Many Many Lilith

Dore – The Destruction of Leviathan very much like the sword of Saint George destroying the selfish competitive Dragon-Serpent Ego

The Scarlet Woman
From Energy Enhancement

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Samael and Lilith were born as one, emanating from beneath the Throne of God with a great tumult. This refers to the Kabbalistic belief that certain angels were created in male-female pairs. Lilith was also known as Taninsam, based on the name of the intermediary between her and her husband. This intermediary will eat deadly poison at the hands of the Gabriel; it is an elixir of life for all whose inclination overcomes them to become a black psychopath. Then he participates with Michael in overcoming the rule of unbalanced forces in heaven and on earth.

The covenant of salt refers to the Energy Blockage Snake Leviathan (Malkhut Leviat Hen) of the salt ocean, who shall feed the righteous in the future.

This story became intertwined with that of the Lesser or Younger Lilith, married to the Demon King Asmodeus that is she became perverted by association with evil. Asmodeus was the son of the mortal Naamah, the sister of Tubal-Cain, and the Angel-Demon Shamdan. The Lesser Lilith was the daughter of the Demon King Qafsefoni and Matred; her name was Mehetabel, from ‘mabu tabal,’ meaning ‘something immersed.’ She was a beautiful woman from head to waist, but burning fire down below. This Lilith was evil and constantly causing trouble between the Demons and the Angels.

Asmodeus and the Lesser Lilith ruled in Edom, the sixth of the six imperfect Earths created before ours. They had twin sons, one good and one evil. The good son was named Meshihi’el and Kokhvi’el; his root is in heaven and he was called the “sword of the Messiah.” The evil son was named Alefpene’ash and Gurigar; he is a war-demon ruling eighty thousand destructive demons, and he is called the “sword of King Asmodeus.” Isaiah prophesized that the good son would wreak havok among the demons: “For my Sword shall be drunk in the heavens; Lo, it shall come down upon Edom.” This is the Secret Knowledge of the Lesser Palaces of the Kaballah.

The sword, anciently, was always used to remove energy blockages.

The stories of the two Lilith’s can be seen as an alchemical allegory of the creation and redemption of the human spirit. The two sons represent the spirit (good) and the personality(evil), called evil because it is an energy blockage in the antahkarana in the astral plane above the head and because it seeks to mingle its essence with energy blockages below (enamored of the physical world).

The blind Dragon who eats poison energy blockages eats the poison of the corrupted spiritual body angel colony talents so as to purify it, overcoming the “evil” energy blockages of the spiritual body so that it may be transformed and also to “eat” of the pure food of spirit of the pure chakras above the head. This concept of the poison-eating Dragon is commonly found in Alchemy.

Unfortunately, outer traditions among the patriarchal Jews, including those recounted in Isaiah, Genesis and the Zohar, have greatly distorted the original stories, mixing together various traditions and giving Lilith many negative attributes that do not belong to her. The common Jewish concept of Lilith seems to have originated as an attempt to explain why there are two different stories of creation in Genesis. The older Elohist Genesis shows the simultaneous creation of the first man and woman from the same substance, in the image of the Elohim (god and goddess), while the later Yahwist version shows Adam was made first in the image of the one god. The Yahwist Jews began their campaign to “purify” the religion of the Jews; over the next 500 years, they gradually took control of the religious establishment and replaced the teachings given to the Jews by the Sumerian prince, Abraham, with their own.

In some places, they kept some of the older scriptures, including the older story of creation in Genesis. However, over time the Jews had many tribulations and they forgot why there were two versions of creation in their holy scriptures. In an attempt to resolve the contradictions of the two versions, they appear to have adopted the Sumerian wind spirit Lilith as Adam’s first wife. Mention of this is made in a Haggadah from the 2nd century BCE, quoted in Willis Barnstone’s book, The Other Bible. Lilith refused to be under Adam during sex because they were equal, and when he objected, she left and seven angels were sent after her. She refused to return, and because God killed her children in revenge, she kills human children in their sleep.

Afterward, God made Eve from Adam. The version of this story most often quoted about Lilith today comes from an anonymous 9th century manuscript called the Alphabet of Ben Sira. This was a rabbinical parody about a rabbi’s responses to Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar’s questions. The manuscript was popular entertainment among rabbis for hundreds of years, so the Lilith story in it became well-known. This story is essentially the same as the one in the Haggadah, except it has only three angels. A 12th century Kabbalistic work, the Book of Raziel, gives directions for making amulets to protect women and children from Lilith and refers to the three angels of the Alphabet of Ben Sira.

In the Kabbalistic Sefer Ha-Zohar of the 13th century, all of the older Jewish traditions of Lilith are mixed together. The “Treatise on the Left Emanation” says that Lilith came from heaven and sought to possess human children, but was prevented from doing so by other angels. “From the crevice of the great deep, above, there came a certain female, the spirit of all spirits, and we have already explained that her name was Lilith. And at the very beginning she existed with man.” (Zohar III, 19a) She was said to be a Serpent who originated from the side of the flaming sword that guards the gates of the Garden of Eden.

Lilith ruled Sitra Ahra, the other side of the mirror, the Astral Plane, the qliphotic realm of unbalanced energies behind the Tree of Life known to Kabbalists as the Realm of the Serpents or Dragons – energy blockages. Lilith was associated with the legend of Naamah, mother of demons, as her daughter-in law. Naamah was the succubus who stole the souls of sleeping children and then passed those souls to Lilith, and Lilith came to take on the role of Naamah. Thus Lilith became a scapegoat; an ancient wind spirit who comes in the night to bring inspiration became the disobedient first wife of Adam, an evil succubus who kills children and begets demons.

Lilith was said to come as a spirit to men who sleep alone and seduce them, causing them to have nocturnal emissions. The demon thought forms sired by Lilith according to the Jews referred to the life-forms that derive from the seed of man spilled during masturbation and nocturnal emissions. This essence contains the life-force, and deprived of its natural course, this essence takes on a form reminiscent of the imperfect creations that preceded man and resulted in the demons.

Demons are pure Angels who have been perverted by being mixed with impure Trauma-Formed Negative Karmic Mass – Black Gold – which can be transmuted and purified through Energy Enhancement Techniques from 5000 years back into pure Golden Spiritual Energy Again. The results of man’s seed in these conditions are similar to thought forms, and typically they live in the aura of the one who produces them, unless their creation is accompanied by a strong visualization that would send them to another as an implant sent to pervert and to vampirise the other. These creations can be experienced as a type of incubus or succubus, but more often they stay with their creator. The Jews consider these as illegitimate children, and actually have a prayer said by men that denies they are legitimate and tells them to depart when the man dies and not to impede his ascent to heaven.

Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic mass is heavy; it impedes the process of restitution of the Soul to Heaven upon death as it has no levity; it can not rise. The assumption among the Jews that the name Lilith came from the Hebrew laylah (night), possibly because the Sumerian Lili were called night spirits, led some illustrators to represent Lilith with black hair.

Lilith, in archetypical form, represents an aspect of the Higher Self which brings spiritual knowledge to men on the Path by uniting with them in a kind of sexual union on the higher planes. It’s no wonder the old uptight Rabbis feared her as a demonic succubus, afraid as they were of receiving an “unofficial” spiritual knowledge or power and of offending God by having sexual pleasure. The Jews still have a proscription against Jewish men having sex with their wives while they are menstruating. The term Scarlet Woman is today used as a reference to both the ancient physical alchemy derived from the sexual secretions of Holy Women, and to Holy Women, especially priestesses, who engage in sex magick with magicians.

This knowledge is known today from the expositions of Tantric Yoga, but there are many indications that this knowledge was known to and used by the priests and nobles of ancient Sumeria and Egypt, among others. Lilith, the Scarlet Woman, represents today as she did millennia ago the potent combination of spiritual and sexual power by which humans are transformed into something greater. Lilith serves as a prototype of Crowley’s Scarlet Woman, a companion who through her divine sexuality awakens the spiritual knowledge latent in man.

Crowley, the head of the OTO, The Ordo Templi Orientis, in common with other sex magic organisations from Germany also used the Scarlet Woman and Sex magic. Psychopaths love the organisations which use Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll as it is easy to implant and pervert all the students.Sexual Implants channel orgiastic sex energy back to the person who created the implant so such schools are sometimes created to vampirise the energies of all the students. Bad people are vampires and will lie and kill to achieve their ends.

Jesus and Buddha thought it was not necessary to use sex to become enlightened as it is so easy to pervert the process as everyone gets excited and addicted to burning the candle at both ends which results in no energy left at the end of sex, drugs and rock and roll, therefore the use of Vampirism to take the life energy from others, the cows, the cattle.

To think of stealing the life energy of another person is psychopathic. To think of calling another human being a cow or cattle is degrading and psychopathic also. Only people who have filled their hearts with Energy Blockages in this lifetime or from a previous lifetime can think psychopathically like this. To go against the Main Spiritual law of Ahimsa – Harmlessness; Give no pain in word, thought or deed by taking your energy from another living being thus stopping their evolution or through killing them needs a cold blocked Heart!!

“Lo, I am with you, moved by your prayers, I who am the mother of the universe, the mistress of all elements, the first offspring of time, the highest of all deities, the queen of the souls, foremost of the heavenly beings, the single form that fuses all gods and goddesses; I who order by my will the starry heights of heaven, the healing-giving breezes of the sea, and the awful silences of those in the underworld: My single godhead is adored by the whole world in varied forms, in differing rites and with many diverse names.”

Metamorphoses, Book 11, 5

Whilst not taking energy from other human beings, a saint will only give 100% of his energy to others. He will not take or Vampirise the energy of another. He does not need tantra using another human being to become energised. He energises by being in contact with higher chakras above the head, God, the Absolute, Atman, the One God with 10,000 names.

“Not small capacitor – use Big Generator”, Gurdjieff

And he channels that energy through his crown chakra from pure spiritual sources to make other human beings enlightened.


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