Scarlet Lilith

The Scarlet Woman
From Energy Enhancement

Lilith is the Witch, the Succubus, The Sexual Implant which Vampirises your Energy and sends it back to the Implanter which is transferred from Witches during the Sexual act to make you addicted to Sex – sometimes passed on on other Tantra Courses, the Scarlet Woman Sexual Priestess of Babalon with red hair representing Sexual Magic and seduction. Witches are sent by Warlocks to seduce Luke Skywalkers and other Paduans to the dark Side by promising them tantric Knowledge and Immortality. These promises are always broken by the Dark Emperor leaders as the Emperor in the “Revenge of the Sith” broke his promise to Annakin. Instead the unwary paduans are implanted and enslaved for a hundred lifetimes.   –  By Sir John Collier 1895

In ancient Sumerian belief, the primal gods, the ZU, originally emerged from the Great Chaos of the ABYSS – the Astral Plane – the first plane above our heads very easy to reach but the source of many energy blockage implants which try to affect all humanity.

This Chaos was characterized as an endless Great Sea located in the heavens. The primal gods themselves, the Deep Ones, were called the Ab-Zu (Ap-Su), stellar powers who were connected directly with the Great Deep. Their servitors, who carried out their will, were called the An-Zu, lunar powers who were connected with the air of the night sky. Primary among these were the Abgal, seven wise demi-gods who also emerged from the Waters of the ABYSS, and each of the seven were created male-female.

Lilith was the female aspect of one of the night wind spirits, one of a group of benevolent spirit guides called Lili (Lilitu) or Lama (Lamastu). These spirits were originally associated with guarding the gateway between the spiritual and physical realms and were found on temple doorways. Lilith, being a guide to the wisdom of immortality, is represented holding the Rings of Shem; these are the oldest symbols used to show one who has gained immortality by passing through the Underworld to gain the sacred wisdom of the Tree of Knowledge.

As a guardian and dispenser of the Temple Mysteries, Lilith was the original Scarlet Woman used in the creation of thoughtforms and energy blockages, and her priestesses engaged in sex magick with the priesthood and nobles to bring about spiritual transformation that led to illumination (They lied, Satchidanand), along with the regeneration of the physical body to prolong life. These Mysteries included a type of physical alchemy involving the menstrual blood of the priestesses. While the term Scarlet Woman originally referred to menstrual blood, it became interwoven with another ancient symbol of divine power, red hair. Many ancient cultures believed that red hair denoted one whose ancestors intermarried with demons or angels, thus giving a greater than average psychic/spiritual power.

One representation of a Lamastu shows her with a lioness head, holding a serpent in each hand and riding in the Boat of the Gods that traverses the Underworld.

This directly links her to the ancient Egyptian god of magick, Heka, and his later manifestations as Hekat, the frog-headed goddess of transformation, Egyptian and Cretan serpent goddesses, and the Phoenician goddesses Astarte and Tanith.

The Greek Nymph

Stories of ancient Greek Goddesses called Nymphs appeared among the Greeks before those primal gods, the Titans, and some of the Titans married Nymphs. Nymphs, who later came to be known as female nature spirits, were originally goddesses of transformation and their priestesses. Their function was to lead men who were worthy to spiritual transformation and illumination. These goddesses and their priestesses offered man hidden knowledge (typically discovered in the Underworld) that would lead to physical regeneration and spiritual immortality.

The same ceremonies can also be used by the dark side to create energy blockages, implant and vampirise. Like a knife the techniques are neutral but the knife as well as being used by a surgeon to save lives can also be used by a bad person to kill or assassinate. The word ‘nymph’ means bride or nubile young woman, and human nymphs served as priestesses in sexual ceremonies. In ancient times, these ceremonies were conducted in caves, the early temples of the Nymph goddesses. Later, they used stone temples called nympheae constructed near sacred springs, often within a sacred stand of trees. It was from this ancient sex magick that modern man derived the term ‘nymphomania.’ – implanted by a sex blockage to become addicted to sex. Most of theses ancient goddesses have vanished from our ken, but one who persisted into later times and was related by characteristics and function to Lilith was Hekate.

Other Permutations & Transformations of Lilith in Other Cultures

When the Sumerian priest Abraham fled the sacking of his town by the Jewish Tribe of Levi and settled among the other eleven tribes living in Canaan around 1960 BCE, he brought the Sumerian worship of Baal and Asherah into the Jewish fold. Seven hundred years later, the Tribe of Levi returned with a belief in one god, Yahweh. They believed that Yahweh and his good angels ruled the universe, and that all other gods and goddesses and spirits were evil.

Indeed, depending on the person wielding the words any God or Ceremony can be used for good or evil. If the person in charge of the ceremony is a psychopath then they will pervert even the most profound knowledge into badness. Knowledge is impersonal, neutral. All knowledge can be used for good or for evil dependent upon the person in charge.

They transformed the Sumerian Lilith, teaching that she was the wife and consort of the Angel Samael. Samael, a redhead, was the original ruling Archangel of the seventh heaven, one of the Seraphim (Fiery Serpents who guarded the Throne of God) who fell and became one of the seven fallen angels. The title ‘seraphim’ came from the Hebrew ‘saraph nahash,’ a fiery serpent who had been perverted from his previous purity by trauma caused negative karmic mass into something bad. ‘Saraph nahash,’ derived from the Sumerian ‘siru,’ a serpent. Various Jewish traditions refer to him as a guardian angel (of Esau), an angel of death (sent by God to fetch the soul of Moses when he died), the seducer of Eve (in form of the serpent), the creator of the demonic kingdom of Edom and the demons therein, and the chief of the Satans (angels sent by God to test man). Samael was said to be one of seven fallen angels, the others being Za’afi’el, Za’ami’el, Qasfi’el, Ragzi’el, ‘Abri’el, and Meshulhi’el.

When Samael fell and became perverted, fell from grace, became one of the fallen, he was replaced by Michael as the chief Archangel. The Yahwist Jews identified Samael with Set-an (the Egyptian god Set) the root of satan, and they were both (as were all of the Fallen Angels) called Dragons or Leviathans (Serpents) snakes. They were cast out of the original Paradise and their company was likened to a ruined estate. Bemoaning his own fallen estate in the material world, Job said, “I am a brother to Dragons.” (Job 30:29)

Samael and Lilith gave the knowledge of the Angels to man and intermarried with humans, that is the humans became implanted with perverted energy blockages, resulting in Lilith being punished by being turned into a spirit without form; her hair was “pulled back” so that her manifestation in Eternity was bound and restricted. That is the angel Lilith was cut off from connection with god. Her antahkarana was implanted and she became unable to channel the energy and conscience of God.  The couple could only exchange energy with the help of the Blind Dragon Tanin’iver, called blind because it had no color, by vampirising lower energies of humanity.

These Dark Angels were called evil because they sought pervert man’s spiritual evolution into becoming a psychopath like them, without conscience or heart compassion by placing blockages in their antahkaranas above the head, cutting them off from the energy of God and by placing energy blockages into the heart in black ceremonies. Usually twelve psychic daggers are placed around the heart center – one for each of the petals of the heart and the energy of the heart placed in the heart of a sacrificed animal then that animal  heart in placed in a canopic jar – Egyptian spiritual technology – a jar sealed with pitch or black tar. And then the canopic jar placed in a “Heart Site” in the country.

Real blackness is negative karmic mass produced from pain which pollutes angels and men creating perversion within them. The colour of the skin does not matter, it is the purity or the darkness within as well as their evolution which is the guiding factor as to whether to trust someone. Snakes are neutral as they can be pure Kundalini Snakes which produce enlightenment or Black snakes perverted by negative karmic mass which we call energy blockages.



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  1. ~meredith April 18, 2014 at 1:31 pm Reply

    Dark thoughts, indeed. Animal hearts in humans. Blocking access. Wow.

  2. thesevenminds April 19, 2014 at 3:07 pm Reply

    Lilith has been very present for a while. I have one more article coming up before I let Her go back underground. I would not call the serpents “animals,” but you could be right. It is impossible for me to know as I am under the illusion that I do not walk the dark path. 😉

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  4. thesevenminds February 19, 2015 at 6:58 pm Reply

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