Questions on Astral and Energy

inner-light-sculptures-mihoko-ogaki-41The Impact of Electrical and Magnetic Forces on the Astral Body
From Astral

Electric charge is a fundamental property of matter. Matter is made up of electrons, neutrons, and protons. Electrons have a negative electric charge, while protons have a positive electric charge; neutrons have no electric charge. These tiny particles are the building blocks of atoms. An atom has a net positive or electric charge when it loses one of its electrons or gains an extra electron. On the other hand, magnetic charges do not exist – Magnetic fields are generated solely by moving electric charges.

An example of the relationship between magnetism and electricity is the Lorentz Force. Perhaps the most significant relationship between electricity and magnetism is light, which is known to physicists as an electromagnetic wave. Light waves are oscillating patterns of electric and magnetic fields, propagating through space at the speed of light. Light is the best known example, but microwaves, radio waves, X-rays, infrared and ultraviolet light are also electromagnetic waves. Electric and Magnetic phenomena are intricately described by a collection of physical laws, known as Maxwell’s equations.

If magnetic and electrical forces have no influence on astral projection, then why do the following questions exist?

1. Why is it recommended that we face our heads north so that the earth’s magnetic pull will aid in separation?

Magnetic forces only attract magnetic materials, thus implying that we are magnetic in nature! There is also a south pole which would draw to the south. So why would it be generically recommended in books that we face our heads north, if in fact, some of us on Earth may be closer to the south pole?

2. Why does my astral body get “pulled” back to my physical shell until I am out of the “cord range” activity area? If the cord supposedly follows us, how does getting out of the cord range area lessen the magnetic pull?

I don’t entirely think it’s the cord that is pulling us back but energies within the physical body. Perhaps instead of calling it the “cord range”, it should be called the “magnetic body range”. The human body is primarily fat and water. Fat and water have many hydrogen atoms which make the human body approximately 63% hydrogen atoms. Within each cell there are water molecules. Each water molecule has one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. If you zoomed into one of the hydrogens past the electron cloud there exists a nucleus comprised of a single proton. The proton possesses a property called spin which can be thought of as a small “magnetic” field.

3. Why do people claim that they get “stuck” near power lines when astral projecting?

If we are not magnetic and electric in astral composition, this wouldn’t be possible. I’m not saying that the soul has these components, but I do believe the astral vehicle does. It is known that any current-carrying wire is a magnetic field. The magnetic field is created by the uniform motion of electrons in the wire. I remember many dreams in my earlier years about not being able to “fly” past power lines. I also had recurring dreams of large city power stations which attracted me. Could these have been disguised OBE’s showing our magnetic nature?

4. Why do people of normal ability become psychic after a near-lethal electrical shock from a lightening strike or a high voltage appliance? For example, Dannion Brinkley, author of several psychic books.

5. I have also told people that I project considerably more during the winter. Is this because the rain, which is a polar molecule, produces a magnetic pull on our astral body? And especially more so here in rainy Seattle?



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  2. msrawmojo June 1, 2014 at 1:56 am Reply

    I love your blog so much I’ve nominated you for a Liebster blogging award… Details can be found at Looking forward to reading your responses!

  3. thesevenminds June 2, 2014 at 3:13 pm Reply

    Thank you, Ms Raw Mojo.

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