Lilith Taking On the Planets

Lilith 4 - dwLilith in Signs [edited]

LILITH IN ARIES often causes an extreme strive for autonomy, leading to problems in partnerships, because you are very interested in partnerships. Partnerships and sexual matters can be of uncertainty. Perhaps you are restlessly changing possible life partners without committing yourself, because there is always something wrong with them. With flirts you are courageous, quick and also successful, possibly tending to one night stands. You think of yourself as fair, fighting for your autonomy.

LILITH IN TAURUS gives extraordinary pleasure for the beauty and big emotional activity. You look for your security needs in a relationship, contacting others by flirting. With gifts and properties others can attract you, and you look to achieve material security in a partnership. But as you may get disturbed by the material dependence, your emotional harmony may turn out of the balance.

LILITH IN GEMINI usually causes a strive for independence, particularly in intellectual areas. Perhaps you dedicate yourself to the beautiful literary arts or work in public relations. You have diplomatic and psychological insight and can entertain your others very well. Probably you tend to superficiality and your objectivity will be limited sometimes, because you can get easily enticed and bound by ideas. You possibly like to change other people, especially partners, even without being aware of it. In this position emotions can be suppressed unawares or converted into rationalities.

LILITH IN CANCER urges you to create domestic and family balance. You like to invite many people in your home in order to have expanded meals with them, whereby you take part in discussions very emotionally, yet with psychological prowess. In family matters you are inclined not to recognize things or situations correctly, or you don’t want to admit situations and circumstances because you get enticed by unrealistic opinions very easily.

LILITH IN LEO produces strong entertainment urges. People can easily attract you to go to parties, where you will take center stage. You are also likely to participate in bets and speculations, though your intuition tells you rather to not get involved. You radiate excitement, know how to flirt and to manipulate people to general well-being. You are probably well-known due to your charming character.

LILITH IN VIRGO blurs the objectivity and lets you express criticism at wrong places perhaps. You simply don’t want to commit yourself, are very confused regarding occupation and partnership. Other people may get confused by you, because this confusing position produces paradoxes in almost all areas of life. You may get hopelessly torn between commitment and autonomy urges, between social contacts and retreat. On the other hand, psychological and analytic abilities are almost unsurpassed, and your intuition beats everything. Unfortunately the possibility exists that you are not conscious about your abilities, or that you have difficulty embracing them.

LILITH IN LIBRA makes for easy manipulations. You like to flirt and manipulate other people with well-sounding intention. You go into partnerships just to break or let it brake off, because you vary between your need for security and thirst for autonomy. You seem blinded towards other people. You are seem blinded and easily misjudge yourself or them. You do not stand in your wisdom and intuition, you may not have knowledge about it all. You wish to receive emotional loyalty from your life partner, and you want to be accepted emotionally. Probably you have very high requirements in partnerships that are not realistic at all.

LILITH IN SCORPIO may let you be enticed by sexual attractions easily, whereby you subordinate yourself to a more powerful partner or the opposite, or it comes to a mutually understanding allowing for powers to be joined. In this position the danger exists that you don’t recognize these powers at all. You find yourself dealing with setbacks, accidents and symbolic as well as real deaths, although there are usually opportunities to avoid it before any danger appears. You may be addicted to danger,  because you want to cross boundaries. Possibly you had experiences with death in the childhood, and you see death as an inevitable part of life due to your large psychological regeneration ability now.

LILITH IN SAGITTARIUS surely confronts you with the temptations of educational journeys. If there is something to learn somewhere, you are quickly at place and you won’t leave out a single opportunity to travel. Your contact with other people is, due to your knowledge and psychological understanding, rather missionary and manipulative, but always with well-sounding intention. You are popular in a certain way because you try to apply diplomacy and fairness. Because of your optimism and all the generosity you spread out, it could be that other people take advantage of you, or that you misjudge other people doing so.

LILITH IN CAPRICORN lets you hardly resist to the temptations of fame, status and power. You could bring yourself into large difficulties, because you misjudge the actual nature of these characteristics, or you don’t want to admit them at all. Problems in partnerships are usually resulting in this position. You could tend to change other people and, in addition, to suppress their inner values completely. You look for autonomy, but perhaps won’t necessarily also grant it to others.

LILITH IN AQUARIUS lets you misjudge your friends easily. Probably you have completely wrong conceptions of them or of what your friends think about you. You strive for autonomy with manipulative methods and psychological tricks, reject all too tight interpersonal relations and consider partnerships and relations rather as friendships. You hardly tend to commit yourself, although you want to to express any certain inner urge. Your eagerness, generosity, and broad thinking are noticeable, and you may argue with degenerated art or queer music styles. Though your intuition is remarkable, you could tend to a non-perception of the afore-mentioned things.

LILITH IN PISCES can produce a strong blur and impression. Perhaps you enter dependent relationships voluntarily. Separation and an excessive social activity also characterizes you. Possibly you repudiate yourself and don’t recognize your internal needs or you don’t allow them to get expressed. Fantasy, art sense and inspiration are very strong elements here. In addition, this position shows the danger to succumb to illusions and surreality again and again. Possibly the whole of life does not appear to you as real, but as virtual.



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