The Fiction of Moses

Moses-parting-red-sea-Aaron and Allen HicksMoses – Fictional Character
Advocators of Truth, 2005

The name Moses/Moshe is not derivative of the ‘mes’ title in the language of Kamit. Moses/Moshe is a purely fictional character. The life story of this fictional character was patterned after the knowledge of the God Tehuti. The title/function/name “maakheru” is the origion of the corruption ‘moshe/moses’. Maakheru is very often written “maa kher”. We must also recognize that the ‘kh’ metut is often translated and pronounced ‘sh’. The ‘r’ is a rolling ‘r’ as in many of our Ancestral languages. Maa-kher thus becomes Maa-sher and later ‘moshe/moses’.

The term maakher (maa-she) in Kamit, meaning “true of voice”, one who “speaks/voices the divine law” exists in Twi as “mmarahye” (mmara-hye) pronounced (mmara or maa-sheh). In Twi, mmarahye is defined as “jurist” meaning “one who voices the law (mmara)”. The term is often used hyemmara (to legislate). Tehuti is the Divine Spokesperson of Ra. He is the original Maa-kher (true of voice and word) Who has the ability to make others “maakher” or true of voice and word. Hence the beginning of the prayer “Es Tehuti s-maakheru Ausar er khefta f” “Hail Tehuti who makes Ausar maakher against His enemies”

When George G.M. James states that the title moshe was a title given to initiates all over Kamit, the reality of that statement is rooted in the fact that when one achieved a certain level of development in this life (and after death) they were given the title “MAA KHER” (Maa-she). In the “Book of the Cow of Heaven” (The Destruction of Mankind) Ra asks Tehuti to “Come with me to the mountainous region” where men and women would not see them (Ra and Tehuti). Ra takes on the form of a God of Light and is thus called “Ra Aakhu”.

1. Tehuti (Maa Kher/Maa she/Moshe) goes on the mountain to see the God of Light (burning bush).

2. Ra directs Tehuti to “write down what is in the spirit-world”. Tehuti is givine the title An-Maat or “scribe of the Divine Law”.

3. Tehuti (Maa kher/Maashe/Moshe) is instructed to become the lawgiver (ten commandments inscribed in stone) Ra makes Tehuti His Deputy on Earth, and gives Tehuti an assistant. This assistant is the Divine baboon called “Anan”.

4. Tehuti (Maa kher/Maashe/Moshe) is given a helper. Anan (Ah- nahn) was corrupted into Aa-Rahn or Aaron, the fictional assistant to the fictional Moshe/moses. When you see the depiction of Tehuti sitting in a sacred barque with the baboon Anan next to Him, you are viewing Maakher and Anan (Moshe and Aaron/Moses and Aaron).

5. Ra calls for the Divine Field (Sekhet Hetep) to be created for the followers of Tehuti and calls for Divine food (Aaru) to be placed in the Divine Field. Hence the name Sekhet Aaru.

The promised land (sekhet hetep) is established for the followers of Moshe and the “food from heaven” (aaru) is placed therein. (Note: This is NOT Palestine)

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