Kabbalah Amulets

Protection Amulet 6th Pentacle of Mars tMCPowerful Amulets
By Rabbi Azulai

Since the ancient times, people have used amulets to bring good luck and protect themselves from evil. Among the common items that can serve as amulets are stones, gems and pendants which are believed to have magical powers.

How Amulets are Made
Rabbi Azulai writes his scrolls on high quality Kosher parchments according to the rules of the Kabbalah. The special amulets include virtues from the ancient time of Solomon Signatories. These symbols are believed to promote wisdom, self-confidence and charisma. After writing an amulet, the Rabbi will scroll it into a leather pouch, and bless it.

Some of the Rabbi’s most popular talismans attempt to help people achieve the following:

• Success in your career, which includes but is not limited to, going up the corporate ladder, achieving desired promotions and receiving protection from jealous coworkers;

• Success in your business, which includes but is not limited to, generating higher volumes from existing customers, generating revenue from new customers and receiving protection from existing and new competitors 

• Removal of negative energies and curses placed by evil people;

• Protection from future black magic, voodoo and evil eye attacks as well as supernatural forces;

• Guidance, success and good luck in whatever your heart desires

• Meeting your soul mate and getting married as well as rekindling a relationship with your loved one.

• Improving ones health and overall well being as well as curing from various diseases and health conditions

The amulets consist of unique words and scripts written by Rabbi David Azulai specifically for those who seek his assistance. […] It should be noted that Kabbalah is not an exact science and therefore Rabbi Azulai cannot guarantee the results of his work.

Purification process begins at the Western Wall


Writing an Amulet

kabbalah amulet

Packaging of an Amulet

big amulet

Special Ritual Behind the Creation of an Amulet

A special ritual is behind every scroll of amulet. First, Rabbi Azulai undergoes cleansing to remove any negative energy, and bathes in Mikveh (holy water) to achieve full purification. He then engages in deep meditation, which allows him to connect with the world of truth.

Genuine Amulets and Kabbalah

Kabbalah has always placed genuine magical amulets on a special spot. Some say it is due to the variety of benefits that come from using amulets, and since any true Kabbalist always seeks to achieve success in all areas of life, amulets become an essential part of his or her practice of Kabbalah. However, genuine amulets are also important in this doctrine due to the fact that their effect on people can be easily explained through Kabbalistic knowledge.

Kabbalah has never underestimated the power of a human thought, a powerful prayers or a written symbol. In fact, people who adhered to the doctrine have collected information about these areas of interest for a long time. A lot of knowledge about symbols and their influence on the material world was taken from Egyptian pyramids and pharaohs. The surprising discovery of the unlimited power of symbolism back in the ancient Egypt had quickly turned into a realization that, if properly created, amulets and talismans with sacred symbols can be used for positive energies, protection and people’s good. Many techniques of creation of powerful genuine amulets were borrowed from other cultures or developed later independently.

Some of those techniques include singing prayers with sacred rhymes to powerful rhythms, writing symbols in holy languages, and using special material for amulets to be capable to preserve the energies of the world and transport them to the wearer. Incorporating all these techniques for the creation of a potent magical entity, such as an amulet, is something any person with enough skill, strong personal energy and long training could accomplish. However, Kabbalists with their knowledge of the works of the universe bring additional expertise to the sophisticated amulets creation process. They manage to enhance the overall intensity of these magical means, which makes genuine amulets very attractive to those who wear them for success and protection.

Amulet Vibrations

Amulet vibrations were one of the greatest discoveries about amulets made by Kabbalah followers. Everything in the entire universe is in the state of vibration. People, animals, plants, inanimate objects – they all vibrate. This fact has been confirmed both by religions and science. Genuine amulets, which have been used by people for healing, protection and inspiration for so many centuries, also vibrate. They have their own oscillation frequencies and emit waves that can affect other objects. When the frequencies between the amulet and the person who wears it coincide, a connection is made between them. This connection allows them to multiply their collective powers by several times, draw on and use the potent energies that are created in the process.

New, recently created amulets may sometimes be out of sync with their owners. However, the situation quickly changes as soon as they are worn regularly. Because many genuine Kabbalah amulets have an ability to modify their vibrations in order to match them to the vibrations of their owners, over time an amulet becomes part of their owner’s energy system. This means that the longer one wears an amulet, and the more time the person spends with it, the closer and stronger the connection is, and the more beneficial it is to the wearer.

Amulet vibrations are essential to the orderly exchange of energies with the owner. The manipulation of such vibrations caused by negligence (not wearing it on a regular basis) or abandonment (giving it away to another person) may render a perfectly good amulet useless until the proper vibration rhythms are restored again. Genuine Kabbalah amulets should be treated with respect, as you would a friend, and not shared with others.

What if I Don’t Believe in Amulets?

In general, being doubtful is the most productive human trait. It makes some individuals stronger than others. Believing in something blindly is foolish and not justifiable. It is good to question things and strive to find the truth. That is exactly how Kabbalah started among other religions. While others were preaching to have the faith and not doubt the authority, Kabbalah questioned everything. That is why in this doctrine it is alright to believe in some things, and not believe in others. Only through hesitation, the truth will be found.

Believing in the power of genuine Kabbalah amulets is a matter of personal choice. However, if one wants to come to know Kabbalah and the energy of amulets for the first time, it is advised to wear an amulet. When an introduction to a world of supernatural powers is desired by a person who has never experienced it before, that person can make a great use of amulets, which will demonstrate their magical powers and allow one to connect to the invisible world. Amulets can open up a gateway into the world of unseen.

Before making a decision about whether or not one should believe in amulets, it is also advised to read some outstanding Kabbalah works, which gave the beat to the heart of Jewish mysticism, such as The Zohar, Sefer Yetzirah, Treatise on the Left Emanation, and Bahir. They are a reflection of the most creative and profound Jewish thoughts, and they became the basis of Kabbalistic knowledge about the universe, the energies of existence, creation, and, eventually, the powerful Kabbalah amulets. They enabled many Kabbalah followers to reach the understanding of how the universe functions, see and recognize the illusions of material world, and learn how the invisible energies manifest in the visible world.

Source: http://www.kabalatalisman.com/amulets/


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