in fact, may turn someone to a point of repentance and acceptance.

“Repentance” involves “changing one’s mind.” It entails grieving or feeling deep regret for the sins (negative actions against God and other people) one has committed—to the point that one decides that one does not want to do them anymore. This does not mean that one will not sin again, but it does involve the recognition by the individual and the admission that one’s sins are detestable. Repentance is one of the best spiritual weapons, because it shows that one refuses to be held captive to sin by Satan and that one is aware of the devil’s schemes and snares.

binding and loosing

The powers and works of evil spirits and demons can be loosed (that is, “untied” or “undone”); and, in turn, that these spirits and demons themselves can be bound (that is, “tied up” or “rendered ineffective”). (I suspect that the only demon we lack the capacity to bind is Satan himself.)

The process of binding or loosing already will have begun in the astral prior to our binding or loosing something here on earth. All we have to do is to generate the command, and it will be done.

I believe that, within one’s own spirit, one can learn to discern a demon who is bringing upon oneself (or upon someone else) depression, feelings of lust, or illness. Then one can loose, the adverse effect of its power and, subsequently, bind the opposing demon, casting it away from one’s (or someone else’s) presence. Now, the evil spirit subsequently may “loosen” itself from its “binding” and return, or a similar spirit may take its place. (I believe this is because we, in our imperfect mortal states, are incapable of maintaining a continuous focus on keeping evil spirits bound.) We then must loose its effect and bind it again (if it is the old spirit) or anew (if it is a new spirit).

stronghold “doors” and “gates” in the astral

It is my belief that there are two types of “strongholds” (or fortresses) which our dark spiritual enemies set up and defend. One is in the astral, and the other is in our minds. In the astral, there are numerous places (“doors” or “gates”) where good spirits descend from heaven to help people (for instance, at the location of Jacob’s ladder—Gen. 28:12).

In many localities, evil spirits have set up defenses and can prevent good spirits from coming through the strong “gates” to help individuals and, often, even large geographical areas. Battles won or lost on earth often are consequences of those won or lost in the astral between good and bad spirits. Finis Jennings Dake has recorded,

Over all the governments of this world Satan has his trusted spirits who are responsible to him for carrying out his will in those governments.

Satanic strongholds (“doors” or “gates”) in the astral prevent blessings and aid. Spirits of false religion keep the strongholds closed. And stronghold “gates” are being slammed shut and locked over many minds and areas.

strongholds within the mind

As stated in the previous section, besides there being strongholds in the astral, there are strongholds in people’s minds. Demonic spirits of various types attempt to turn people away from the Truth, thus causing their consciences to be “seared”. It is the warrior’s duty to come to his senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.

Demons set up stubborn strongholds only in the mind, constantly attempting to influence (by means of temptation) to let down defenses. The “gate” to the mind begins to swing shut slowly when one compromises one’s values, even just a little, by doing things one’s conscience warns against.

We cannot win back our own minds by our own power (at least, I personally cannot). Battles within the mind must be won by overcoming our foolish pride and/or forfeiting our own precious rights on behalf and for the benefit of others (and, in the long run, of ourselves).

There is no time to waste. I believe the people of this generation are the ones who will see the most shocking, incredible events to take place in the history of the world. Anyone who cannot “stand the heat” will fall by the wayside. It is certainly worth one’s while to begin the task of overcoming and helping others to overcome the enemy now.

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