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Be HotDeep Trance Hypnotic Seduction
From Hypnosis Black Secrets

The concept of deep trance hypnotic seduction is the combination of two separate actions or concepts – hypnosis (or hypnotic suggestion) and the act of seducing another individual. When you combine the two, it is easy to seduce the person whom you are attracted tow without much chances of being rejected. So basically, deep trance hypnotic seduction is the act of seducing a man or woman through the use of hypnosis or hypnotic suggestion.

Is deep trance possible?

The first thing you want to be aware of is that deep trance hypnotic seduction differs from standard hypnosis practices in that you do not always have to put the subject into a trance. However, you might use rapid hypnosis techniques and choose the words that you use very carefully in order to alter the person’s mind subconsciously. This form of hypnotic suggestion is referred to as covert hypnosis or conversational hypnosis.

Although hypnotism is based on mind control through suggestion, the most controlling force in the equation is our emotions. When practicing deep trance hypnotic seduction, there are several more commonly used words that can be related to something sexual. Even when they are not used in a sexual context, there are certain words that naturally result in feelings of a sexual nature or trigger emotions associated with sex. Additionally, you can anchor erotic feelings under the hypnotic trance that can trigger, when a specific word is said even after the individual is out of the trance.

Steps Involved in the Process

Planting those words or creating anchors in the process of deep trance hypnotic seduction can be difficult when first starting the conversation with the person you are interested in seducing hypnotically. By using seductive hypnotic descriptions and taking the following steps, it will make things easier:

  • Ask your date a question that will give you the opportunity to use those “suggestive” words mentioned above.
  • Continue practicing your technique how to respond to the subject’s questions and can answer them smoothly.
  • Watch the person’s body language and facial expressions while listening to the tone of their voice. Remember, you can be more straightforward and direct when the person exhibits positive behavior.

When you ask the person a question, it will most likely illicit a similar question in response. In conclusion, be sure that you use this technique sparingly. If you use this technique excessively, it will eventually become obvious to the other person what you are trying to do.



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