KMT – Sebek and Set

Columb with Sebek at OmbusFrom SETH/SEBEK (Sphere 8) Divine Intellect into Deception and the fight with Heru
By Metaphysics, 2008

In writing the Star Wars Tree of Life is as follows:

Sphere 0: Amen/The Force
Sphere 1: Ausar/Anakin Skywalker
Sphere 2: Tehuti/Yoda
Sphere 3: Seker/Obi-Wan Kenobi
Sphere 4: Maat/Padme Amidala
Sphere 5: Heru-Khuti/Luke Skywalker
Sphere 6: Heru/Luke Skywalker
Sphere 7: Het Heru/Leia Skywalker
Sphere 8: Sebek/Darth Vader
Sphere 9: Auset/Padme Amidala
Sphere 10: Geb/Emperor Palpatine

It wasn’t long before his youngest brother, Set (Satan) – symbol of the dedication of our intellectual faculties (logic and deceptive reasoning) to the service of the sensuous, and emotional nature – became jealous of all the adulation and homage paid to Ausar. Driven by his lust for power, and the rebelliousness of the Animal Spirit against the Order and Laws (Ma’at) imposed by Ausar (and the Tree of Life), Set with the assistance of the confederacy of [72 followers] (the Sebau, from Sebek, of the 8th sphere), killed Ausar.

They then hacked his body into 14 pieces (the religions of the world), and scattered them all over the land. It is said that a shrine to a Deity emerged at each place where a part of his body fell. Those with understanding will grasp what is implied regarding “Polythesim” with Ausar out of the way, Set (Satan) usurped the Kingship, and proceeded to terrorize the world” – Metu Neter

First I would like to say SEBEK (Intellect) is not all bad, it’s the misuse of this Emanation of the Divine; such as Trickology, Lies, and Deception i.e. unethical Politicians, Scientism, Logical Manipulators for selfish gain of Materialism, Lies of PAN slaves of flesh Sensual over gratification and pornography selling and exploitation of Women, consumer consumption for control and power – LIES

“Thus, Science is a means of conditioning the masses to accept future visions that the elite wish to tangibly enact. This process of gradual and subtle inculcation is dubbed “predictive programming.” …”Predictive programming works by means of the propagation of the illusion of an infallibly accurate vision of how the world is going to look in the future”…Materialistic Scientism – by E.F. Schumacher

“..As things stand now, the geniuses of computer technology will give us Star Wars, and tell us that is the answer to nuclear war. They will give us artificial intelligence, and tell us that this is the way to self-knowledge. .. But that is only the way of the technician, the fact-mongerer, the information junkie, and the technological idiot. ..

Here is what Henry David Thoreau told us:

“All our inventions are but improved means to an unimproved end.”


Sebek is one of the most interesting, yet confusing neter in the Kametic tradition. Most of the confusion comes because he is commonly mistaken to be the Devil. This is because most do not understand the nature of Sebek’s energy nor his purpose.

He is the Kametic messenger to Neter (God). He is the master of words, thoughts and ideas. Always searching for factual information that he can use, in the future of building something. He is inquisitive and curious by nature wanting to always understand something first hand.

His children are preachers, sales persons, clerks, teachers, technicians, bean counters and lawyers, which is no wonder why when the western archeologist and scholars learned of him they were fascinated by him. Because this was their God, as you can see he is the neter of numbers, words and ideas. And many of us know that a world of ideas and thoughts doesn’t really mean anything, especially if they are not true. That is the great trick played by the youngster neter of the Kametic tradition, which is why he always over seen by Tehuti or Ma’at, as seen in the judgement scenes all throughout the Kametic history.

Sebek is the power that Opens the Way (ApUat) to life demonstrating that our ancestors knew thousands of years of ago about the power of positive thinking. He is the one that begins the rituals for change. Sebek is always forcing us to think about our choices before making decisions and to consider the consequences. The misunderstanding of Sebek is what has equated him with the Christian devil.

He appears in the Kametic tradition as the sneaky and lurking crocodile, the inquisitive and curious dog, the laughing hyena and quick running jackal. Though he is seen in other animals as the intelligent spider [Anansi] that uses trickery to catch its prey, mouse and the famous Brer Rabbit of African American legends.

SETH (Sebek) Definitions, Labels, Classifications, Discrimination, Segregation, Prejudices based on Race, Gender, etc. disintegral approach to health services (segregation of diet from medicine etc) Liars and manipulators of the Media, deceptive commercialism and branding, Incorrect theories using deceptive words such as Proof and Fact which doesn’t mean Truth and that of racist Darwinism and Evolution,

Religions such as the Abrahamic ones; Islam, Christianity, and Judaism used for Imperialism, etc. A religious hodgepodge put together by the Council of Nicea in 325 AD – Christianity launched a hostile takeover of the ancient salvation myths. Many early church fathers, in an attempt to declare exclusive rights to this mythological Jesus, made him an historical biblical person. The people who you are calling “The Christians” are actually the evil witches and pagan priest dressed up in robes of Rome into a biblical God Nailed to him to a cross drinking wine for his blood and eating bread for his flesh.

The KMTK symbol SEBEK is also the Crocodile image of the Divine Messenger and embodiment of the ‘Word of God’ SEBEK RULES COMMUNICATION, COMMUNION — ‘WORD/UTTERANCE’ AS A CREATIVE FORCE IN FORMING REALITY!

THIS IS HOW hERU (heart and Will) -right side of the brain – understanding and spirituality) SLAYED sET [Satan] -left side of the brain intellect and logic) and resurrected Ausar [osiris] (IntUition Divine Intelligence) remember it was with Auset’s (Isis) Devotion and Passion and Tehuti’s (Gnosis) Tehuti is the brother of Ma’At who help Heru defeat Set (Satan). NOTE: *This is where the word and meaning Jew really truly comes from – the real [Judeans] of Ethiopia. (Lion Tribe of Judah, the Lion (Leo) represents Heru and the Heart Chakra of Christ (Karast) Consciousness.

“I live, yet not I, but Christ – the eternal Logos – liveth in me. ” (Gal 2:20).

THE TREE OF LIFE represents that aspect of Spirit from which Man’s Will is exercised

“I personally believe that humanity is just now developing the capacity for heart/soul merging. We’ve long been in a more mundane expression centered in the mental/emotional.” -God Star*


The 8th faculty on the Tree of Life represents Sebek ([in place of] Set, Satan, Sebek, Darth Vader/Sith) or the intellect faculty. Most people in Western society can only achieve Sebek. Intellect for the mere sake of intellect does not serve the purpose of the indwelling divinity but of Set.

Sebek is an idea or belief based on programming (Scientism/Materialism). Sebek is only a correctly applied faculty in commune with Tehuti (3rd Sphere) the omniscient intUitive faculty. Sebek is based on beliefs and can open or close the way to truth.

Note: “Heru corresponds to our will to resurrect Ausar (divine Intelligence) and the meaning of Will over the intellect resurrecting Divine Intelligence (asuar), which is the freedom to follow or reject divine law (See, there is a difference between Free Will and Will that’s Free) and our emotions.

This “freedom” is the crux of our divinity. Without it, man would be compelled to follow the structural shaping forces of order which manifest in the 10th sphere (Geb – and why we are different than Animals and why I say we did not come from Apes) as the “instincts” that compel all other creatures to obey the law, in which case he could not be held accountable to law, human or divine, let alone be considered the “likeness of God”.

This is all symbolic wisdom

We are constantly making the devil whenever we feed and nourish our lower selves and animal appetites. When we allow our egos to rule, instead of bringing our egos into submission to the indwelling divinity. This is the fight between Ausar (Osiris) Set.

Heru (the Son) is key to the Ausarian (the father- Divine Intelligence) resurrection metaphor, wherein he is seen as the son (Sun), the hero figure, who reclaims his father’s throne which has been usurped by Ausar’s evil brother Set. Heru re-establishes the kingdom of God both within and without, by aligning his will, Man’s free will, with God’s will.

*A sense of being a separate ego is the fundamental illusion that distorts your perception of “reality”

I (Eye)

“The word ‘I’ embodies the greatest error and the deepest truth, depending on how it is used…In normal everyday usage, ‘I’ embodies the primordial error, a misperception of who you are, an illusory sense of identity. This is the ego.

The only value self has, is one that we give to it. Transcend Thought, Transcend Reason – Your heart has a mind and intelligence – use that for practical reasons – it’s your third-eye….Think how far Science could go then – This is how those ancient Kemetians knew about all this stuff; DNA, Math, Relativity, Etc (everyone thinks Einstein was so great all they had to do is pick up the book of the dead, it’s all in there if read properly)

The tools of reason and logic are limited and divided, and are based on worldly knowledge, and do not represent the Truth itself. The Truth lies beyond the limitations of thinking…We need a God intelligence from the Heart – deep within us is this Gnosis Intuitive divine wisdom (use the force Luke)

We speak of the evolution of Life in Matter, the evolution of Mind in Life; but evolution is a word which merely states the phenomenon without explaining it.

“Yoga means a change of consciousness; a mere mental activity will not bring a change of consciousness, it can only bring a change of mind… The capital period of my intellectual development was when I could see clearly that what the intellect said might be correct and not correct, that what the intellect justified was true and its opposite was also true….” – Sri Aurobindo

“The word “cognitive” or “cognition” means “to know” or “to think”… thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and perceptual biases influence what emotions will be experienced and also the intensity of those emotions… Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them… The nature of our feelings is largely determined by the way that we think…” Robert Westermeyer on Cognitive Therapy

“…The (mind)… seems to deal effectively only with parts of the total reality. It directs its attention to discrete and separate parts of the whole. In order that it may understand, the mind separates and conceptualises. It separates that which is connected and the very process of separation distorts an understanding of the whole. The mind thinks in sequence in time. The present is a fleeting moment and is then gone forever. Thoughts are so much grist to its mill. Words and concepts are the instruments of its trade. The mind seeks to clarify one concept by having recourse to another. It defines one word with another. There is no end to this process nor is there a starting point. The mind deals in opposites. There is no idealism without materialism; there are no means without ends; there is no detachment without attachment; there is no free will without determinism; there is no good without bad. If everything was good what would it mean? Presumably, we would stop using the word…” – Nadesan Satyendra On the Bhavad Gita.

When the modern day “Seth’s” talks of survival they mean their dog eat dog modus operandi, in order for them to “survive” someone else, “the other” must either die or be subjugated (dominated). Of course hoarding is the opposite of sharing. We see these reptilian traits being played out daily on a global basis by whites who essentially function on that level.

Set culture is primed to destroy, the more we attempt to assimilate and acculturate into it, the sicker (or the more dominated) we become! Critically examine history and see what I mean.

Set culture (today’s capitaliSIC culture) is predatory, it operates off of the basest elements and behaviors. If we are to regain our complete humanity and develop to our fullest potential we must formulate an African based pedagogical/cultural system to develop our human brain and cultivate transcendence over its baser reptilian and mammalian parts. To do this we must return to, relearn and reinstate our Ma’at methodologies for human development.

Source: Metaphysics


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