E-I of African and African Originated Deities

Earth MotherAfrican and African Originated Deities

=== EEE ===

Ebele – Hunter God, former King of Ohumbele – Igbo of Nigeria

Egbe, Egbe Orun – the “heavenly gang” or collective Spirit of various beings (from other planets) living in the Orun, in charge of still waters – Yoruba – they work closely with the Egungun

Egungun – the collective spirit of the ancestors – Yoruba of Nigeria – also: the children of Oya

Ekineba – Mythic being able to visit the gods – Kalabari of Nigeria

Ekwensu – Trickster God of testing, bargaining, cunning and negotiation – Igbo of Nigeria

Elegua, Papa Legba – God of Death, the gatekeeper, guardian of crossroads and doorways – Haiti Vodou and Yoruba of Nigeria

Enkai – God of fertility, maker of rain, Mediator between God and men – Masia of Kenya – wife Olapa, the Moon [may also be Neiterkob (See Netcher Keb/Kab/Geb of Kemet)]

Epilipili – the Creator God – Efe of Congo – has characteristics of the first ancestor and hero Aporofandza

Erinle, Inle (m) – God of health and medicine in general – Yoruba of Nigeria

Erzulie, Erzulie Freda (f) – Goddess of Love, Beauty, Dreams and Creativity, former Sea Goddess – Haitian and Dominican Vodoun, Dahomean in origin – female energy of Legba, but husbands Damballah, Ogoun and Agwe, syncretized with Virgin Mary

Erzulie Dantor (f) – Petro Loa, protector of women and children – Haitian and Dominican Vodoun – sister and rival of Erzulie Freda

Erzulie Jan Petro (f) – Violent Petro loa of the Sea, protector of the temple – Hiati Vodoun

Eshu, Esu,  (m) – Trickster God, Messenger of the oracle – Yoruba of Nigeria – many-sided and a shapeshifter – able to change his form at will according to the Esu Ifa, also able to compel men into evil-doing (function of Elegba or Shigidi, the avenger)

Eshu Elegba (m) – Trickster God – Haitian Vodoun [See Eshu]

=== FFF ===

Fa, Fa Adegun – God of destiny, personal fate of man – Fon of Benin – in charge of the Du or Kpoli

Faro (f) – Creator Sky Goddess – Bambara of Maili – Creator of the Sky as Pemba created the Earth, twin and husband Koni the blacksmith, ark of Faro to allow her people to survive the great flood

Fi – Supreme Being, the Potter – Jen of Nigeria – his servant is Ma, he controls the war god Umwa

=== GGG ===

[]Gamab – Supreme God – Berg Damara of Namibia – also Lord of Death, originally God of clouds, thunder and fountains

[]Gau[]na, Hishe, []Gaishi (m) – Creator God – []Kung of Namibia, Angola – wife Khwva, former Hero with Supernatural powers who created first man and woman ([]Gau (jr.) and Khwova [jr.])

[]Gauwa – God of Stormwind – Aikwe, Auen, Naron of Namibia

Gbade (m) – Trickster God – Fon of Benin

Gbadu – Goddess of fate and 8 (eternity) – Fon of Benin – children Minona, Gu (Ogun), and Dan (Damballa in Haiti)

Gborogboro (m) and Meme (f) – first created by the Creator God – Lugbara of Congo, Uganda, Sudan

Ghede – God of Death and Resurrection, Controller of the Crossroads – Haitian Vodou – works with Baron Samedi

Gihanga (m) – son of Nkuba, God of Lightning – Nyarwanda of Rwanda – first King of Rwanda

Gion (m) – God of Tornadoes – Jukun, Kororofawa of Nigeria

Gla and Dya – forces of Creation – Bambara of Mali

Goroba-Dike – Warrior God –  Fulbe of Mali – wife Kode Ardo, former King of Fulbe after Hamadi Arbo

Gran Boa: Loa of the deep forest – Haitian Vodou

Gran Bois, Ganga Bois – lwa of the forest and herbal medicine – Vodou of New Orleans

Grande Ezili: Loa who appears like an old woman – Vodou of Haiti – See Erzulie

Gu (m) – God of War and metal – Fon of Benin – Patron of blacksmiths, inventor of all crafts

Gueno – Creator God – Fulani of Senegal – Sun as His Eye

=== HHH ===

Hebieso (m) and Abui (f) – Gods of Destiny represented by Thunder and Lightning – Awuna of Burkina Faso

Heitsi-Elbib, Kabip (m) – mythical ancestral hero – Khoi of South Africa

Heru (Horus) (m) – Sun God – Kemet – son of Auset and Ausar

Heru-Ur (Horus the Elder) (m) – Kemet

HetHeru (HetHert, Hathor) – Sky Mother Goddess, Goddess of fertility – Kemet – representing the Sky where Heru had been conceived, Sekhmet as form of HetHeru

Heviosi – God of Rain – Fon of Benin

Hishe, Hishi, Hise (m) – Sky God – Aikwe, Auen, Naron of Namibia

Huveane (m) – Trickster Sky God – Pedi, Venda of South Aftrica – son of Creator of heaven and earth

Huwe (m) – God of rain and protection – []Kung of Botswana

Hyell – Supreme Being, God of the Moon – Bura, Pabir of Nigeria

=== III ===

Ibeji – Twin Orisha – Yoruba of Nigeria – Ibeta: spirit of triplets

Ibo Lele – proud but hateful Loa – Haitian Vodou

Ibu Aye (f) – Goddess Oshun as a child or youth – Yoruba of Nigeria

Idemile (f) – Sea Goddess – Igbo of Nigeria

Ifa – God of Divination, fate and wisdom – Yoruba of Nigeria – aspect of Orunmila

Igwe – Alusi of the sky – Igbo of Nigeria

Iju (m) – Supreme Being – Margi of Nigeria – fertilizer of the earth Ii (f)

Ikenga – God of time, passages, achievement, success, and associated benefits – Igbo of Nigeria

Iku – Death – Yoruba of Nigeria

Imana – Supreme Creator God – Hutu, Tutsi, Nyarwanda, Rundi of Rwanda

Iya – first woman made from clay by Obatala – Yoruba of Nigeria



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