Metu Neter – 5. Law of HeruKhuti

HeruKhuti Justice WLLaw of HeruKhuti

Know that God neither punishes nor rewards nor protects, that you will have the comfort of controlling these for yourself.

Reasoning: If adversity which cannot be avoided is not the cause of suffering that follows our failure to reclaim our original nature (peace), then we must make spiritual growth our highest priority. If we are one, then I must refrain from doing you wrong (even self-defensively wishing you ill) to avoid doing me wrong—the key to justice and protection from others.

Sphere 5 of the Tree represents that aspect of Spirit from which Divine Law is “enforced.” In the Kamitic tradition, the deity represented by this Sphere is known as Herukhuti. The wrath of God (punishment) is exercised through this faculty, as is the love of God in its protective aspect. There is a balancing logic at work here. There is no law without means of enforcement, therefore Herukhuti is needed to complement Maat.”

HeruKhuti before me,
HeruKhuti at my right hand,
HeruKhuti behind me,
HeruKhuti at my left hand.
HeruKhuti within me,
HeruKhuti help me speak truth.”

The 5th Faculty on the Tree of Life represents HeruKhuti, or divine justice. This faculty establishes justice in the world, not by revenge or destruction, but instead by re-establishing the laws governing existence (MAAT). Divine justice within our being consists of making peace, balance and harmony get achieved and restoring all to god’s order.


Herukhuti, also called Heru-Behutet, is the divine principle that safeguards our existence from the injustices of others. It works sternly through the law that states that you reap what you sow. Be consistent in being just with others, and you will be spiritually protected by this divine power.

Its aggressive power is also the foundation of the temperament of natural athletes, warriors, business executives, and so on.

In the Kamitic tradition, it is the form in which Heru fights against Set in order to regain the throne (control over one’s life) that the latter usurped. The seeming contradiction that arises from considering Heru-Behutet “a form of Heru” is cleared up when we realize that ultimately there is only one Deity in the world, with different faculties. While Heru corresponds to the steady supply of noradrenalin that enables us to carry out all activities of externalization, Herukhuti (Heru-Behutet) corresponds to the extreme surges of adrenalin that support our aggressive, sexual arousal and immune responses.


The Heart Chakra corresponds to The Ab, corresponding to Spheres 6, 5, and 4, which mediates between the divine divisions of the spirit above, and the mundane divisions below. It is interesting that we associate the heart with the qualities of Maat (Sphere 4), namely love, truth, generosity, sharing, etc., also of Herukhuti (Sphere 5), namely the “heart” of the warrior and athlete, namely bravery and the willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice, and of Heru (Sphere 6), namely the courage and indomitable will of the leader, who by example can “give heart” to his followers”

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