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MaatSee part 1: METU NETER – 4. Law of Ma’at

METU NETER/Metaphysics

Ma’at, the 4th sphere of the Tree of Life manifest in Man’s spirit as the universally felt need for order (law).

To the spiritually immature, law or order is put in place through rules backed by coercive forces for the purpose of achieving social peace and harmony. It is unfortunate that almost 6000 years of recorded history has not dispelled this fallacy. It must be understood that rules constituting Man’s laws – and supposedly God’s law as well – are based on the belief that the human (kind of man, inferior or sahu man) represents the totality of Man.

In spite of the highly touted theory of evolution, present man as seen in the majority of people is not viewed as evolving, but finished product. Instead of giving rules, the goal of law would be achieved by subjecting all people on earth to a program of spiritual cultivation based on the 11 laws of the spirit. And in place of appealing to coercive force, which history has shown not to work, people should be taught to love.

Love is a most misunderstood force (e-motion). It is “giving seeking nothing in return.” It has to be so, if it is as most say, an expression of selflessness. It has nothing to do with sex, although many people use the expression “making love,” for having sex. It is often confused with affection. The distinction is easily seen in the fact that someone can be affectionate with you, yet behave very selfishly toward you. Love, then is the emotion or executive force of our oneness with all. It is the logical deduction from the law of Ausar, the 1st sphere of the Tree. If I am with you, then that I do for you, I have done for myself.

Love takes the law of Ausar one step further, According to the law of Ausar, a person must not interpret the negative actions of another as being against him/her. In Ma’at, we express love toward the transgressor. This might seem hard to do until we remember that our nature is peace, thus we need not experience emotional pain or difficulties in doing so. This might seem to be bad advice, suicidal even, until we recall the knowledge that peace in the face of “opposition” generates wisdom and spiritual power.

The question that has not been raised so far is “what is the power generated by peace in the face of “opposition, and difficulties?” The answer is love. To understand how love is a force, especially one that can help you in the face of someone who is trying to remove your seed from the planet, even, it is necessary to remove a few other misunderstandings about love.

Someone says that they love you because they feel an ache when you are absent, and they feel good when you are around, especially when you engage them affectionately, or sensually. None of these are signs of love. The word has been appropriated by the spiritually immature who is incapable of experiencing the reality denoted by it. In the discourses on law of Sekher it was explained that emotions (forces) can act directly to affect physical objects and events.

Placing this with the understanding that the Tree of Life represents a hierarchical distribution of the shaping factors of our lives, we can conclude that the executive force of oneness (love) must be the dominant force among all others. Thus, whenever two forces come together, the superior one will impose itself and replace the other.

To love your enemy, then, is, an act of conquest, not submissive resignation. But of course you have to know how to express love, and more important, you have to be genuinely at peace in the situation-hey this guy is trying to kill you. It cannot be accomplished by mere injunction. It is the result of a lengthy process of spiritual cultivation. It is criminally irresponsible to tell the spiritually, and intellectually, and morally immature person to love his enemies. This is a principle that requires 10 others to be awakened in the spirit of the person in order to safely and effectively put into play.

The problem is not about how one goes about loving one’s “enemies.” Many people believe that love is something that is directed to this or that person because they have mistaken it for affection. The spiritual goal of Ma’at is to become a loving person, just not loving this or that person. It is to develop a “heart“ that is filled with love for all, as an emotional expression of the oneness with all manifested at Ausar.

Since oneness encompasses those who will try to act against you, so must your all encompassing love. In other words, love properly understood is the e-motional reflection of oneness. Thus, instead of entertaining thoughts of seeing those who engage in transgression toward you burn in hell, or meet an unfortunate end (as a defensive wish), you will pray for their well being as you would everyone else in the world.

It must be understood that love toward these people is not expressed by turning the other cheek or giving them the shirt off your back, or sitting with them to break bread. In some others. If you come home and find a man raping your daughter, you offer him your wife? If it became necessary to kill him in self-defense, the law of love and oneness would not be violated. You must maintain balance between the two parts of your being-we are one in essence, separate in form.

At this point you might be asking “what about love for the righteous, the weak, and the innocent?” We must go back to a principle explained in the laws of Sekher and Tehuti that states that power and wisdom is not generated unless there is a genuine demand for them. And that genuine demand is provided by adversity and difficulties in life.

Therefore, while it is good to express our love for family, and the righteous, etc. such actions do not accrue wisdom and power to us. It is the love that flows from the peace that has to be summoned in adversity that manifests the ability to act as an independent force in the world. This love flows from the divine part of our being, while the love that is expressed for those who do not pose a challenge for us flows from the human part of our being. The love from the Godly part of our being is a power that subdues the unrighteous.

Besides being the executive force behind the oneness of Ausar, love is also the executive force behind the reality of interdependence which operates on the level of Ma’at, proper. We must remember that we are an indivisible duality-one in being, yet separate in manifestation. At the Ma’at level, our separateness is recognized, yet united through our interdependence.

Interdependence is a fact of nature. A crowning example is the interdependence between flowers and bees. Flowers as we know are either female or male, and therefore require outside help in order to reproduce. The fun goes to the bees. It is there job to transport the pollen from the male flowers to the females. This occurs as they go from flower to flower collecting their food (nectar and pollen). To insure that the bees will find them, flowers secrete their alluring perfume that can be detected for miles by the bees.

It is obvious that flowers and bees were created with each other in mind. Neither can survive without the other. And what about the thousands of other creatures that depend on this relationship for their survival given that they are upstream on the food chain. At this point we must ask some very important questions. Did this relationship come about through intelligences residing in the bees and the flowers, or did it come from a source outside of them?

If the intelligence resides inside these creatures, then Man’s claim to supremacy on earth is in serious trouble. And we can replicate countless examples of such interdependence throughout nature – we see it in the cycles of water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen/protein, etc. Once more again we are confronted with evidence for the existence of a bodiless intelligence, and a bodiless executive power at work in the world. By now you should have no problem with the identity of this entity – God.

The other question that we must ask “does Man live outside of this web of interdependence – Man to the other creatures, and men to men?”

It doesn’t take much reflection to conclude that Man does not. Man is no less and no more a part of nature like all other creatures. The difference is that while all other creatures cannot escape living in harmony with the forces that bind them to others, Man can escape – at a disadvantage – because of his/her free will. It should also be clear that the only emotion that is congruent with entities that depend on each other is love. While man can choose to not integrate himself/herself with the whole he cannot survive or flourish in this manner. Nothing that is not in harmony with the whole can survive for long, or flourish. Cancer is a clear example.

Before leaving this subject it is necessary to dethrone a major fallacy that stands in the way of understanding the principle of love as an expression of oneness and interdependence. This is the Darwinian Theory of the Evolution of Species. While there is an evolutionary process going on in the world. Darwin arrived at his theory from the perception that the world is made up of creatures that can be arranged in a progressive order of complexity along a time-line.

The same can be said of living things, which are made of cells of different levels of complexity. On the other hand, biologist conclude that the cells in a creature are simple or complex according to the function they are carrying out as part of the whole. Platelets are not primitive cells that will eventually evolve into a complex form. Their simple nature conforms to their role in the body. Brain cells are not highly evolved cells. Their complex nature conforms to their function. We can and must say the same about creatures making up the world. If bees evolved, if flowers evolved, if nitrogen fixing bacteria and beans evolved what would happen to the thousands of creatures, including man, up the food chain?

If plants evolved what would happen to animals which are incapable of making their own food or preparing oxygen for animal consumption, and so on? As for what appears to be a progressive introduction of more complex creatures along the time line, need not be the expression of separate creatures engaged in a striving by and for themselves, but a gradual unfolding of the components of a developing being-as seen in the fetal process, where complex cells and tissues “evolve” from simpler ones as integral and interdependent parts of a whole. It is a shame that the theory of evolution has not been revisited from the level of genetic blueprint of a creature is encoded even in all its cells-from the simplest to the most complex.

Viewed from another perspective, interdependence translates into the expression of need and its fulfillment through sharing. That people need each other and should share is readily understood.

What is not recognized by people who view God as an omnipotent being that makes the world and Man and deals with the world from the outside. Lets recall what was said in Chapter 1 regarding God’s purpose for creating the world, once the latter has completed its spiritual development (evolution). Therefore, God cannot come into the world to fulfill its reasons for creating it unless men complete their spiritual development.

On the other side, a man/woman cannot attain happiness (enjoyment of life) unless they develop themselves to become vehicles of God, I.e. became woman/man. Without the transcendental peace of Amen there will always be suffering, without the wisdom (God’s omniscience) there will always be errors leading to suffering, without spiritual power (God’s omnipotence) there will always be failure in undertakings, and without these attributes the oneness with all will be mere words and enmity lack of oneness) will be our lot. Yes, God is omnipotent but will not force man to choose.

And let it be understood now that it is only in joyfully choosing to become God’s living temple on earth and spirit world that Man can show his love for God. But exercising this choice is easier said than done. Its fulfillment requires the elimination of all behavior patterns in the spirit that are contrary to the laws of God. These are the conditioning that manifest a anger, fear, greed, selfishness, hatred, jealousy, envy, lust, vulnerability to temptations and emotions, reliance on one’s mind in place of the Word of God, and so on. Its fulfillment cannot be had without a mighty struggle that for most people extends over several incarnations.

This struggle is none other than the epic battles between the forces of good and evil that have been portrayed in the great literary works – secular and spiritual – of many cultures; the Bhagavad Gita, the battles of Set and Heru, and Ra and Apep, to name a few. Considering what is at stake for Man-acquiring wisdom, a power that noting can disturb – the battle involves a test of the limits of ones capacity to love God. Are you willing to joyfully give up your dearest possession, to pray for the redemption of the one who killed your dreams, in order to become the vehicle of God, if not on earth, in the spiritual realm?

If you prayed in a state of peace for the redemption of the wrong doer (showing love), wouldn’t your prayer be backed by the spiritual power of God? Love for God must be shown through the greatest of trials. It cannot be shown through daily giving of thanks, prayers, meditation, rituals, reading scriptures and so on. These are preparatory practices for the struggle. You will find out what the struggle is like soon after you make an ironclad decision to implement one of the 11 laws given in this book. Remember that these laws are not arbitrary rules but instructions that enable you to enter into a conscious relationship with the forces of shaping your life. Keep in mind that you are aware of these forces.

The forces of the Tree of Life have been identified as urges or inner drives that are common to all men.

Can you post phone this task? Will You Keep God waiting? If you cannot love God, who then can you love? Who or what will you place above God? And if you love God, then don’t you love all? Are you not then a loving being? Is not then your love universal? And if the master force of the universe-the unifying force, love-is yours who’s separative force (anger, hatred, selfishness, etc.) can oppose you?

Thanks to RA UN NEFER AMEN for sharing this information that I, now share in the world of jah.



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