KMT Calendar – January

KMT Calendar



Day of Hathor

Procession of Set and His Shemsu

Navigation of Ma’at

Day of Thoth

Monthly feast of Re

Feast of Horus

Feast of Isis

Feast of Sekhmet as the Eye of Ra

Raising the Djed Pillar for Wesir

5 Invocation and Offerings to the Akhu
Feast and Procession Nut

Monthly feast of Re

Feast of Lifting Up the Sky

Feast of the Great Burning

Day of opening the Doors and courts of KarnakRa Raises Ma’at to Atum
10  Feast of Nut 11
Procession of Sekhmet and Her Executioners
12 Day When Set Kills Apep
Awakening of Isis by the Majesty of Ra
Birth of Apep

Feast of Nut

Feast of Min

15 Feast of Horus

Offerings made for the Dead

17 Feast of Nut
18 Festival of Victory Navigation of HetHert to Pakhet

Day for those in the Imenty (below the western horizon)

19 Feast of Victory in the Whole Land
20 Feast of Osiris 21
22 Festival of the Doorways of the Horizon are Opened

Feast of Ptah Protecting the Winged Golden Disk

23 Feast of Re 24 Procession of Geb to see Anubis

Procession of Min

25Feast of Sokar

Isis sees the Face of Osiris

26Feasts of Wesir and the Akhu
28 Feast of “Chewing onions” for Bast
29 Feast of Min

Appearnace of Amun and Horus

 30 Monthly feast of Ra; Counting the parts of the Wadjet eye


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