J-N of African and African Originated Deities

Earth MotherAfrican and African Originated Deities

=== JJJ ===

Jaguruba (m) – River Gods – Kakwa of Sudan – Parents of the malevolent Ngulete

Jakar, Kar (m) – Sky God – Nuer of Sudan – Gaarwar ancestor

Jakuta – pre-incarnation of Shango – Yoruba of Nigeria

Jean Petro (m) – Leader of group of strong and violent Petro Loa – Vodoun of Haiti – deification of Don Pedro

Jeki la Njambe (m) – the son of God, Batanga, Duala, Malimba, Pongo of Cameroon

Jok, Lubanga – Supreme Being – Acholi, Lango of Uganda – omnipresent but distant

Jok (-) – Spirits of the dead – Dinka of Sudan

Juok, Jwok (-) – Supreme Being, Creator God – Anauk, Jo Luo, Shilluk of Sudan

Juon, Juong – Supreme and Creator God – Burun, Meban of Sudan – the Potter

=== KKK ===

[]Kagen – Trickster God – San of Botswana, Namibia, South Africa

[]Kai []Kini – Fire God – []Kung of Namibia – Owner of Doro (fire)

Kaidara (m) – Earth God, God of Gold and Wisdom – Fulani of Senegal – a beam that comes from Gueno or else disguised as an old man or beggar

Kalala (m) – God of war – Holoholo of Congo, Tanzania – origin of biblical story of Joseph thrown in a ditch

Kalitanga (m) – Warrior God – Ovimbundu of Angola – Mythical Hero

Kalfu, Carrefour, Kalfou (m): God of Death and the Crossroads, Darkness and Sorcery, and Controller of evil spirits – Haitian Vodou – Ghede Loa

Kalumba – Creator God – Luba of Congo

Kanu, Masala, Masaranka – sky God, Single High God – Safroko Limba, Sela Limba Tonko Limba of Sierra Leone

Kapepe (m) – Mythical Hero – Lenje of Zambia – married Lesa (daughter of the Supreme God)

Karunga – Supreme Being, Creator God – Herero of Namibia – preserver of life, also Eyuru (Heaven)

Kinbaka-Baka and Kinbumba Bumba – Parents of mankind – Luba of Congo

Koni (m) – Earth God, blacksmith – Bambara of Mali – wife Faro

Ko (f) – Goddess who is below – San of Botswana, Namibia, South Africa

Kori (f) – protector of children, especially Abiku, children who died before the age of 12

Korikoto – God of Growth, protector of anything/anyone that is gestating, from negative energy brought by hate, envy, and other types of ill will, often represented by a scarecrow

Krabinay: Petro loa – Haitian Vodou

Kue – titulary spirits – Jen of Nigeria – representing ancestors

Kulito – Ancestors – Fon

=== LLL ===

Legba, Elegba (m) – God of the crossroads, origin of life, Interpreter of messages from the Gods – Fon of Benin, Vodoun of Haiti – Guardian of temples, bringer of Fa to men – son (or brother) of Mawu

Linglessu: Preto loa free masons

Lintochild spirit of the Guede family 

Loco, Papa Loko (m): Loa of trees and vegetation, guardian of sanctuaries and communities, God of healing  – Haitian Vodou and Caribbean Vodou – patron of the herbs doctors who always invoke him before undertaking a treatment, husband of Ayizan

Logun Ede, Laro – son of a manifestation of Oshun (Oshun Iponda) and Erinle

=== MMM ===

Maaselobi – the spark from which Shango was born from Olorun

Marassa: Loa twins – Haitian Vodou

Maman Brigitte (f) – Lwa of the comforting or protective aspect of death and the immune system – Haitian Vodou – wife of Baron Samedi, syncretized with the Irish Brigitte

Marinette-Bwa-Chech: “Marinette of the dry arms” is a petro loa or an evil spirit, a she-devil – Haitian Vodou – Marinette is the mistress of Petro-e-rouge and wife to Ti-Jean-pied-sec, She is an agent of the underhand dealings of Kita who is, herself, an outstanding loa sorceress

Mawu and Lisa – The dual Creator of Earth, Mawu (Moon) and Lisa (Sun) – Fon of Benin – twin child of Minona, and parent of Da (Damballah)

Mawuga Kitikata – Creator of Earth – Ewe of Benin

Mbumba – God of the Rainbow, Water Snake, ruler of the Earth – Yombe of Congo

Minona – protector Goddess – Fon –  first child of Gbadu

Modimo, Ralabepa – Creator God – Soth, Lesotho of South Africa – Father of all might and power

Mujaji, Modhadje, Modjadji (f) – Goddess of Rain and Clouds – Khifidola-maru-a-Daja, Queen of Lovedu

Mukasa (m) – God of Plenty – Ganda of Uganda

Mwawa – Evil Spirit – Kuulwe of Tanzania

=== NNN ===

Nana Buruku (f) – the primordial fertility/reproduction Goddess – Opponent of the evolutionary and technological aspects of Ogun

Nawuge – God in the Sky – Topotha, Nyitopotha of Sudan

Ndahura – Mythical Hero – Nyoro of Uganda – King of Bachwezi

Ndebunzi – Ancestors – Igbo of Nigeria

Ndjambi Karunga, Mukuru – God in Heaven – Damara, Herero of Namibia – Creator and maintainer of human life

Nguleso – Supreme Being, Sky God – Kakwa of Sudan

Ngulete – Malevolent Deities causing illness – Kakwa of Sudan

Ngulwe – Supreme Being – Kuulwe of Tanzania

Ngun Lo Kak – God of the Earth and Agriculture, Destroyer of men – Bari, Fajulu of Sudan

Ngun Lo Ki – Sky God associated with rain, Creator of men – Bari, Fajulu of Sudan

Nhialic – Supreme God – Dinka of Sudan – above the Jok (spirits of the dead)

Njaajaan Njaay – Mythic Founder – Wolof of Senegal – First ruler of Waalo Empire

Njambe – Supreme God – Boloki of Central African Republic

Njambi – Supreme God – Mpongwe of Gabon

Njoku Ji, Ahia Njoku – Alusi of yams – Igbo

Nkongolo – Rainbow King – Luba of Congo


Nsamanfo – Ancestors – Akan [Sankofa]

Nyame – deity of the Sky and leader of the Abosom (“lesser deities”) and Spirits – Akan – son of Ngula even though he created her

Nyawe-Ananu, Nwoyeh-Ananu – suffering, specifically suffering from disease – daughter of Sakpata and (fraternal) twin of Zodji

Nzazi – God of the Sky and Lightning – Yombe of Congo




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  1. Halimacandy from North Philly February 10, 2018 at 4:18 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on halimacandy215 and commented:
    NEVER -TOO LATE.. revision: What types of African traditional religious practices are we talking about??[all of them],because on that slave ship , Huasa, Ibo, Fulani, Mende,Sudan,Yoruba Benin,Congo,Twe,Dogon,Moors… we were chained together, and ask our Gods/Goddessed… for strength……ESCLAVES NEGROS ESPIRITUES.

    We have to analyze any discussion of African /AKEBULAN..we have to based in African Agency… we demand as Black people to have our cultural/spiritual practice to be centered within historical context. […] Only the African can argue how the Black man/woman/community within the African Diapora are entitled how to I.D., themselves within the DUA-IFE.. of their of great -g-g-g- grandparents .

    I appreciate your work, but as with any analysis of Black /African folkways,we have place it within a African/Akebulan locale / locus ..in order to recognize the historical context /content …of any analysis of African traditions.

    thank you for letting you clarify….

    halimacandy from north philly….

  2. Halimacandy from North Philly February 10, 2018 at 4:19 pm Reply

    I am reflecting on the agruement abt white so called HOO DOO witches

    thank you

    halimacandy from north philly….

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