The Book of the Zodiac

Zodiac 3From THE BOOK OF THE ZODIAC (Sfar Malwasia)
Translated by E.S. Drower (1949)

[I] In the name of the Great First Sublime Life, from abounding worlds of light, which are above all works ! Health and purity, strength and soundness, speech and hearing, joy of heart and a forgiver of sins be there for me,’ Ram Zihrun son -of Maliha by means of these-the Book of the Signs of the Zodiac for men and women, so that I may undertake and succeed in it through the strength of Yawar Ziwa and Simat Hiia. S—a,

He who is born under the sign of Aries, this is what will become of him. He will be tall and handsome  and wise, and his mouth and lips will be large, his hair straight, his eyes big and his eyebrows fine. There are two whorls on his head, his nose is long, his voice is powerful and there is a mark on his face.’ He will bring trouble to his father and mother : they should suckle him with mixed milk and take him out of the house. If they omit to do this to him the house in which he is will be ruined. Good fortune will come to him from noblemen and kings! Heswill do good to mankind, and get a fair reputation in the cities. He will acquire property, have children, and found a family. He will be a philanthropist (have love towards all [2] humanity).6

With a money-bag, Taurus. It is decreed that he will acquire property, and he will sit in a seat of honour like sons of noblemen. But all that comes to him from his parents is debarred (or ” lost “) to him.? Then he shall become great, he will attain greatness, will acquire land and water, and will plant plantations and build buildings. He will find favour with a widow-woman.

With brethren, Gemini. So he will be oppressed by his brethren and it will warp his disposition? And he will have brothers and sisters-two or three brothers. One of his brothers will fall out with him. He will dispenae hospitalitya to others, but they will return him no thanks (i.e. be ungrateful).

 With parents, Cancer. It is decreed that he will be a mischiefmaker? He will be wealthy and it is written that he will wed an alien wife. Destroy the place in which he was born? if not, it will go hardly with his parents. He (however) {will stand firm amidst calamity 3 and the older he gets, the wiser he will become and he will have children and beget childrendon two wives.’

With children, Leo. This will be his destiny-that he will have trouble with his children, but if he brings them up caxefully and ,takes ,precautions,4 his children will be reared. He w will be in great pain. If [S] Bel (Jupiter) rules sons will be raised up to him.

With pains and blemishes, Virgo. Jt is his fate to pass though trouble ‘(or ” get over sickness “). He will have headache and heartache. They will work spells against him: (he musf guard himself against magic spells. And he will suffer from sore throat and be hurt (scalded) by hot water.

With nuptial rejoicings, Libra. It is decreed that he will take a well-born maid to bed 6 and thus he will co-habit with a girl of good family. He is addicted to (Zit. ” runs after “) fornication.

With death, Scorpio. It is ordained that physical might will be his, or, if %rs is in the ascendant, he will fall into disputes. If Jupiter, Mars, and Sol are in the ascendant, ‘a serpent will attack him, or he may fall from a height and die. If under the aspect of Saturn, he will suffer from ague and hardship (ill-health?), or bloody marks will come out on him, And he will die a seemly death.

Sagittarius is the house of absence 9 from home. It will happen that , he will take a far journey. He will work hard (manual work), and it will turn out well. He will perform good work (Zit. ” fair works “), until four or seven years have passed.

At the culmination (medium coelum), Capricornus ;’ so the man will, be handsome,, impetuop, and brilliant and his society courted.  He will be receivedJ by a [4] great man and will be made much of by and find favour with him. And his enemies will be overcome.

With good fortune, full and emptied, Aquarius. He requites3 his enemies with evil and escapes from the hand of a murderer. (corrupt? the sentence varies in the three copies.)

With poor fortune, Pisces So he will be fond of vainglory, ribaldry, and revelry. Years that are unlucky for him (Id. are hard upon him) are these : at four years old an illness, and at twelve years an illness and at forty-two an illness. If he gets over these illnesses, he will live sixty-two years or ninety-three  ears and then dies. S——a.


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