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maurizio-anzeri-embroidered-photographs-910 Tips to Make Effective Suggestions
By Hypnosis Black Secrets

How can you increase the effectiveness of the hypnotic suggestions?

Here are the main tips that you should follow while making suggestions.

1. Keep direct suggestions simple and concise. The person whom you hypnotize must understand what you are suggesting. Direct suggestion must be clear and sharply focused.

2. Repeat suggestions. Repetition helps to strengthen the suggestion. You can repeat suggestions in different forms: repeat the same phrases, paraphrase the key suggestion or use synonims and similar phrases.

3. Make suggestions believable and desirable. If the objective of your suggestions is not capable or believeable, then your subject will reject it. You must suggest the things that your subject can achieve.

4. Create a time frame for suggestions (Use time frame words in your suggestions). For example, if you want to designate immediate action, use words “now”, “shortly” etc. For long term goals you can use prhases like “by the time you drive the car . . .”

5. Focus your suggestions on one goal at a time. Don’t try to use one suggestion for solving 2 different problems (f.e., stress reduction and stop smoking) at the same time.

6. Use only positive words. Avoid using the words such as I can’t or you won’t etc. Intead, use words such as I can, you will etc. to send positive signals to your subconscious.

7. Keep relaxation suggestions general. If you use thought-provoking phrases in relaxation suggestion, then it can create fear or anxiety for your subject or for you, if you are doing self-hypnosis.

8. Use cue words or phrases to emphasize suggestions. Cue words are especially helpful in posthypnotic suggestions if your goal involves habit control.

9. Select images to augment direct and posthypnotic suggestions. Imagination is very powerful process. If you can imagine yourself achieving your goals, then you activate certain brain activites and energy that help you reach your goals. So using images in suggestions contribtues to the achievement of the main goal.

10. Remove unwanted suggestions. You should reject all the suggestions that are not related to your main goal. It is that simple.

When you are doing suggestions, be sure to follow each of the tips to make your suggestions powerful and effective.

Source: http://www.hypnosisblacksecrets.com/hypnosis/how-to-make-effective-suggestions

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