KMT – Ausar (1)

AusarKing of Kings Ausar

When Ausar became King of Kamit, the men he came to rule in Lower Kemet were in a savage state. They were nomadic tribes in constant warfare against each other. They were wholly given over to evil and sinful behavior.

– This is symbolic of the state of the lower part of the being when not guided by the indwelling divinity because it is restricted to the subconscious life of the person. Individuals and nations are doomed to evil experiences.

Ausar brought civilization and spirituality to the people, enabling them thus, to achieve prosperity. He gave them a body of laws to regulate their conduct, settled their disputes justly, and instructed them in the science of spiritual development. He shared the rulership of the land with Queen Auset, who domesticated wild barley and wheat. Ausar taught men the art of agriculture – the tilling of the soil, cultivation of grains, and of fruit trees – they also laid the material foundations for the development and growth of civilization. Brothers no longer lifted their hands against each other. There was prosperity and peace throughout the land of Kamit. Having civilized Kamit, he turned the government over to Auset, and traveled around the world to spread the same instructions.

– When the indwelling intelligence comes to the foreground it brings order to the life of the individual, resulting in a prosperous, healthy, and successful life. Thus we can see that in the Kamitic value system, success in life comes from allowing the indwelling divinity to rule ones life. Education, talents, etc. can only play supportive and subordinate roles. As the central faculty of the Sahu, Auset (the persona) shares in the government of the life of the individual and nations because of her devotion to following Ausar – the divine Self. (The similarity of religious concepts and symbols around the world is explained as the spreading of the Ausarian religion – historically documented as the oldest in the world)

Ausar induced people to accept his teachings, by the use of persuasive lectures, spiritual hymns and music. Wherever he went he brought peace and learning to the people.

– Thousands of years before Islam and Christianity, religions spread by the sword and the canon, the Kamau believed in the peaceful dissemination of their spiritual system. This was done not only for the sake of peace and respect for the dignity of men. It was due to the realization that to defile men is to defile the Supreme Being who is the indwelling Self in each person. Besides, religion being what it is, cannot be disseminated otherwise. Not to understand that is not to understand religion.

While he was away, Auset ruled the land so expertly, that her brother Set who was consumed with jealousy over Ausar’s success, was unable to realize his desire to rule. He sought in vain to stir up rebellion in the kingdom, so he plotted to overcome Ausar by deception – his chief characteristic – with the help of 72 followers.

– As Auset represents the personality that is devoted Love and in following Ausar (God in manifestation), it cannot be overcome by the forces of evil.

When Ausar returned from his mission, he was greeted with a royal feast by Set and his 72 conspirators, supposedly to honor Ausar and to make merry.

– That the conspirators of Set numbered 72 was an allusion to the fact that Set’s main weapon was deception, which is a negative expression of the intellect – the 8th sphere Sebek – Sebek, who was Set’s main lieutenant and strategist corresponds to the planet Mercury which, in the Canaanite Kabala rules over 72 spirits called the Shemhamphoras.

Set brought a funerary chest in the exact shape of Ausar, which was so beautiful that everyone at the feast desired it for themselves. When everyone was in a joyous state from beer drinking, Set stated that he would give the chest to anyone whose body fit the chest perfectly. They all tried it for size, but no one could fill it out perfectly.

– This part of the story is a reference to Set’s reliance on Illusions, alcohol and other drugs to facilitate his deceptive acts. His deception masterpiece in regards to this method is to criminalize the use of drugs he cannot control, and to make Sahu Man, who will believe anything, treat the enslaved through street drugs to medicate the ill person.

He came last to Ausar and asked him if he would try it, knowing all along that it would fit the King, as he had made the chest to the exact measurements of his body. Ausar entered the chest and his body fit it in every part. Before he could get up, the followers of Set jumped quickly to close the lid of the chest and nailed it down and soldered it fast with lead.

– Setians make careful study of those they would attack and conquer.

Needless to say, the King died immediately of suffocation.

– An allusion to the relationship of the breath to the working of the indwelling divinity. (As it is awakened through special breathing procedures – slow, deep rhythmical breathing – its range of function is affected by irregular and shallow breathing.)

The feast was broken up and in great confusion the followers of Set fell upon the people with their weapons to take over the government. Set commanded his followers to take the chest away and dispose of it in a secret place. They hastened through the thick cover of darkness and flung it into the Nile. The Nile’s current took it to the open ocean, and it was presumed lost for ever on the bottom of the ocean.

– An allusion to the fact that the indwelling intelligence is hidden away from most people in the subconscious (bottom of the ocean). This is why meditation, which is a process of taking the consciousness into the subconscious while retaining full consciousness, is essential in religious work.

So ended the world’s reign of peace, harmony and prosperity.

– The indwelling intelligence builds up the spirit, mind and body of the individual from the moment of conception. Although it is restricted to managing the involuntary vegetative functions of being, it is the major influence in life during our infancy, although the dormancy of the intellectual faculties prevent it from expressing itself in the thinking of children. Yet, its influence is to be seen in their absence of evil, hate and such qualities. As children grow, their minds are taken over by the lower intellect which totally eclipses the indwelling intelligence. This is Set killing Ausar, especially if their behavior is characterized by deception. In the life of nations and the history of the world we find the same progression from innocence to wickedness [instead of wisdom].

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