Metu Neter – 2. Tehuti

Tehuti 2Law of Tehuti: 

When all of your thoughts, feelings, and actions reflect the Word of God, then the power of God’s spirit and a peace that nothing can challenge will flow through your being.


If we can intuit the Word of God by cultivating our ability to be at peace in situations of challenge, why give in to anger, fear, lust, etc.? If we have access to the Word of God (wisdom) which is superior to our own minds, why rely [only] on our [own] minds?


Avoiding and resolving conflicts is one of the chief functions of Tehuti, the faculty of wisdom. It is the total antithesis of the intellect. While the latter derives its information from man’s worldly experiences, the wisdom faculty gets its knowledge from God dwelling in man’s spirit. […] In this state where there are no thoughts, consciousness enters into the same state of Hetep (Nirvana) as described by the ogdoad. Since this faculty is not really of man, but belongs to God dwelling in one’s spirit, the procedure can be explained as the stilling of the thought processes of the intellect and the imagination, in order to receive instructions from God.

‘Hu’ in Tehuti is the mantra (word of power) […] of the Guru (wisdom) chakra. It operates by suppressing the formation of [lesser] thought processes [the] mind must be cut off from its ports (the senses) to the outside world. This is of course, a brief account of the process. The most important point to understand is that ultimately, the most important part of the deity’s name is ‘Hu,’ understood not as a word with meaning, but as the word of power which leads to the manifestation of wisdom in the initiate.

© Ra Un Nefer Amen



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